• Ishqbaaz 8th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 8th February 2017 Written Update 
    Title: A Big Shock Awaits Shivay!

    Sneak Peek: Shivika argue and Shivay pushes Anika down!
    Heart beats in bg and Shivay screams Anika's name...Anika falls in slow mo!

    Shivay in bedroom when Anika wakes up tells her with a crying face that u know whatever I did was not intentional, I was angry,...I did not push u intentionally...u know it!
    Anika looks here n there and says...main kahan hoon and Shivay shocked!

    Episode starts with Anika stopping Shivay from signing the papers and asking what are u  doing?
    Shivay asks her not to speak in between but she asks, why not?  This Cheapdi is trapping u in her 2 Rs. plans!

    Tia says, jiske dil mein khud chor hota hai usse sab chor lagte hain,  looking at Anika and then makes a crying face and says, Shivay I am not saying that u give this money on my name but I just want u to secure our baby's future!

    Anika says, Oh future ki bachchi,  kisi ke achche hone ka itna faida nahi utahna chahiye!

    Ek toh pehle hi kisi  aur ka bachcha in par thop rahi ho aur ab aur paise nikalwana chahti ho?

    Tia crying complains to Shivay about how Anika is talking to her but Shivay stands facing in other direction and Anika says, aur kaise baat karu, tum ho hi isi layak!

    Anika asks Shivay to not sign and he asks her to stop it as 100Crs. mean nothing to him!

    She says, its not about 100 Crs but about right or wrong and Tia is taking advantage of u being so good!

    Shivay asks for a pen from Anika and she says, I have told u, u r not signing these  papers!

    Tia starts crying and says, Shivay what do I do, one side I have to hear my  mom and other side thhis Anika keeps on accusing me with such cheap accusations!

    Tia says, I am only quiet bcoz of our baby otherwise...and she starts crying!
    Shivay gets annoyed and asks for a pen from Anika and she says she won't let hi sign!

    He says, I have already decided but Anika says, I won't let u make this mistake!

    Shivay asks for papers and Anika runs with the papers upstairs saying she won't  and first show them to Dadi and only Dadi would make him understand ,   and he follows her!

    Anika says, u won't understand if anyone else tells u anything and Shivay keeps following her saying, Anika gimme the papers, there is already a lot of drama in this house!

    They both  climbing the stairs and Anika says, I am not doing any drama but Tia is!

    Shivay finally holds her and asks her to stop it and  holding her hand says, this money is mine okay, I can do whatever I want,. give it to Tia or in Charity or I burn them okay,  Meri Biwi banna band karo tum!

    Anika pushes Shivay hard saying, aap samajhte kyon nahi hain!

    Shivay gets shocked and she says, Main jo kar rahi hoon aapke liye kar rahi hoon!

    Shivay says, toh mat karo!  Don't interfere in my life okay...meri zindagi mein dakhal dena band karo and he moves her aside and she falls down in slow motion and heart beats play in bg!

    Shivay watches in shock and Tia stands upstairs too behind Shivay!

    Anika falls on the ground and Shivay watches from upstairs in shock!
    Wind blows and heart beats keep playing!  Everything goes silent for a moment!

    Shivay screams Anika's name and blood is all around Anika's head Confused

    Tia smiles and Shivay runs down...screaming Anika's name and he slides and sits near her!

    O Jaana dramatic instrumental plays and Shivay comes with a crying face and sits near Anika  holding  her face and Rudra comes from the other side!

    Tia watches from above and smiles!

    Shivay and Rudra both watch Anika with their jaws dropped and Om comes running too and gets shocked!

    Shivay makes a puppy crying face Ouch

    Tia smirks from above and runs down!

    O Jaana  different instrumental plays and Shivay keeps looking at Anika and Rudra and  Tia also comes down and stands nervous!

    In Shivay's room Dr. treats Anika and Shivay, Dadi, Shakti, OmRu stand outside the room all tensed!

    Dr. comes out and Prinku comes running too there!
    Dr. says, now u can meet her, but not all of u, just one person and Shivay stands with a crying Billu  face Ouch

    He goes inside and Tia watches from behind the pillar and gets thinking !

    Shivay sits near a sleeping Anika and asks, thik ho na?  Darr hi gaya tha...I am sorry...so sorry!  Are u okay?

    Anika wakes up holding her head and Shivay says, Tum jaanti ho  na maine jo kuch bhi kiya hai woh jaan boojh kar nahi kiya hai...pata nahi mujhe kya ho jata hai...gusse...mein  aakar main...he stammers!

    Maine jaan bujh kar dhakka nahi diya, tum...jaanti ho!

    Anika keeps looking at him and he says Haan?

    Anika:  Kaun hain aap?

    Shivay all confused:  Haan...Ouch

    Anika:  Main aapko nahi jaanti!

    Shivay says, main jaanta hu tum mujhse naraaz ho lekin iska ye matlab nahi ke tum mujhe jaanti nahi and Anika holds her head and  says, main sach mein aapko nahi jaanti!

    She looks around and her clothes and asks, Main kahan hoon!

    Shivay gets shocked at her behavior and she looks around the room and again asks, Kahan hoon main?  Aur aap kaun hain?

    Shivay tries to hold her face saying Dekho aisa mazaak mat karo but she shrugs him off and says, Ek minute...Khabardaar...aap mujhe haath nahi  lagayenge!
    First tell me who I am and what am I doing here and who are u ?

    Shivay keeps looking at her all confused!

    Shivay all shocked asks her,  u really don't recognize me?
    Anika holds her head and all tensed says, I really can't recall anything!

    She just sits holding her head and Shivay watches her all guilty!

    Shivay comes down and informs the family that Anika doesn't remember anything!

    Dadi asks, nothing?  Om asks,  she doesn't even recognize u?

    Shivay says, she doesn't recognize herself, how would she recognize me!  She was asking me who she is, who I am  and her name etc...she doesn't remember anything!

    All get sad and Rudra  stands with his hands folded, looking sad as well
    Shakti asks Shivay what did Dr. say..?

    Shivay says, Dr. said that its not such a major injury that one loses memory!  It might be a short term memory loss post injury which slowly gets restored!

    Shivay says, I just hope that Anika regains her memory asap and instructs the family that Anika needs to rest so she should not be given any kinda stress!

    Tia hears everything from behind the pillar and smirks saying, how interesting, Anika's memory loss!
    She calls Svetlana and gives her the good news!

    Rudra talks to Shivay and they both get thinking!  Rudra says,  there must be some way to bring Anika Bhabhi's memory back!
    Om also stands there!
    Rudra says, I have an idea, we should being Sahil infront of Anika Bhabhi so that she gains her memory back!

    Shivay says all sad that Sahil has gone to Bangalore on a school  trip and will only be back after a few days!
    Rudra says, so we can bring him back!

    Shivay says, No!  Sahil is very sensitive about Anika and we don't know how would he react seeing Anika like this!  And if Anika doesn't recognize him then...I don't think its a good idea!

    Om says, u r right!  We should  not inform Sahil and anyway the Dr. has said that this is just a short term memory loss!

    Shivay says that we should just wait...I am sure Anika will be all fine in something by herself and Tia keeps  an eye on them !

    Svetlana also comes and both silently stand behind different pillars and hear their talks!

    Svetlana gets thinking and walks inside!  She goes to Anika's room where Anika sits holding her head and eyes closed!

    Svetlana peeps inside her room removing the curtains and has small folded paper in her hand!

    She silently keeps the paper inside on a table through the window and goes out!

    Then she knocks the door and Anika opens her eyes after which Svetlana runs away!

    Anika looks around and finds the paper lying and watches it confused!

    Dadi comes and asks Shivay how is Anika?  Now the effect of injury would have lessened and maybe her memory is back too

    Shivay says, I just hope so and Dadi suggests that we all should go and talk to her and all go inside to meet Anika!

    Anika reads the letter that says that u don't know how big a danger u r in!  This house has  ur enemies all around and that murderer would come as ur friend!  That is why do not believe anyone...ur wellwisher!
    Dadi comes inside and  Dadi's close up is shown and Anika jumps on her bed seeing Dadi walking inside and a funny old song with dramatic bg  plays...Dushman hai hazaron yahan jaan ke!

    Rudra also walks inside and Om too and Anika watches them all with her eyes wide open and all scared!

    Prinku comes and later Shivay...all stand like Zombies 

    All walk inside and the song is Kahin Deep Jale Kahin Dil!

    Anika gets scared and the horror tune of the song plays while all stand around her bed staring her and Anika just sits scared on the bed!

    Dadi smiles and asks Anika to lay down as the Dr. asked her to rest and Anika just sits all shocked without batting an eyelid!

    Shivay says that the Dr.  has also asked u to not take any kinda stress and  not to burden ur brain at all...just take rest!

    Om says, the more u rest...the faster u will recover and Rudra says, Bhabhi u please get well soon and after that we will make ur favorite Aaloo Poori!

    Anika recalls sitting on the bed about what the letter said and thinks about not believing anyone!
    She keeps looking at ShiOmRuPri and Dadi one by  one and slowly keeps moving on the bed!

    Shivay moves towards her and she gets scared with her eyes wide open!

    Shivay extends his hand towards her and she gets scared and stands on the bed screaming and all get shocked!

    She points finger towards all of them saying, Aap sab katil ho!  Mujhe pata chal gaya hai, aap sab mujhe maarna chahte ho!

    All look towards Anika all confused and Shivay tries to hold her but she screams a No and jumps down the bed and runs outside Shocked    Rudra pulls Prinku aside who was standing in Anika's way and Shivay watches 

    All watch Anika all confused and shocked at her behavior and Anika runs out  in the hall saying, u all want to kill me!

    Shivay runs after her asking her to stop  but she keeps running in the corridors and Shivay comes from a different way and  holds her hand while she was running and  pulls her infront of him!

    She struggles asking him to leave her hand and let her go as he wants to kill her but he says, just listen to me...what has happened to u?  Are u mad?

    She says looking into his eyes...aapki aankhein!

    He asks, what has happened to my eyes?

    She says, kitni ajeeb hain, inhe dekhke pata chalta hai ke aap kitne  khatarnaak hain aap mujhe maar daalenge and she starts to run again but he keeps holding her hand to not let her go and says, what nonsense!   Wat are u saying?

    She again says,   aap mujhe jaane dijiye!  Aapki aankhein kitni darawani hain...in aankhon ko kya kehte hain...kya kehte hain inhe and he goes all soft and romantic and looking into her eyes says,...Kanji aankhein kehte hain

    Shivay keeps nodding  his head and Anika says all confused...kanji Aankehin?  Whats this language and Shivay says...tum mere jaise?

    Anyway first u listen to me but she keeps struggling asking him to let her go as he is not a good man, he is her enemy!

    He says  holding her arms...main dushman nahi hoon tumhara!

    She stops and looking towards him asks, dushman nahi hain toh kya hain?  Kya lagte hain aap mere?

    Shivay says, first u come  with me to my room and then I will tell u but she asks, why room?  Why do u have to go in the room?  Hain kaun aap aur kya lagte hain aap mere?

    Shivay goes all sad n O Jaana sad instumental plays...making a puppy face he says, Main tumhara...tum meri...meri baat suno...main tumhe...he tries to hold her and she moves backward stopping him screaming one minute...door rahiye...door rahiye  aap mujhse...dushman hain aap mere and she runs and he keeps shouting asking her to listen but she doesn't stop
    He again runs after her saying...ye ladki bhi na!

    Anika goes and hides behind the stairs and Tia comes there...Anika tries to hide herself seeing ehr and Tia asks, did u get the note?

    Anika looks at her all shocked and Tia smiles!

    Anika stands up and asks her, if she was the one who sent the note?

    Tia  says yes and Anika asks her who is she to her?  Tia says, I am ur well wisher!

    Anika all confused asks her who is that Darawani aankhon wala aadmi and Tia asks her if she doesn't remember anything at all?

    Anika says holding her head that she is unable to recall anything,  and Tia smiles some more and Anika says,  Woh aadmi baaar baar mujhe bolta hai ke kamre mein jao, kamre mein jao!  Kaun hai woh?  Aur mera kya lagta hai aur main kaun hoon?

    Tia comes close to her and says, right now what is more important for u to know is that ur life is in danger!

    Anika's eyes wide open in shock and she looks around and asks...from whom?

    Tia says, from all these people! U used to work here but these people have   trapped u here,...why, I also don't know but  I only know that there have been many attacks on u and Anika all scared  asks her, really?  So wat  do I do now?

    Tia says, just stay away from all these people especially with that scary eyed man as he is very dangerous!   And if u have any problem, u can come to me as I stay in the same house and Anika watches her suspiciously and asks her, why are u helping me?

    Tia says, bcoz I am a woman and  being a woman its my duty to help another woman!    I have also suffered a lot in this house and I don't want that whatever happened  with me happens with someone else too!

    Anika asks her all confused, do u know me?  Can u please tell me what is my name?

    Tia says, Yes!  Ur name is Kalawati

    Anika makes a Michmichi face and asks, Kalawati?  Tia nods and says, Kalawati Thakur!

    Anika gets thinking repeating her name and Tia says, yes  and u need to stay wary of all these ppl in the house!

    They will tell u many different things about urself, they will say that u r someone's daughter, wife, sister...but u should not trust anyone as all of them are lying and just remember  that u r Kalawati Thakur!

    Anika keeps looking at her all confused and Tia asks her to now go as if someone sees them together, it will be a big problem and she starts to leave, turns back and says, Take Care Kalawati and leaves with a smirk and Anika watches her all confused!

    Precap: Anika and Svetlana dance on table infront of Dadi and ShiOmRu and Prinku on Naagin Dance nachna 
    Shivay does a facepalm and keeps his hand on Rudra's eyes and Rudra closes his eyes
    Prinku and Dadi all embarrassed and Shivay looks here n there and Rudra looks down!

    Anika and Svetlana dance awesome!

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