• Ishqbaaz 3rd February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 3rd February 2017 Written update 

    Title: Oberois Learn A Shocking Truth!

    Sneak Peek: During Roka Ceremony, whole family gets shocked to watch the news of Rudra Singh Oberoi being already married on TV and also him getting engaged to Sonia!  The Wedding Video Plays on TV and all get shocked seeing that...RumYa feel guilty!

    Episode starts with Soumya sitting upset in her room and watching the MS and recalling her wedding rituals with Rudra!
    She stands infront of the mirror, crying and wears the MS and recalls Rudra's declaration of Rudra agreeing to marry Sonia!

    Just wen Anika walks inside calling Soumya's name and Soumya hides the MS in her palm clutching it tightly...!

    Soumya wipes her tears and Anika asks her if she is alright?   She says Yes and Anika asks her why are u not looking into my eyes and talking  if u r fine and Soumya says, something went in her eye!

    Anika asks her to show but Soumya makes excuses and Anika gets suspicious...she asks Soumya what is she hiding in the other hand and Soumya makes excuses again but Anika insists and takes her hand in front and gets shocked seeing a MS...she asks Soumya whose  MS it is and what is she doing with it and Soumya gets nervous, later says, its a prop  for a play in her college!

    She asks Anika why did she come here and Anika  keeps asking her if she is alright as she suddenly ran towards her room?

    Soumya looks away crying and in a broken voice, says, she is fine!

    She again starts crying and leaves with the excuse of washing her eyes!
    Anika gets thinking!

    Shivay by the poolside talks to the Commissioner about the investigation of the shooter and he says that I saw him from far away so can't recall much but we have to find him!

    Anika comes there and starts talking  but Shivay asks her not to start again on that matter as Rudra has decided and as a family we should support him!

    Shivay says,  I have done a bg check on Sonia and I think Rudra and Sonia will be a perfect match!

    Anika asks,  if he thinks so  bcoz both of them are from of equal Haisiyat, Khoon and Khandaan?

    Shivay sasy, Exactly!

    Anika asks, if nothing else is required for a marriage?

    Shivay says, sabse zyada yahi important hota hai and Anika reverts back saying, aisa aap sochte hain lekin zaruri nahi ke Rudra bhi aisa soche!

    She says, I know Rudra thinks differently and I feel Rudra is making a big mistake!

    Shivay asks her what is her problem as she again has started on the same topic...he says, sab kuch perfect hai, isme kami kya hai?
    Anika:  Pyaar Ki!

    Shivay stands quiet  and Anika says, pyaar ke bina rishte ko joda ja sakta hai lekin nibhaya nahi!

    Shivay says,  this relationship will just be fine and  this relationship would work coz Rudra knows the importance of this relation and knows that 2 big companies' future is dependent on this relation!

    Anika gets annoyed with his talks and says,  kachche rishte par itna bojh  daalna sahi nahi hai Shivay and Shivay says, marriages happen in this way only in business!

    Anika says, aise bahikhaate (accounts) dekhkar sirf business hota hai,  shadi nahi Shivay and Tia who is watching them from a distance and is on a call with romi, asks Romi to send the MMS to Anika as its a good opportunity and both sisters smirk!

    Romi sends the MMS to Anika and informs Tia and Anika starts saying...Main bass Itna kehna chahti hu ke Rudra...just wen her phone rings and she watches the MMS and completing her sentence, says, Shadi Shuda hai!

    Shivay gets shocked hearing what she said and Tia smirks!    He asks her, what is she saying, has she gone mad?

    Anika says, I am telling the truth, Rudra has got married, that too with Soumya!

    Shivay again says, u're just mad and  she asks him to watch it for himself and Shivay also watches the MMS and gets shocked!

    Tia evilly smiles!

    Shivay goes and slaps Rudra infront of Om!

    Om stops Shivay from slapping Rudra and Shivay asks Om, tujhe gussa nahi aa raha Om...jab isne sabke saamne aakar kaha tha ye family ke liye kuch karna chahta hai, mujhe laga ye responsible ho gaya hai, bada ho gaya hai, lekin nahi!
    Labzon ka sad and dramatic bg plays !

    Rudra cries looking down and  tries to speak but Shivay asks him to not speak a word and  asks him why did he hide this truth from all of them?

    Why did he hide  it from his brothers?

    Rudra asks Shivay to listen to him but Om asks him to Shut up and says, Shivay is right, u lied to us?

    U know how much I hate lies, u still lied to us?

    Anika  questions Soumya in her room, how and wen did all this happen?

    Soumya cries and narrates the whole incident!

    She breaks down and Anika  stands there shocked!

    Rudra says, this is nonsense, it doesn't mean anything!   I was running  away from Romi as she had gone mad and we reached the Community Wedding Center while running and there they drugged us and after that I was not in my senses!

    Rudra says, Bhaiya I don't even remember wen did we take the Pheras,  Bhaiya trust me,  this wedding is a mistake, it does not mean anything!

    Om screams at Rudra asking him if he is mad?
    What do u mean by does not mean anything?    U have got married to Soumya, Rudra!

    Rudra screams back saying, Par main iss shadi ko maanta hi nahi hoon!

    Rudra says, wen I don't believe in this marriage, then it doesn't mean anything!
    Shivay asks, if Soumya also feels the same and Rudra stands dumbfound!

    Shivay confronts RumYa and asks Soumya what is the truth?  Rudra says, this marriage happened wen u both were drunk and it doesn't mean anything!  He asks Soumya if she also feels the same and if this marriage means anything to her?

    Soumya looks at Rudra and says, Bade Bhaiya, I know we made a mistake, we both were drunk but...Rudra cuts her off and says, see I already told, this wedding happened wen we were drunk!

    Soumya keeps looking at Rudra and Rudra says, we both had decided right that we will forget about this marriage?  Infact, we had even forgotten!

    Rudra says,Bhaiya aap khud sochiye, Soumya aur main koi jodi nahi hain!

    Soumya feels a little hurt and keeps looking at  Rudra and Shivay asks Soumya to speak up but Rudra again speaks up in between saying, she will also say the same Bhaiya that this marriage doesn't mean anything to both of us!

    Om asks Rudra to just shut up and says, I want to hear this from Soumya's mouth!

    Rudra looks at Soumya and asks her to speak up otherwise this 3rd degree would keep going and Soumya looks at Rudra, hurt!

    She cries and looking into Rudra's eyes, says, agar Rudra ke liye iss shadi ka koi matlab nahi hai...and Rudra looks away in guilt!

    Soumya crying completes, Toh phir, iss shadi ka koi matlab nahi hai and Anika looks shocked at Soumya while Om gets thinking and Shivay turns saying, okay then there is no problem!

    Rudra says,  exactly, u all also forget that we ever got married and Shivay agrees saying, lets just forget this!

    Anika asks, aise kaise bhool sakte hain, inki shadi hui hai!

    Shivay says, Anika didn't u hear what they both said, this marriage means nothing, it was a mistake!

    Anika says, galati se huib ho ya nashe mein hui ho, shadi hui hai aur shadi koi mazak nahi!
    Soumya looks down crying and Rudra notices Soumya!

    Anika says, nashe ki haalat mein hi sahi, par inhone  agni ko sakshi maan kar saat phere liye hain and RumYa exchange glances while Om stares in anger 

    Anika says, Zindagi bhar saath nibhane ke vachan diye hain!

    Shivay Sighs and turns towards Anika and says, the thing is, they both don't want to be tied into this relationship and if they both don't accept it than that's it, that's fair okay as many times, in helpless situations we have to take certain decisions that we do not want to, still we have to take them!

    Shivay says, aisi majboori mein ki gayi shadi, shadi nahi hoti , its a compromise  okay and his words echo and Anika looks a little hurt with this and keeps looking at Shivay shocked!

    Om looks a little sad and seems into disagreement with Shivay but doesn't say anything and Shivay says, aisi shadi ka koi matlab nahi hai, u can't take it seriously!

    RumYa both look down and Soumya keeps crying!

    Anika keeps looking at Shivay and asks him, if he really thinks so?

    Shivay doesn't look at anyone and says, Bilkul!  Aisi shadi ka koi matlab nahi hai, Right?

    Rudra says right and Soumya crying also says right!

    Shivay says, okay then this topic is over and except the 5 of us, no one should come to know of this that Rudra and Soumya are already married!

    Jhanvi hears everything from the window and stands in shock...she goes and tells this to Tej and Tej shouts at her, saying, so what, they both said right that they were drunk wen this wedding happened, means this marriage doesn't mean anything to them!  Matter over!

    Jhanvi argues back with Tej saying, but they got married Tej!
    Tej says, I don't understand why are we even discussing this?

    Jhanvi says, bcoz we are elders Tej, its our duty to make our kids aware of the right and wrong!

    Tej asks her to stop it and right is what is happening, tomorrow Chaddhas are coming for the Roka and I don't want any trouble so its better that u forget the stupidity done by Rudra, just think that u did not hear anything!

    Jhanvi asks him what is wrong with him, even after knowing that Rudra is already married,  how can he get Rudra married again and Tej screams, I am not forcing him!

    This decision is taken by Rudra himself which means he doesn't acknowledge his marriage with Soumya!

    Jhanvi says, then its wrong right, being his father, u should make him understand!

    Tej screams back asking her if she has gone mad?  He asks her to just get this straight that he won't tolerate this deal getting cancelled at any cost, bcoz he has had enough!

    Jhanvi screams out loud saying, even I have had enough!   Poori zindagi tumne apni manmaani ki, na hi mujhe biwi ka darja diya  na hi izzat!  Lekin ab baat mere bachchon ki hai aur main apne bachchon ke saath kuch bhi bura hote hue nahi dekh sakti!

    She warns him that if he does anything wrong with  her kids,  she would not keep quiet, she would not let this marriage happen, never!

    Tej fumes in anger and getting close to her face says, mujhe dhamki, aur dhamki dene walon se sakht nafrat hai!  Rudra ka Roka hoga, Sonia Chaddha ke saath and he walks away saying this!

    Roka ceremony starts and the families meet and greet each other!

    Mr. Chaddha requests Dadi  that he wants to get a pic clicked with her grandsons and Dadi takes him to ShiOmRu for a pic...a photographer with the same camera is clicking pics and making video which would be later helpful to Shivika 

    Om gets a call and he excuses himself and Soumya stands upset in a corner, Anika comforts her!
    Mrs. Chaddha comes  to Shivay and asks him to introduce her to his wife and Pinky and Tia  hear this and get alert!

    Mrs. Chaddha tells Shivay that she wants to get a pic clicked with his wife and Anika walks in with a tray of juice and Pinky notices her, Pinky snatches the tray from Anika and handing it to Tia, asks her to go and serve this to Mrs. Chaddha!

    Pinky introduces Tia as Mrs. Tia Kapoor Oberoi,  her DIL, Shivay's wife, to Mrs. Chaddha and Anika looks hurt seeing this!

    Pinky praises Tia to Mrs. Chaddha and O Jaana instrumental plays and Shivay keeps looking at Anika  and Anika too!

    Mrs. Chaddha  and Pinky praise Tia like anything and Pinkyv says, Shivay is very lucky to have her.

    Shivay starts coughing and Anika keeps looking at them!

    Mrs. Chaddha asks for a picture and they all get a pic clicked but Shivika keep looking towards each other!   :(

    Shivay makes puppy faces and feels uncomfortable  and looks down!

    Rudra bumps into Soumya and due to guilt, looks away saying a sorry!

    Soumya looks a little pissed at him and says, u should be

    Rudra asks, matlab?
    Soumya says, matlab, tum mujhse takraye, mujhe hurt kiya, toh tumhe sorry toh kehna hi chahiye!

    Rudra looks into her eyes and she Congratulates him!  He asks, for what, She says smiling, for ur Roka!

    They keep looking into each others' eyes and with a straight face, Rudra says thanks and walks away!

    Mr. Chaddha asks Tej to start the Roka Ceremony and  just wen they were about to start, Mr. Chaddha gets a SMS and he asks Tej to switch on the TV!

    Tej asks confused, why but Mr. Chaddha insists and Tej gets the TV switched on and they all watch the news of Rudra's marriage airing on News Channels!
    News reporter says, Famous businessman TSO's  younger son, RSO has his roka with Dubai based businessman Surinder Chaddha's daughter Sonia but we came to know that RSO is already married and they play the RumYa marriage clip on News Channel...whole family stands in shock while TiLana smirk!

    RumYa exchange glances all guilty!

    Mr. Chaddha asks Tej, what is all this nonsense and Tej says, i can explain!

    Mr. Chaddha asks him, what are u going to explain to me? I can't believe this that u stooped so low for a business deal.
    First u fixed ur elder son's rishta without knowing his will and wen he refused, u fixed  it with ur younger son who is already married?

    Tej feels embarrassed and asks Mr. Chaddha to listen to him but Mr. Chaddha refuses to hear anything and says, I  am also a businessman, But I am a Father too!  But u,.  u  r just a businessman, not a father and Rudra and Om look towards Tej, feeling disappointed!

    Mr. Chaddha continues, agar baap hote toh ek business deal ko apne bachchon ki khushiyon se upar nahi rakhte  and Tej stares angrily towards Rudra!

    Mr. Chaddha says, rishtedaari toh kya Mr. Oberoi, aap saath mein business karne ke bhi layak nahi hain and Soumya looks down crying!

    Mr. Chaddha says, I will never forget this insult Mr. Oberoi, u will have to pay for it!

    Tej fumes in anger while Chaddhas leave!

    TiLana exchange evil glances and smirk!

    Rudra says, ye video bahar kaise aaya and Tej screams loud, Oh Shut Up!

    He says, ek beta  toh nikamma nikla, (pointing towards Om)  ab tu bhi uske nakshe kadmon par chalne laga?

    Bete toh Baap ka guroor hote hain, par tum dono ne Baap ki izzat  utarne ka theka liya hua hai!

    Rudra stands looking down while Shivay and Om look towards him sad...Tej asks Rudra if he would speak up or just keep standing like a statue?

    Tej tries to slap Rudra but Shivay steps in and holds Tej's hand and Tej angrily looks towards Shivay!

    Shivay says, Nahi, aap Rudra par haath nahi uthayege!

    Tej asks him not to interfere between a father and a son and Shivay says,if a father was talking to a son, I would have stayed quiet, but here, a businessman is talking to his business asset!

    Tej puts his hand down and Shivay says, yesterday, Rudra was ready for this marriage so I didn't say anything but now enough, lets be honest about it!     In this deal, u neither saw Om not Rudra's happiness, only saw ur deal !

    And bcoz this deal  didn't happen today,  u cannot raise ur hand at my brother!

    Tej asks Shivay, so what if I just saw a deal...son what?  U were also going to marry Tia, just for a deal right?

    And u only say Shivay, har rishta ek deal hota hai, don't ub keep saying that?

    Shivay says, Yes I say that...but that's just my  own belief...Om and Rudra don't think like that ...Main khud bik sakta hoon lekin kisi ko bhi apne bhaiyon ki khushiyan bechne nahi doonga and Om looks at Tej, all disgusted while Rudra looks away sad!

    Pinky speaks,  OMM, itna kuch hanmari naak ke neeche ho gaya aur hume pata bhi nahi chala!  She asks Shivay if he knew Rudra and Soumya were married and Shivay blurts out that he also came to know just yesterday and Pinky's jaw drops...he says, I was just thinking of how to handle this situation and this news got leaked out!

    RumYa look down all ashamed and Tej screams at Shivay to stop this drama...he asks him to just stop him and says, U have leaked this video and all stand shocked at the accusation!

    Precap:  During family argument, Shivay notices Jhanvi running inside the house in a Burning state...all turn to see her and get shocked to see Jhanvi in that condition and she falls down on the ground...all stand stunned!

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