• Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th February 2017 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Ishita and Shagun interviewing the women for Governess job. Everyone is unique and does not impress Ishita and Shagun. Some asks for many leaves and some asks for high salary. Shagun says everyone is cartoons, how will we get a good governess, Gulabo Singh was impressive, she would be perfect, don’t know where is she. Raman comes there. Guard asks where are you going. Raman says Abhimanyu Raghav. Guard says you came for interview, go fast. Raman collides with Mr. Bhalla. He asks her to walk carefully. Raman says yes Papa ji, I mean uncle ji… He goes. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla come there. Mr. Bhalla says I knew you both will come. They say we came to see whom will Ishita choose, its about Pihu. He says Ishita will select someone right for Pihu.

    Parmeet meets
    pandit and thanks him for coming. He asks for some good mahurat for minister’s new scheme launch. Gaurav calls pandit. Pandit says I m busy now. Gaurav says when to show diamond collection. Pandit says you can do anytime, not necessary to have mahurat always. Gaurav asks about favorable time. Pandit asks him to meet client tomorrow, its auspicious. Gaurav thanks him. Pandit says I meet strange people, Gaurav is diamond merchant and always follows mahurats, nothing should be believed out of limits. Parmeet says what name did you say, I know Gaurav. He came to meet minister also. Pandit says he is very superstitious. Pandit goes to meet minister. Parmeet thinks what’s the matter, Gaurav is taking pandit’s suggestion for everything.

    Raman enters Mani’s house and sees the ladies. Gulabo…..plays……….He sits with ladies and thinks ladies are great, how do they apply makeup all day, I got tired in half an hour. He asks a lady what is she doing, it looks bad if anyone touches. The lady jokes on him. Ruhi manages them. Ishita comes to interview Gulabo. Raman gives his profile. Ishita asks him to sit. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays……..

    Ishita says Gulabo Singh…. Raman says yes. He thinks Ishita is clever, if she identifies me, I will get exposed, else it will show my fatherly love has much power. Ruhi gives juice to Shagun and says a letter came for you. Shagun asks Ruhi to see Pihu, I will see letter later. Ishita asks Raman about his weakness and strength. Raman says my weakness is strength, my friends say when I love someone, I can go to any extent for love, so this is my weakness and strength. Ishita says yes, you are right, love has much strength, what do you think what’s necessary for kids. Raman says love, comfort and chocolates, pastries occasionally, values can come easily, parents’ love is necessary. She says kids can use benefit if one does not be strict.

    Raman says its good, we cross limits with those knowing they will not leave us ever, we hurt one whom we love, sometimes sorry is not enough. Ishita says that wound becomes deep, that no sorry can lessen that pain, any how, do you think you can take care of my daughter in any state. Raman says sure. She says anything can happen with kid, girl can fall ill, if she vomits, or has runny nose, how will you react. Raman says I will react as you or your husband does, I will take care of her as her mother. Ishita says try to understand one thing, for you this is job, you will get money and work over, but its about my daughter’s life.

    She says Pihu is my life. He says mine too. She says I can scold you too. He says I will feel good, you can scold me. She asks will you leave from job then. Raman says I will not leave you, everything will be just for Pihu, did I say right. She smiles and says for Pihu…. He says for Pihu and smiles. She says so Gulabo….. Shagun comes and says we are sorted, we got perfect Nanny for Pihu. Ishita says but I think this…. Shagun says trust me, meet her. Ishita says sorry to Raman and goes. Raman gets sad.

    Adi meets Aaliya and apologizes for breaking up. She says we will not fight like kids now, I had to say something imp, Ruhi is tensed about her career, I suggested her to go for business studies, I tried finding in colleges, admission fees is much, I don’t have, else I would have given her, being a brother, you should help Ruhi, Ishita will feel good, did you not like my suggestion. He says just you can give such suggestion, you think like Ishita, I was saying I m going to do down payment for our flat, but Ruhi… She says its okay, I know its tough to arrange money. He says I have a solution, we will use money for Ruhi’s fees now and take flat later. She says I m so happy. He says if we lose that flat. She says its okay, we have home, home is my family, not walls. He smiles.

    Shagun tells Ishita about Poonam, she is perfect for Pihu. Raman says but you said…. Shagun says sorry, we decided to hire Poonam. She asks all ladies to leave. Poonam says I want to meet your daughter. Ruhi gets Pihu. Poonam says such a nice girl. Shagun says Pihu, this is your history teacher. Poonam says I m not your teacher, but your friend. Everyone smile. Raman gets sad and cries. Ishita says you are still here, selection is done, you can leave, very sorry. Raman goes. Poonam asks shall I come for job from tomorrow. Shagun says yes. Poonam leaves. Ishita asks Pihu did you like Poonam. Pihu says yes, who was other aunty. Ishita says Gulabo was good, but Shagun feels Poonam is better. Shagun says yes, she is perfect.

    Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman what happened. He says what happens always, I worked hard and lost. Pihu says I will tell Ishita that you are bad aunty. Poonam hurts Pihu. Raman comes there and gets shocked seeing this. .

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