• Shakti 1st February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Shakti 1st February 2017 Written Episode 

    The Episode starts with Preeto tasting the Pulao made by Surbhi and says it is really good. Soumya thanks her. Surbhi tells Soumya that Pulao smell is good and appreciates Soumya. Preeto asks her to serve Pulao and gajar ka halwa on the dining table. Surbhi goes. Soumya serves Pulao to Harman. Preeto asks Harman how is the Pulao? Harman smiles and says it is mind blowing as usual, and says whoever made this Pulao, I want to kiss her hand. Preeto says tell me who has cooked it. Harman says only two persons can make such Pulao, one you and other is my wife Soumya. He says Soumya makes best Pulao. Preeto smiles and says you are wrong as this Pulao is made by Surbhi and not Soumya. Shanno says that’s why it is tasty. Soumya holds Surbhi’s hand. 

    Preeto asks Soumya and Surbhi to eat it. Chintu comes and
    asks them to serve food to him also. Soumya asks him to sit and serves Pulao in his plate. Chintu eats food. Raavi smiles seeing him. Preeto asks Surbhi to sit infront of her, beside Harman. Harman says my stomach is full. Preeto asks him to eat. Surbhi serves him more Pulao. They finish the food.

    Preeto asks Harman to kiss Surbhi’s hand who has made the Pulao, says man’s word can’t be taken back. Harman goes to Soumya past Surbhi and kisses her hand. Soumya is shocked. Preeto is irked and says you did a mistake as Surbhi made that Pulao. Harman says I can’t forget taste and says it is made by Soumya only. He says today’s Pulao is too good.

    Kareena comes back home. Saya asks where did you go? Kareena tells that she went to meet someone who told that a kinnar is born in a house. Saya slaps her. Kareena says she said right and holds her hand, asks her not to make her disrespect her. Saya asks her to stay far from Soumya. Kareena threatens to move her from her way if she comes infront of Soumya to protect her. She says she will ruin her. Everyone is shocked.

    Surbhi tells Harman that she felt good when he identified the taste of Pulao made by Soumya and says I respect you even more today. She tells that Preeto lied to him as she knows their relation truth. She says can we stay like husband and wife infront of others outside the room. She says atleast we can be friends for Preeto and Soumya so that they can be at peace. Harman asks if you are really Soumya’s sister. Surbhi says yes. Harman says Soumya is innocent and sweet, but you are clever and cunning. He says I won’t lie to Soumya or anyone. Everyone shall know that this marriage is a lie and wrong. Surbhi says I said this so that Soumya doesn’t feel bad. Harman asks her to switch off light and sleep.

    Chintu is outside the house. Preeto asks what you are doing? Chintu calls her Preeto and asks her to take out bird from there. Preeto says you are calling me Preeto. Chintu says Kans Mama calls you Preeto only. Preeto says I will give you toys. Chintu thinks she is acting as she couldn’t take out bird. He lights the dried grass on fire so that bird comes out. Harman and others come out. Harak Singh asks how this fire broke out. Harman throws water on the dried grass. He sets off fire. Harak Singh asks who has done this? Chintu asks him not to shout and asks who kept this grass here.

    Harak Singh says do you have intelligence? He asks if he don’t have any values. Chintu cries. Harak singh asks Harman to drop him back to his house. Raavi hugs him and says she will not send him anywhere. Chintu asks her to stay far and says one scolds me and other one pretends to love me. Soumya asks Chintu not to cry and says she will take him to her father. Everyone looks on. Chintu asks really? Soumya says yes. She takes him to room and asks him not to cry. She says everyone cares for you and that’s why got scared. She says there is gora baba outside, and asks him not to go. Chintu says how we will go to my Papa then, says I will sleep then. She asks her to sing Lori. Soumya sings lori and try to make him sleep. Surbhi thinks Soumya’s incompleteness will not make her live with incomplete family.

    Raavi gets shocked as Chintu is not at home. Soumya and Chintu comes back home. Raavi calls her kinnar and scolds her. Chintu asks what is Kinnar? Preeto says she will tell. 

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