• Ishqbaaz 2nd February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 2nd February 2017 Written Update

    Title: What is Rudra's Decision?

    Sneak Peek: Rudra tells Mr. Chaddha that since his Dad as promised him,  that his son will marry her daughter...so the promise will remain, if not with elder son, his younger son will marry ur daughter and Rudra announces his agreement to marry Sonia!
    Anika asks Shivay, how can u be okay so easily?
    Shivay asks, If Rudra doesn't have a problem,  girl is well educated and has Khoon Khandaan Haisiyat...she is a perfect match...okay!

    Episode starts with Rudra Anika Soumya and Om cooking in kitchen with their colorful chef hats on and Rudra does commentary welcoming all to Oberoi Kitchen!
    Shivay watches them all with a tired expression on his face and Rudra says, as u all can see, our Head Chef aaj khana nahi bana rahe, alag alag tareeke ke muh bana rahe hain

    Anika keeps looking at Shivay and Rudra recites a Sher...Woh aaye hamare kitchen mein Khuda ki Kudrat hai...kabhi woh hame kabhi hamare banaye hue jhane ko dekhte hain!

    Shivay asks them what are they doing all this and Om says, we are preparing food!

    Shivay asks if they cook food like this and Rudra asks Shivay to relax and says, till today  we used to coook in ur style, today we will coook in Rudy Style and  Shivay keeps interrupting it would have Basil not Garlic Powder!

    Om tells Anika slowly, Bhabhi...aapko ek baat batata hoon, Business mein kuch upar neeche ho jaye na, toh chalega!  But kitchen  mein upar neeche ho jaye na...and he does a crack gesture and Rudra says, Atta mazi Satakli !

    Shivay says, I am listening everything!   OmRu tease him and Shivay keeps looking at Anika. who is trying to cook something!

    He goes to her asking, kya kar rahi ho tum?

    Anika:  Butter ko murmura kar rahi hu!

    Shivay holding his head asks, Mur...Murmura kya hota hai?

    Anika says,  Kya?  Murmura nahi pata apko?   Woh pich pich...pich pich karte hain na!  Woh!

    Shivay says,  tum butter ka khoon kar rahi ho, isse khoon karna kehte hain and he does his usual annoyed Billu gestures looking at the butter!

    He says, main nahi dekh sakta ye... he looks away and Anika asks, Khana hum bana rahe hain toh aap kyon tadi maar rahe hain?

    Shivay says, yahi problem hai ke khana tum bana rahi ho!

    Anika keeps crushing butter and Shivay makes Michmichi faces and says, usse ladle se aise kyon kar rahi ho tum?
    Shivay gestures her to keep it away from him

    She says,...ye lady nahi karchi hai,...dikh nahi rahi hai aapko?

    Shivay says, Anikkaa tum...he moves away saying koi butter knife do isse!
    Anika makes faces and moves away too!

    Pinky passes wen Anika is gone aside and not visible and says, Arey Wah!  Aaj sab kitchens mein hain?

    All get serious and Soumya says, we all are cooking for Bade Bhaiya... Pinky smiles and walks in saying, let me also see what are u all cooking just wen Anika comes there and  Pinky stops...her smile changes into a frown and  she turns and starts to leave without saying anything!

    Rudra stops her saying, Choti Maa!  Stop!  Atleast taste the food I cooked and Pinky says looking at Anika...Meri Bhookh marr gayi and leaves!

    Anika feels sad!

    Svetlana calls and thanks someone and tells Tej...deal is done and both smile...she says, they are all coming and Tej thanks her!

    Svetlana says, u don't even know if this deal is done, how much u would be ahead of Shivay in business!  But, if Om says No,  then we would have a huge loss.   U have to make sure that Om says Yes for this marriage and  Tej says, u don't worry, I won't let such situation arise and Omkara will say yes bcoz he has to say yes!

    Svetlana smirks !

    Shivay asks Soumya, tell me one thing, u all are cooking so many dishes...is there anything worth eating in all this?

    OmRu and Soumya smile and she assures him that everything is good and tasty and Shivay says, Really?  I don't think so coz no one  added Basil to pesto

    Soumya says, I did...I myself did and she shows him the bottle from which she added and  says, Oh No!

    Shivay asks what happened and  she says, I added mint instead of basil

    OmRu smile  and Shivay screams...Methi
    Rudra teases Soumya just when Tej walks in!

    Tej asks, ye kya circus chal raha hai yahan par?
    All get  serious seeing him and Tej says, whatever it is, guests are coming in the evening so whatever u make, make it good!

    Jhanvi comes asking which guests and Tej says, Chaddhas  are coming to talk about Om's alliance and Om gets furious hearing that and  nods in a No seeing Shivay!

    Shivay asks Tej, why so suddenly and Tej says, what is there to be so shocked about?  They were supposed to come on Lohri  and so they are coming today!  And anyway they are very happy about this alliance and Jhanvi says, we haven't even talked about this rishta yet...so why so happy?

    Tej says, what do u all have to talk?  I talked and I have even taken a decision!

    Shivay says, how could  u take a decision?  I told u that...Tej cuts Shivay in between and says,  Jo harkat Om ne ki hai... tum samajh rahe ho na main kis baare mein baat kar raha hoon and Om stares Tej angrily!   Tej says, uske baad itna toh ye kar hi sakta hai apne Baap ke liye!

    Om again nods in a No looking at Shivay and Tej starts to leave telling Om,  I have already tolerated a lot of insults coz of u so ur answer should be yes...don't insult me anymore infront of the Chaddhas!

    Om bangs the spoon after Tej leaves and throws away his hat in anger,...he tells Shivay that I am not gonna go ahead with this marriage!

    Shivay asks him to relax!

    Chaddhas come  and all sit in the hall...Mr. Chaddha tellls Tej that as soon as this engagement happens, we will announce the deal and  after marriage, we wil announce this agreement too!

    He tells Tej that  now no one can stop u from becoming the biggest businessman in India and Mrs. Chaddha says, what are we waiting for, lets do a Jhat Mangni Pat Byah!Sleepy

    She suggests for  a Roka today itself as they are all here and Tej agrees!

    Rest all get thinking!

    Mr. Chaddha asks for Om and Tej asks Jhanvi to bring Om!
    ShiOmRu together walk inside and stand at the entrance!

    Tej introduces Om to Sonia but Om stands with a straight face and doesn't respond!

    Tej again introduces Sonia to Om and says, u are going to get married to her and Om says, Main yeh shadi nahi karunga!

    Tej and Om stare each other in anger and all stand up shocked!

    Mr. Chaddha asks Tej  what is all this and Tej says, he is just kidding!  Tej  tells Om that we have already discussed this Om!

    Om walks in saying, we didn't discuss...but u just passed an Order Mr.Oberoi and  I don't take anyone's orders... I only listen to my heart and I don't do anything that my heart doesn't allow me for!

    Tej keeps  staring Om in anger and Om apologizes to Mr. Chaddha saying I can't agree for this marriage!

    Mr. Chaddha asks Tej if he called them here to insult them and what is all this nonsense?  And  ur Secretary Svetlana who kept calling us to invite here should have one asked Omkara too before calling us here and Tej says,  its not Svetlana's fault...I myself want to have this deal done and get my kids married!

    Mr. Chaddha says, Mr. Oberoi, not u but ur son has to do this marriage and I can clearly see that he is not at all ready for this marriage!  This is too much, do u realize who are u messing with?  Mr. Oberoi,.  My name is Surinder Chaddha...main bade badon ko dhool chata sakta hoon and Pinky giggles with her head down

    Mr. Chaddha asks tej to now forget about this deal and says, I'll make sure no one ever does  business with u!
    Shivay steps in and says, Mr. Chaddha...one min...lets talk first!

    Mr. Chaddha asks Shivay if he thinks anything to talk is still left?

    Shivay tries to talk to Mr. Chaddha politely and tells him that ur anger is completely justified, but Om and Sonia don't even know each other  properly...and Om has said no for a marriage without knowing each other...but there is one more option that lies between  Yes and No...giving an answer after properly thinking about it!

    I feel that Om and Sonia should  be given some time to know and understand each other and  Tej gets a little relieved and says, Mr. Chaddha, trust my word!  My son will marry ur daughter means he will!

    Om:  Main nahi karunga!

    Shivay asks Om to give let him handle this and tells Mr. Chaddha not to hurry in this matter and Mr. Chaddha says, we were never in a hurry but u ppl were...that's why u kept calling us and invited us here and were hurrying to fix this alliance!

    Mr. Chaddha says, now we say No for this marriage and asks his family to leave but Tej requests them to stop and looking at Om, says, Omkara ye shadi zaroor karega!

    Om closes his eyes in anger and looks away and Tej walks up to Om in a hurry and asks him slowly, what is wrong with u?  What is ur  problem?  Can't u keep just one wish of mine?  I already told u not to insult me infront of the Chaddhas!

    Om asks:  Aur main aapki baat maan jaunga?

    Tej:  Maanna padega!  Maine zubaan di hai!   Agar maine kaha hai ke TSO ka beta shadi karega matlab karega, Period!

    Om:  Aap mujhe majboor nahi kar sakte!

    Tej: Karne pe aau toh main bohot kuch kar sakta hoon!

    Om: Ye baat mujhe batane ki zarurat nahi hai aapko!  Bachpan se dekhte aa raha hoon ke aap kya kya kar sakte hain!

    Tej raises his voice and says:   How Dare U?  Apne Baap se koi aise baat karta hai?

    Jhanvi screams at Tej and walks upto him and says, I will talk to Om but  Tej pushes Jhanvi saying, u don't interfere in between and Jhanvi about to fall aside but Rudra catches her and helps her!

    Wen Tej pushes Jhanvi, Pinky asks Dadi to see what is happening and Soumya and Anika do a facepalm!
    Rudra asks Jhanvi if she is fine and Tej who didn't even look at Jhanvi tells Om that its final, u are doing this marriage!

    Mr. Chaddha asks Tej to stop this and says, for me this deal is not above my daughter's happiness and asks says, wen ur son Omkara is not even happy with this marriage  then how will he keep my daughter happy? Now we are not interested anymore and Tej keeps staring Om!

    Chaddhas start to leave but Rudra stops them and all look at him confused!

    He steps ahead and says, My Dad has  promised u right that his son will marry ur daughter?  So it will happen with his son only, he says looking at Tej and Om!

    Rudra:  BAde se nahi, toh chote se hogi and Soumya's jaw drops hearing this and all get shocked!
    Main, Rudra Singh Oberoi, aapki beti Sonia se shadi karne ko taiyaar hoon and Tej turns shocked!

    Dadi gives heart attack wale reactions

    Soumya gets flashes of her marriage with Rudra and gets teary!

    Tej looks at Om and says, Agar mera ek beta nikamma nikla toh kya hua,  mera chota beta aapki beti se shadi karega!

    Tej asks Mr. Chaddha if he doesn't have a problem with this marriage and deal now and Mr. Chaddha says, now we don't have a problem  but I hope,  ur younger  son also does not refuse for this marriage just like ur elder son!

    Tej:  Agar ek sikka khota nikla  tph kyahu...Rudra Singh Oberoi will never disappoint  and Rudra looks a little sad and heartbroken!

    Tej tells Mr.Chaddha that this marriage will be the biggest marriage of India and Mr. Chaddha says, we want to have a Roka Ceremony tomorrow and Tej agrees, Chaddhas leave!

    Tej stares Om with a smirk on his face while Rudra looks at Shivay, all sad and then  looks at Soumya and makes a guilty face and Soumya looks like about to break into tears!

    Shivay asks Rudra if he has lost his mind and what did he say, does he even know the meaning of it?
    Rudra says,  I know, I have to marry Chaddha's daughter, so what is the big deal?

    Om: Whats the big deal?   Shadi ko tune mazak samajh rakha hai Rudra?   U will take such a big decision of life without thinking?

    Rudra asks them why are they all over reacting as Crores of ppl in India do an arrange marriage only and Shivay says,  Yes!  But none of them are as stupid as u...ur studies are not yet completed and u want to marry?

    Rudra asks, where is it written that  u can't complete ur studies post marriage and Shivay asks him not to be stupid as this is not just a wedding and he knows that!

    This is a business deal and he is not yet so grown up to understand the complications involved in a business deal... he is still a bachcha !

    Shivay says, u r not prepared for this marriage, okay?

    Soumya looks miffed at Rudra's decision and looks away with tears in her eyes!

    Om says, Shivay is right, its not yet too late and we can refuse the Chaddhas!

    Shivay says Yes and Om asks Rudra not to spoil his life for a business deal!

    Rudra tells Om that main chota zaroor hoon par main bachcha nahi hoon and Labzon ka sad instrumental plays!

    Rudra says, I know what I am doing and  I know u both love me a lot, that's why u always  treated me like a kid...but Bhaiya please, this kid is grown up now and u people have done so much for the family, O was not ready for the marriage...aur main O ko jhukte hue nahi dekh sakta, na ho Papa ko tootte hue dekh sakta hoon!

    Meri ek haan ne Papa ki zidd aur O ki zindagi dono bacha li...and someday I have to marry Bhaiya, so why not now wen Papa wants it?

    Jhanvi smiles while Anika also gives an understanding nod and Jhanvi walks upto Rudra and lovingly says, I didn't know my Rudra has matured so much!  I really appreciate ur intentions Beta but marriage is a very big decision!  I agree that marriage is something, everyone has to do, but wenever u do, the reason should be right behind it!

    Tej says,  this is ur problem!
    U always instigate my sons against me...today wen Rudra has  taken the right and an important decision to keep my wish, u r filling doubts in his mind?

    Jhanvi gets angry and shouts at Tej that she is not doing anything like this!

    Tej accuses her again and Shivay asks them all to relax and instead of fighting amongst themselves, why don't they all together find a solution to this problem?

    Tej asks, what problem?   The marriage has been  fixed, Chaddhas are happy, I am happy!

    Shivay asks, what about Rudra? is he happy?

    Soumya crying looks at Rudra!

    Rudra also looks sad and Pinky walks upto Shivay and asks him why is he interfering in between their matter wen the father and son both don't have a problem?

    Anika says stammering, Maaf kijiyega Aunty Ji lekin...Shivay Rudra ke bade bhai hain, isliye agar kuch galat ho raha hoga toh mujhe lagta hai Shivay ko uss maamle mein bolna chahiye!

    Tej asks Anika to not speak in this matter as its a personal, family matter!

    Anika says sorry to Tej and says, she feels Rudra needs the right advice right now and she thinks, Shivay can give the right advice being his elder brother!

    Anika says, Shadi insaan ki zindagi ko bana bhi sakti hai aur usmein raite phaila bhi sakti hai!  Shivay looks at Anika with a puppy face and she says, mujhe lagta hai ke Rudra ko itna bada faisla josh mein aakar nahi lena chahiye!

    Tej was about to say something to Anika but Rudra stops Tej and says, its okay Bhabhi!  I know what I am doing and  Anika says, No Rudra!  U don't know!  Its easy to take decisions but to stand by those decisions all ur life  is very tough!

    Rudra says, some or the other day I have to face the problems Bhabhi, for how long  O and Shivay Bhaiya would keep shielding me?  Even I have some responsibilities!

    Anika starts to speak again that Rudra, before taking such a big decision, once again...but Pinky cuts her off in between asking her why is she again speaking in between?  Aukaat kya hai teri?

    She tells Anika, Tu zabardasti shadi karke iss ghar mein ghus aayi hai, ek baar tera talaq finals hone de, phir dekhna iss ghar mein  tu kaise rehti hai and Shivay asks Pinky to stop it and concentrate on the matter they were discussing!

    Pinky makes faces while Shivay asks Rudra, do u want to go ahead with this marriage?

    Rudra says Yes and Shivay asks, are u sure?   Rudra nods while Soumya looks hurt!

    Shivay says, now no more arguments on this!  Rudra is fine with it then I am okay!

    Anika goes to Shivay and asks him, how can he be okay like this?

    Shivay says, Anika, Rudra is okay with it!

    Anika says,  even u know this is not right, Rudra doesn't even know that girl!

    Shivay:  Haan toh?  Rudra ko koi problem nahi hai!  Problem honi  bhi kyon chahiye!  ladki achchi khasi padhi likhi hai, khoon khandaan haisiyat sab kuch hai uske paas, woh aur Rudra ek perfect match hain, perfect Match okay!

    Pinky notices the chance and hogs on the opportunity to insult Anika again and says, wahi toh!  Shadi ke liye sabse zaroori hota hai,  Khoon Khandaan Standards, jo uss ladki mein hai!

    Jise apne hi khoon khandaan ki khabar na ho woh iss baat ko kya samjhega?
    Rishte tab nibhte hain jab standards same ho, dekha hai kabhi zameen aasmaan ko ek hote hue?
    Shivay and Anika look at each other and Pinky says,  aise hi, raaste ke  keechad ko bhi Mahal mein nahi sajaya jaata...tu bilkul thik keh raha hai, arey jab JethJi Jethani Ji aur Rudra ko koi problems hi nahi hai, toh bahar walon ke pait mein kyon marode uth rahe hain?

    All look sad with Pinky's words and Rudra changes the topic saying, I don't think there is any point discussing all this, I have decided, I will marry Sonia and Soumya's tears roll down!

    Tej gets happy and says, I will finalize the wedding date meeting the Chaddhas!
    Rudra sadly says a Yes while Shivika keep looking towards each other!

    Soumya breaks down and runs away crying and Rudra and Anika both notice this and Anika  looks at Rudra and gets thinking!

    Precap: Soumya crying wears her Mangalsutra infront of the mirror just wen Anika enters her room and Soumya hides the MS in her hands...Anika asks her what is she hiding and Soumya says nothing but Anika insists to show and finds  a MS in Soumya's hand and watches her  confused!

    Anika talks to Shivay trying to explain him just wen she gets a MMS on her phone and she says, Rudra Shadi Shuda hai...watching the video on her phone.
    She asks Shivay to see himself and Shivay watches the wedding video and gets shocked!

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