• Kasam: Tanuja attempts suicide as Rishi asks her to marry someone else

    Colors TV show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki is all set to showcase some high intensity drama as Tanuja will get frustrated and will try to attempt suicide. Viewers will get to see that soon after Tanuja returns to Rishi’s house, she will come to know a shocking news that she has some major faults in her Kundli.
    Tanuja will find out that she is very unlucky for Rishi and if he stays with her then he will die. Tanuja’s life shatters hearing this and she decides to move away from Rishi. On the other hand, Rano’s hatred for Tanuja increasing even more and he is determined to get Tanuja out of Rishi’s life. Rano tell Rishi that he should marry someone else and move on from Tanuja. However, Rishi says that he will marry someone else only is Tanuja marries another person before him.
    Rishi will ask Tanuja to marry someone else and Tanuja will be heartbroken and will decide to find a permanent fix for her dilemma. Tanuja will decide to commit suicide so that Rishi can be with someone else. However, Rishi will save Tanuja and will also slap her for her suicide attempt. Rishi will have an intense war of words and finally, Rishi will agree to marry someone else and Tanuja too will decide to move on. This will mark the separation of Tanuja and Rishi and the show will go in for a time leap.