• TPK: Dhruv to die in bomb blast making Ankit Bathla exit

    Ankit Bathla not wanst to play role of a father then he quit Thapki Pyar Ki 

    The latest buzz is that Ankit Bathla who is playing the role Dhruv Pandey in Colors Thapki Pyar Ki will not be part of the show from now.

    Thapki Pyar Ki is not going to take leap of 7 years in which Ankita will have to play the father of grown up kids that he does not want to play on screen.
    Ankita does not want to act as father in the show so he decides to quit it with a happy note.

    Dhruv dies in bomb blast

    Furthermore, Ankita Bathla’s exit will be sad way in which his character Dhruv dies during the bomb blast and thus makes his exit from the show forever.

    Stay tuned for further exciting development of Thapki Pyar Ki.