• Ishqbaaz 6th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 6th February 2017 Written Update

    Title: Shivay Suspects Tia, Svetlana!

    Sneak Peek:  Shivay is on some call...Anika takes his phone from him and throws it away in full force   Shivay asks if she has gone mad?
    She says,   Suniye...aapko mujhe daantna hai toh baad mein daantiyega lekin pehle...Shivay cuts her off in between and says, Aaaj...aaj tak kisi ki himmat nahi hui mujhse  phone cheen kar mere hi saamne patakne ki and he continues to speak but Anika announces, Svetlana ki engagement hai aaj and  Shivay gets shocked and asks, Bade Papa?
    Anika nods and Shivay gets thinking!

    Episode starts with Shivay asking OmRu if they both are fine,,,,,Rudra nods but Om keeps standing like a statue...Shivay goes near Om  but Om starts to leave!  Shivay asks him where is he going but Om doesn't say a word and keeps going...!!

    Rudra asks him to stop,  Shivay says, I don't want u to again...and Om stops at this, turns and smiles...he says, No Shivay!  This time I will not fall weak, I won't  give up...bcoz what happened with my mom today, I am the real  responsible person for all that!  

    he keeps walking inside and says, I should have become my mom's support, but I myself  fell weak!

    Shivay asks him what is all he is saying but Om says, Sahi bol raha hoon main Shivay, sahi bol raha hoon! Main apne dard mein itna kho gaya, ke apni Maa ka dard dekh hi nahi paaya!   Mujhe bhi apni Maa ki dhaal banna chahiye tha!

    He says, Mujhe bhi Shivay banna chahiye tha!   

    Lekin ye galati ab dobara nahi hogi!  Ab main apni maa ki kamzori nahi, taqat banunga!  Tej Singh Oberoi apne aap ko bohot bada Saudagar samajhta hai na...ab main dikhaunga ke asli Saudagar kaisa hota hai!

    Shivay gets a little nervous at all this and asks Om to listen to him once but Om keeps his hand at Shivay's shoulder and says smiling, Main thik hoon Shivay, don't worry!   Ab main sab thik kar doonga and he nods and leaves out with a new bg music   (revamped of his older music)!

    Shivay comes and lays on his  couch ...he looks tired and closes his eyes, resting!
    Anika watches him and asks him if he is fine? She has got his medicines!  Shivay opens his eyes and gets up but feels the pain in his wound and Anika immediately holds him and asks him if he feels the pain?

    He says No and Anika says, even if u would feel it u would still not tell me!  I know u are a very big Tadibaaz, Himmatwale...u can face the biggest problems for ur family,  but Shivay...u r not a Superhero but a human... and humans feel pain, especially wen they had a Bullet and Shivay looks up at her    She says...and  didn't have medicines!   She gives him the medicine and Shivay takes it!
    He wonders, who sent the video!

    He gets thinking and says, I know its not you, but  who it can be?    He says,  let me think about it and Anika says, Shivay u need rest but he asks her to keep quiet and let him think!

    He asks her, who all were there except our family and Chaddhas and while talking, he feels dizzy and falls asleep!

    He falls in Anika's embrace and she holds him by his face, hugging him sideways!

    Tu Aaata hai seene mein...plays...!

    nika keeps holding Shivay and recalls her bedroom romance moments with Shivay and keeps caressing him!
    She recalls the incident where Shivay saved her in jungle!   

    Shivay rests his hand in her lap...She smiles watching him sleep and recalls her ILU to Shivay in the hut!

    She caresses his hair and the song keeps playing!  She keeps the other hand on his shoulder and just keeps watching him sleep

    Shivay opens his eyes slightly and finds himself sleeping in her lap and asks her, why didn't she wake him up...he just fell asleep somehow!

    She asks him to just sleep but he says, No I need to find that person who sent the video!

    He sees the Camera lying on the table  and asks her, how is it here?

    Anika says, the camera person who came with Chaddhas, he forgot it here and I have to send it back  to him so I brought it inside!

    Shivay asks her if she gave her phone to someone or left it somewhere?

    Anika says, I am sure I didn't give anyone but might have left it somewhere...!

    He asks her, if the videographer was continuously shooting?

    Anika says yes and he asks her, if they can find any clue in the camera?    He asks her to get it and lets check!  Anika gets the camera and they check the video recording!

    Shivay asks her to pause at a point and they notice, someone's hands taking away and keeping back Anika's phone!

    Anika says, this is my phone but that's not me!

    Anika is in video standing and talking to Dadi and Shivay asks, if u r here, who that person can be and they again notice, Anika says, this is a woman's hand!

    Shivay notices closely and asks her, if this is Svetlana?

    Anika says, yes it can be!  They rewind again and find Svetlana standing behind Anika and Shivay says, it can't be her, she is there behind u!

    Anika says, Svetlana didn't pick my phone but its someone else,  who it can be?

    Anika closes her eyes trying to recall the happenings of the day and remembers that she was going somewhere with her phone in her hand when Tia bumped into her and her phone fell!
    Flashback :  "Tia asked Anika to use the eyes that universe had given her and Anika asked her to mind her own business!   Dadi called Anika and Tia told her, go Anika, u are a servant so go and do the work of a servant!  Dadi kept calling Anika so she left without picking up her phone!"

    Anika tells Shivay that wen she came back to pick up her phone, she neither found phone nor Tia and after that, wen Tej called on her phone, only then she came to know her phone was lying there!

    Shivika together speak up after thinking for a while...Tia!!  and both get shocked!

    Anika says, iska matlab ye saara Raita Tia ne phailaya hai?  Shivay main aapse keh rahi thi na ke woh Cheapdi ekdumm tedhi ...Shivay asks her to keep quiet and gets thinking and says, till now we were thinking that this is all Svetlana's plan...but this alliance was brought by Svetlana herself!   Why would she want to break it?    No its not possible, infact she always wants to remain in Bade Papa's good books...so she can never do this, it can't be her!

    Anika says, so Shivay only Tia is left right?  Shivay asks, yes but why would Tia do this?  What is her benefit in all this?

    Anika says, Main keh rahi hoon na, Tia itni Chuntt hai na ke woh kab kya plan karti hai, kisi ko pata nahi chalta!

    Shivay says, but if all this is done by Tia then one thing is clear, there is not one but 2 people plotting against us in our house itself...Svetlana and Tia!   

    In dono ka aapas mein koi connection toh nahi hai and Shivika look towards each other and get thinking!

    Next Morning ...Shivay on a call with the Private Investigator tells him that we have one more suspect now, Tia Kapoor...I want all the information about her and it should be absolutely confidential!
    Shivay was trying to close his cuff buttons while on call and suddenly Anika comes, takes his hand and starts closing the buttons

    Shivay goes mum and keeps staring her...Anika who was busy closing buttons suddenly looks at him and  wind starts blowing...she realizes it and wen he starts staring and O Jaana male plays...Shivay keeps looking and resumes the call and she sighs and starts closing the buttons again 

    Anika closes the button and Shivay says, ho gaya...Anika again looks at him and he on the calls says, Tumhe nahi...tumhe nahi bol raha hoon, tum information lana and he disconnects!

    Anika keeps standing and Anika's hand was in Shivay's...he beautifully slips her hand from his...

    Shivay says, I still am unable to believe that Tia can do something like this and Anika says, that's bcoz u have not seen that side of Tia that I have seen!

    She says, Ek No.  ki Cheapdi 2 Rs. Chaalu ladki hai woh!

    Shivay says, now all truth will be out!

    Suddenly they hear some  noise from outside and Shivay asks, what sound is this and Anika runs to check!  Shivay follows her!

    They come running down the stairs and its Rudra arguing with a servant!

    Anika asks, what happened?

    Rudra says, Bhabhi someone has ordered a designer dress, u only tell me, when the Roka itself didn't happen, why would I order an outfit for the Engagement?

    Anika asks the maid who gave it and she says, Someone from Roopa Designers came and said, Mr. Oberoi  has ordered this dress so I thougt, Rdura Sir would have done it!

    Rudra says, I am not the only Oberoi in this house!

    Anika asks Rudra to keep quiet and says, if not u, someone has sure ordered this dress, but who?

    Svetlana comes saying...Me!

    She snaps her fingers and  asks the maid to hand it over to her and says, ye dress meri hai!  Actually,  aaj meri engagement hai, ye dress usi ke liye hai!

    She leaves inviting Rudra and Anika for the engagement and Rudra  panics hearing this and Anika gets shocked and runs to inform Shivay!

    Anika keeps running and bumps into a servant and the tray in his hand falls!

    She still doesn't stop and keeps running and reaches her room again where Shivay is on a call!

    She says, Shivay raita phail gaya hai!

    Shivay keeps his hand on phone and says, Anika this is a very important call, he again starts talking on the call and Anika says, but what I am saying is also very important!

    Shivay keeps talking on the phone and Anika takes his phone from him and throws it away in full force  

    Shivay asks, tum pagal ho gayi ho kya

    She says,   Suniye...aapko mujhe daantna hai toh baad mein daantiyega lekin pehle meri...Shivay cuts her off in between and says, Aaaj...aaj tak kisi ki himmat nahi hui mujhse  phone cheen kar mere hi saamne patakne ki !  

    Phone todna Shivay Singh Oberoi ki speciality hai aur iss ghar mein ye haq kisi aur ko nahi hai okay?ROFL

    Agar mujhe copy hi karna hai toh meri 10 aur achchi aadatein hai, only try that but no this okay, this is my signatureROFL

    Anika steps forward and he steps back and she asks, chup karenge aap?  Karenge chup?

    Shivay makes a Billu face and she says,  Kabse keh rahi hoon ke mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai, karni hai karni hai lekin nahi...aapke zubaan pe toh brake hi nahi lagte!

    Shivay stammering says,,...haan haan toh bolo na 

    Anika says, bohot badi gadbad ho gayi hai!

    Shivay says, haan gadbad toh ho gayi hai...woh...phone...gone!

    Anika says, will u come out of ur phone, I am talking something else Shivay!

    He says, haan toh tum bhi ye gadbad ho gayi hai, raita phail gaya hai...uske aage kuch bologi  and he continues to speak but Anika announces, Svetlana ki engagement hai aaj and  Shivay gets shocked and asks,  Svetlana ki engagement?
    What do u mean?  Bade Papa?

    Anika nods and Shivay thinks for a second and runs saying Om ko call karo, Just call Om and I have to go!

    Shivay reaches downstairs and asks Rudra if he spoke to Om?

    Rudra says No and Dadi comes asking what happened?  Shivay asks her too about Om and she says, No!

    Shivay asks Rudra where is Bade Papa, do u know his whereabouts?

    Rudra says No and Shakti comes asking, what happened?

    Shivay goes to him and asks about Tej and Shakti says, he left for Office as there was an important meeting !

    Rudra says, Om's phone is unreachable and Shivay gets tensed and asks him to keep trying to reach Om and ask him to urgently come back home!

    Shivay leaves and Dadi asks Rudra what has happened?  Rudra says, I'll just tell u in a minute Dadi and he leaves too!

    Rudra keeps trying to call all tensed and panicked and Soumya comes there asking what happened?

    Rudra doesn't answer her and keeps trying the call and  almost gets teary...Soumya keeps her hand at his shoulder and asks him if there is a problem?

    He gets angry and turns and says, Tum!

    She asks him why is he talking like this and he asks, so how should I talk?  Whatever problem is there in our house Soumya is bcoz of u!

    She starts crying and asks What?  What are u saying Rudra?

    He asks her why did she keep that MS so safely with her...couldn't she throw it away?   Anika Bhabhi saw it and came to know everything!

    Soumya says, I didn't tell her anything, infact I told her that its a prop for  college play!

    Rudra shouts at her asking, what was the need to lie at all, why did u keep it with u?   When this  marriage doesn't mean anything than what is the use of that MS?   And to top it all, from the time I have taken the decision to marry Sonia,   u have been behaving as if I did something very wrong with you!

    Soumya asks crying that what have I done Rudra?

    He says, u have not done anything Soumya,  but now I can see, that day wen Shivay Bhaiya was asking u if this marriage means anything to u, I could see on ur face that this marriage means a lot to u,  and me, I am pressurizing u?   When infact we both had together decided that we will forget this marriage!

    She says, Rudra, I don't know what are u actually angry at...coz I also said the same that u said!

    Rudra screams,   just saying doesn't mean anything Soumya, u have to actually accept it and from ur face, nothing like this is visible that u do not accept this marriage!

    He turns and says, u should have not come to this house!   If u were not here, this marriage would not have happened neither so many problems in the family would have occurred!  

    She cries and asks if he really this all is happening coz of her and he turns in anger and says getting close to her face,  Haan!  Tum responsible ho in sab ke liye!

    Soumya in disbelief nods her head and tries to talk and make him understand by holding his hand but he shrugs her and asks her to go away from him and leaves in anger, Soumya watches all hurt!

    Shivay all tensed keeps calling Tej and Shakti comes and asks him, what is the matter?  Shivay  doesn't answer him and rushes to Anika asking if she was able to contact Om?  She says no and he all tensed says, ek kaam diya tha, woh bhi thik se nahi kar sakti tum !  Anika says, Shivay I am trying and he asks her to stop making excuses as Om has been missing since morning!

    No one in this house cares about Om!   Anika says, we all are trying to reach him Shivay and Shivay says, I don't know anything,,just call him !  Dadi comes asking, will someone plz tell me what has happened and Shivay leaves without giving an answer!

    Dadi asks Anika and Anika all tensed says stammering, Dadi, Tej Uncle and Svetlana are getting engaged today and Dadi gets shocked hearing this and Shakti says, what nonsense is this!  U mean Bhaisahab is getting engaged today?

    He asks Dadi, Maa how can Bhaisahab do something like this and Tej enters saying, Kyon nahi kar sakta main and all watch him shocked!

    Precap: Svetlana walks down the stairs doing Catwalk and Tej says, m sorry Svetlana, I made u wait so much for this day...but today, we will make a new start to out life and he extends his hand saying, Come Svetlana...Svetlana smirks and royally ignoring Tej, goes and holds Om's hand   Whole family is shown shocked!

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