• Ishqbaaz: OMG! Omkara attempts to kill Tej divorcing Jhanvi

    Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) gets shocked seeing Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) throttle Tej for divorcing Jhanvi (Mreenal Deshraj) in Ishqbaaz

    High voltage dram is going to unfold in Star Plus leading show Ishqbaaz where Tej loses his cool on his father Tej seeing his mother Jhanvi’s condition.

    As per the track, Shwetlana controls Tej’s minds by provoking him that no one take care about his feeling in family so break relations with them.

    Tej decides to divorce Jhanvi and gives divorce paper to her but the drama turn more painful when Jhanvi attempts to suicide burning herself.

    Omkara who just attached with father OM for Jhanvi’s sake and Jhanvi’s happiness is everything for him but Tej’s decision destroyed everything.

    Omkara lashes house at Tej for betraying Jhanvi and strangles Tej but Shivaay and Rudra stop him doing this.

    Omkara annouces to become bad man post Tej and Jhanvi's break up

    Omkara tells Shivaay to leave him as today he will not leave this man (Tej) live who never cared about Jhanvi’s feelings.

    Tej declares to them that he does not care about anyone and leave the house along with Shwetlana while Omkara tells him that now he will turn badm and breaks all ties with Tej.

    How Omkara’s life will go ahead?

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