• Ishqbaaz twist: Swetlana's betrayal make Tej guilty toward Jhanvi

    Ishqbaaz: Tej feels guilty for bitraying Jhanvi post Swetlana gets engaged with Om(Kunal Jaisingh)

    Popular love drama Ishqbaaz on Star Plus will unfold a lot of twist and turns.

    Tej gets shocked when he sees Swetlana getting enaged with Om.
    Tej gets angry seeing all this and scolds Swetlana for betrayal.

    Tej decides to apologize Jhanvi for his mistake

    But then later he feels guilty, he thinks that he made a very big mistake by trusting Swetlana and hurting Jhanvi.

    Tej thinks that for whom he left Jhanvi, she only ditched him whereas Jhanvi always supported to him no matter how much wrong he did with her.
    He finally decides to apologize Jhanvi for his mistake and wishes that she gets well soon.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.