• Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 16th February 2017 written update

    The current episode starts with Dev trying to show his tashan to Sonakshi in office while Sonakshi tries to avoid Dev.
    Dev sees Suhana's given pen and recalls about Suhana, Dev feels an eternal connection with Suhana.
    Golu comes to Suhana and asks Suhana to stay away from his Big Cha Dev, Golu feels jealous of Suhana and Dev's friendship.
    Sonakshi gets bouquet and hers irritated getting them as they are nameless but Dev has sent it with a letter.

    Sonakshi is irked seeing this, Dev thinks that Sonakshi has moved on in life with Jatin.
    Sonakshi plans to teach lesson to Dev and Ishwari a lesson, by talking to them but Ishwari is also restless.
    Ishwari comes to office Dev is shocked seeing this, Sonakshi also comes to the office and tries to talk to them.
    Dev, Ishwari and Ishwari's tashan in office 

    Golu and Suhana are in school, Suhana saves Golu from teachers scolding by helping him and Golu thanks her.
    Dev tells Sonakshi that he told Ishwari that he don't want to marry ever, Sonakshi tells Dev to listen to his mother as he has always done this.

    Sonakshi thanks Ishwari that today their differences are more deepened because of her, Dev and Sonakshi continues their taunts and tashan.
    Sonakshi tells Dev that Jatin is just her childhood friend and business partner and she is not marrying him also tells that Ishwari always knew the truth.
    Dev asks Ishwari that why did she told lie to him, Ishwari says that she has done this for his betterment and Dev fumes in anger hearing this.

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