• Ishqbaaz 7th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 7th February 2017 Written update

    Title: Omkara Svetlana Get Engaged!

    Sneak Peek: tej tells Svetlana that I made u wait so much for this day, but today we will make a new start...he extends his hand but Svetlana goes and holds Om's hand
    Shivay asks Tia wat is this?  She hands over some papers to him and says, My Mom wants that u open a 100 Crs. trust on our baby's name!   Shivay gets shocked but takes the papers from Tia's hand and is about to sign but gets thinking and stops!

    Episode starts with Shivay asking Tej wat are u saying Bade Papa and Tej says, how many times have I told u not to interfere in my personal life?
    I am not answerable to u Shivay?

    Dadi says, but u r answerable to me Tej, ur Mom?
    Do u have any shame left in u?  Ur wife is lying half dead inside and here u want to get engaged?

    Tej says, Maa please!  Even u know the truth that my and Jhanvi's relation is just name sake, this Divorce is just a formality as our relation broke long back!
    Actually I should have taken this step long back, should've Divorced Jhanvi and married Svetlana but anyway its never too late and I have decided that I will get engaged to Svetlana today and marry Svet as soon as I get Divorced to Jhanvi...and no one in this whole world can stop TSO from doing so!

    Rudra questions Tej,  How can u do this Papa but Tej asks him to Shut Up and not to speak in between!

    Rudra runs to Shivay and asks him to make Tej understand!  Shivay stands mum facing in other direction and Rudra asks him why is he quiet and should say something!

    Shivay still stands quiet!

    Dadi tells Tej that he is doing a big mistake but Tej says, I have taken the decision which m not gonna change now !

    Svetlana's voice is heard and she asks, everything okay?

    All look in that direction and Svetlana Cat-Walks down the stairs and all watch her in shock!

    Svetlana has her hand on her waist

    Tej says, I am sorry Svetlana, I have been so unjust to u, I made u wait so much for this day but today,  we will make a new start to our life!  I am so happy...so happy to be getting engaged to u...Come Svetlana, Tej says extending his hand!

    Svetlana walks and royally ignoring Tej with her extended hand, holds Om's hand who stands behind Tej

    Tej's face is worth watching and whole family gets shocked!

    Svetlana holding Om's hand asks him lovingly, Kahan reh gaye the tum?  Main kab se tumhara wait kar rahi thi!
    Om says, Engagement ring dhundne mein thoda waqt lag gaya and Tej raises his eyebrows watching them both confused 

    Om brings up a box of ring and says, Afterall , Ring bhi toh tumhari tarah Khoobsurat honi chahiye na and  Tej keeps watching!

    Om takes out the ring and Svetlana smiles, all watch in shock except Shivay!

    Om holds Svetlana's hand and asks, May I?

    Svet smiles and Tej goes into shock mode slowly and Om slips the ring in Svet's finger!

    Tej with both hands in his pocket watches on his toes!

    Svet also makes Om wear a ring!

    Dadi and others do a facepalm!

    Om looks at Tej and says, Aap log aise kyon dekh rahe hain?  Hamari engagement ho gayi hai!
    Mubaraqbaad nahi denge and   Tia smiles and silently claps raising her hands but no one notices her!

    Svetlana smiles and  Tej says, Tumhara dimag kharab ho gaya hai!

    Om says in a mocking tone, Mr. Oberoi!  Please!  Meri life mein interfere karne ki koi zarurat nahi hai and Svet smiles watching him!

    Anika  and Dadi are shown shocked and Tej screams at Svet...now what is all this nonsense?  tum kuch kahogi nahi?

    Om  Shouts at Tej and pointing a finger says, Mr. Oberoi!  Aap meri mangetar se baat kar rahe hain!  Zara tameez se!

    Om  tells Tej showing the ring in his hand , Jaise ke aap dekh sakte hain,  hamari engagement bhi ho gayi hai...aur...meri advice maaniye, iss umra mein itna gussa sehat ke liye achcha nahi hai!
    Om gives his hand to Svet looking at Tej and says, Come Svetlana...Svetlana smirks and holds his hand and Anika keeps watching confused!

    Om walks with  Svetlana but Anika comes and stands in his way about to say something but Om shows her a hand and says, Bhabhi, maine faisla le liya hai! Mujhe mat rokiye and whole  family stands in a queue...next Rura blocks Om's way  and nods in a No...Om puts his hand on Rudra's shoulder and moves him aside!

    Om crosses Shivay who stands looking down and goes away with Svetlana 

    Rudra looks at Shivay confused!

    Shakti in Jhanvi's room tells Dadi, Maa, now if anyone who can make Omkara understand is only Jhanvi Bhabhi!

    Dadi lost in her thoughts says, how do we inform Jhanvi!   She is already not well and if she comes to know about SvetKara engagement,  how would she react?

    Prinku by the poolside tells  Rudra...How can Om Bhaiya do something like this?  How can he take such a stupid decision!

    Rudra in anger says, I went to talk to him but he is not ready to talk!

    Prinku leaves and  Rudra tells Shivay who stands there thinking something, Bhaiya!  U please talk to O!

    Shivay looks away and Rudra asks confused,  what has happened to u?  Why are u so quiet?  U were never like this before?

    Shivay : Om bhi toh aisa nahi tha!

    Rudra asks him to please do something  and Shivay says, Nothing an happen now!  Whatever had to happen has happened, engagement is now done!

    Anika comes and stands infront of Shivay and says, but marriage has not been done!

    Shivay looks at Anika and she says, if Om is doing some stupidity, we all should make him understand!  She looks into his eyes and  Shivay turns away saying,  Woh kisi ki sune toh usse samjhaye na!

    Anika says, so this means u won't do anything?  U would just sit doing nothing?

    Shivay says, There is no option left now as once Om decides something,  he does not listen to anyone!

    Anika goes and again stands infront of Shivay and says, agar wo Om hai, toh aap Shivay Singh Oberoi hain!  Agar aap kuch thaan lete hain toh kar ke hi chodte hain!  Aur jab baat aapke bhaiyon par aa jaye toh aap poori duniya se bhi lad sakte hain!

    Shivay says,Poori duniya se lad sakta hoon, par apne bhai se kaise ladu?

    Shivay goes to Rudra and says,  And u?   I supported u wen u took the decision of marrying Sonia...I did right?

    Rudra nods and Shivay says, now wen Om has taken  a decision, how can I interfere?  He has taken a decision means he has taken it...he keeps  his hand at Rudra's shoulder and says, u don't worry, everything will be alright and starts to leave but Rudra says, how will all be alright and Shivay stops!

    Rudra says, Kaise thik ho jayega sab Bhaiya? Thik karne wala khud chup baith gaya hai and  Shivay says without looking towards Rudra, Rudra main keh raha hoon na, sab thik ho jayega, trust me and he leaves and Anika and Rudra just watch on !
    Rudra comes to Anika and says, Bhaiya has changed so much!   Only Bhaiya can make O understand, but who will make Bhaiya understand and Anika keeps her hand at Rudra's shoulder and says, I will talk to him and she leaves too!

    Shivay sits in his room thinking just wen Anika comes to talk and Shivay pretends to be busy in work and asks her about some file!

    She says, Kya?  File?  Shivay I want to talk something to u and Shivay stands up and walking towards cupboard says, How many times I have told u,let my things lie where they are supposed to be...don't move them!

    Anika goes near him and turning him asks, one min...are u alright?  Shivay looking away says, haan...mujhe kya hua hai!

    Anika: Haan main waho samajhne ki koshish kar rahi hoon...she looks at him confused and he again moves away saying, Matlab?

    Anika again holds his hand and turns him saying, Kuch toh hua hai!  Ghar mein itni badi baat ho gayi hai aur aapko kaam ki padi hai?  Aap aise dikha rahe hain jaise kuch hua hi na ho?  Shivay!  Bohot badi khidki tod baat hui hai aur  aapko koi farq nahi pada?

    Aapko pata hai, Jo Om ne kiya woh ajeeb tha lekin jo aap kar rahe hain woh usse bhi zyada ajeeb hai!

    Shivay asks, what am I doing and she says, U r not thing anything is the most weird thing!   Omkara got engaged to Svetlana...Svetlana.??   Ye baat sunke aapko Michmichi nahi mach rahi?  Aapko pata hai na Svetlana kaisi ladki hai?

    Shivay says, What kinda girl Svetlana is, is also known to Om, despite that if he wants to marry her then its his wish, I can't do anything about it!

    Anika asks, does it mean u won't do anything?

    Shivay asks looking away, what do I do?

    Anika says, Shivay!  Sit with him, talk to him ., make him understand, fight with him or do whatever but...Shivay says, Om apna faila nahi badlega okay!

    Anika asks, this means u won't even try?

    Shivay says, u r only thinking about Om!  But Om is thinking  about this family!   Why did Badi Maa attempt suicide?   All bcoz  of Svetlana!

    Why is Bade Papa divorcing Badi Maa?  All bcoz of Svetlana!

    Arey Om toh sirf Svetlana se engagement kar raha hai, agar main uski jagah hota aur meri Maa ne aisa step liya hota toh main iss ghar ko aag hi laga deta...Shivay says in an  angry tone!

    Anika asks, so u want to say that whatever Om is doing is right?
    Shivay says, yes he is absolutely right coz whatever he is doing is for this family and for his Mom!   Many times we have to take some decision which might be wrong for us but right for our family!

    Shivay comes and stands infront of Anika and tells her, Parivaar ke liye insaan kuch bhi kar sakta hai Anika!  Agr parivaar ke liye galat step lena pade toh woh bhi sahi hai, agar sacrifice dena pade, toh woh bhi sahi hai!

    Omkara ne wahi kiya, Rudra ne bhi wahi kiya!  Parivaar ke liye Chaddhas ki beti se shaadi  karne ke liye taiyaar tha!

    Maine bhi wahi kiya isme galat  kuch nahi hai okay!

    Anika says looking into his eyes, Galat Hai!  Shivay Galat Hai!  Kyonki Om  jis parivaar ke liye ye sab kuch kar raha hai wahi parivaar uske iss faisle se khush nahi hai!  Om ki zindagi barbaad ho jayegi!   Aaj mangni ki hai kal shadi bhi karega!

    Shivay says moving away, yeah so what...Shaadi ho toh hai!

    Anika asks, Shivay!  Aap ab bhi wahi ke wahi hain!  Kab aap samjhenge ke rishta sauda nahi hota!   

    Shivay turns towards her and asks, Really?  Tumhe aisa lagta hai?
    Achcha ek baat batao,. tumne mujhse shaadi kyon ki?

    Anika goes quiet and looks away  and Shivay comes facing her and asks, Tumhe lagta hai jo Omkara kar raha hai woh galat hai and Anika looks down!

    He says, Meri soch galat hai, fir tum hi batao? Tumne mujhse shaadi kyon ki?

    Anika stands quiet and Shivay says, Main yaad dilau?   Apne Bhai ke liye, uski jaan bachane ke liye!

    Tumne bhi apni family ko aage rakha...apni family ko aage  rakhkar mujhse shaadi ki...ki ya nahi?   Toh agar Omkara aisa kar raha hai toh isme galat kya hai?

    Anika kayi baar,  Apni family  khoon khandaan ke liye khud ko bhulna padta hai aur apne parivaar ke liye, kuch aise steps lene padte hain jo shayad khud ke liye sahi na ho, par lene padte hain!

    Shivay makes a puppy face and Anika looks a  little sad and says, phir se wahi, jahan se shuru kiya tha?
    Jab bhi mujhe aise lagta hai ke main aapko samajhne lagi hoon  toh aap kuch aisa kar dete hain ke mere dimag ki dahi ho jaati hai...main aapko kabhi  nahi samajh  paungi Shivay!

    Shivay:  Main hamesha se aisa hi tha, hoon...aur rahoonga!   Mere liye mere parivaar, khoon aur khandaan se badhkar na  kuch tha, na kabhi kuch ho sakta hai and sad O Jaana music plays and Shivay walks out...Anika keeps watching him go!

    Svetlana tells Om in his art room...I was after Tej for so many years, I waited for him!   I kept  dreaming of becoming the owner of Oberoi Empire!   But today...today wen my dream was gonna get fulfilled, I just left it!

    Om keeps standing facing in other direction not reacting at all!

    She comes close to Om and in his ear says, Tumhare Liye

    Om:  Bakwaas Band Karo

    Svet smiles and Om says, U did not leave him for me but Money...so just tell me ur price!

    Svetlana:  Oh My God!   U r just talking like ur brother Shivay!

    She moves around Om and stands at his back with her back touching him and says, Btw...this new Omkara is more interesting!

    Om says, Just...tell me ur price!

    She asks, De paoge?  TSO...is an owner of Rs. 5,000 Cr...and u,...u r just an ordinary artist...whose Sculptures might just sell at a price of 5-10 Lacs!

    She smirks and asks, Khareed paoge mujhe?

    Om:  Bikau cheezein khareedna zyada mushqil nahi hota, keemat bolo!

    Svetlana says, 100 Crores!

    Om says, Done and Svetlana smile and she says, u know what/...this 100 Crs. is just Bonus...asli keemat toh main wasool kar chuki hoon...she smiles and coming close to him says, tum sab ko tadapta dekhkar!

    Svetlana stands behind  Om and says I can't tell u ki mujhe kitna maza aa  raha hai...yahan tum tadap rahe ho...wahan Tej tadap raha hai aur tumhari Maa...Jhanvi...woh bhi bechari kitna tadap rahi haia and Om fumes in anger and holds Svetlana's hand and twists her wrist and says, Don't u dare!

    Agar apni gandi zubaan se Meri Maa ka naam  liya na, toh I will kill u!

    He turns Svetlana towards him and holding her face tightly with  his hand sasy, kisi galatfehmi mein mat  rehna!

    Yeh engagement maine sirf isliye ki hai taki tum meri Maa aur unke Pati se door raho!

    Svetlana says tensed while Om still holding her face, Tum bohot badal gaye ho Omkara!

    Om pushes her behind and says, Tumhare 100 Cr. tumhe mil jayenge and he leaves while Svetlana watches  all scared...her phone rings and she gets shocked with the ring and breathing fast she takes the call  and its Tia!

    Tia congrats her  for her plan and says, with this masterstroke of  urs, the whole family is shaken!

    Svetlana says stammering...u...u r right...she looks at the door and says, Sabko bohot bada jhatka laga hai!

    Tia disconnects the call saying, aur ab dusra jhatka unhe main dene wali hoon!

    Tia goes to Shivay  and gives him some papers and he asks,  Tia wat is this?  She says, Actually Mom has sent this!    Mom thinks that u don't want  to take the responsibility of me and my...I mean our child...she is very insecure about this matter and that's why she wants that u open a 100 Crs. trust on our baby's name...so that in future...no one can snatch our baby's right!
    Shivay says, Tia I have already told, I will take all the responsibility of this child and whatever is mine will belong to him as well and Tia says, Ofcourse I know that Shivay baby!  But u know Mom no?  Its very difficult to make her understand, especially wen u and Anika are coming more and more close instead of getting away from each other!
    Shivay stands with his hands folded and gets annoyed!  She says, Anyway, Mom has asked me to handover these papers to u, just wen she gets Mrs. Kapoor's call and she asks Shivay to talk to her Mom as she cannot make her understand!
    Shivay refuses at first but Tia handsover the call to him and Mrs. Kapoor in a pink chessboard  design
    says...tumne papers sign nehi kiye isliye mujhe  ye raasta chunna pada!   Just sign the papers!

    Shivay tries to speak but she asks him not to argue as he might lose everything in process of saving just 100 Crs!
    She threatens him over Omkara saying, there is already a storm in his life and  u can imagine if he gets one more reason to be hurt, how would he react!
    She tells him that if he wants others to  not know about Om being illegitimate, then he should just sign the papers and Shivay asks for the papers from Tia!

    Shivay about to sign gets thinking and Tia smirks...Anika comes and holds Shivay's hand stopping him from signing the papers and Shivay watches shocked!

    Precap: Shivika argument!   Anika pushes Shivay and says, Aap samajhte kyon nahi hain, main jo kar rahi hoon aapke liye kar rahi hoon!

    Shivay says, toh mat karo!  Don't  interfere in my life okay?  Meri zindagi mein dakhal dena band karo and  he holds her, she screams and he looks down,   Anika lies on the ground and Shivay goes running to check, Tia also is there!   Shivay goes and sits near Anika holding her face and Tia watches from above and smiles!

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