• Ishqbaaz 1st February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 1st February 2017 Written update

    Title: Shivay Brings Anika Back!

    Sneak Peek: Shivay tells Anika stammering that I have 1000 reasons to cry...Am I crying?   Anika stands crying and nods in a No!   Shivay asks her if she realizes how tough it is a situation for him?  He has to  from choose 2 most  important women in his life...ek taraf Maa aur dusri taraf...Biw...he stops making a Billu face

    Dadi tells Shivay in presence of Rumya and Om that Billu, in life there will be loads of tough situations...and however tough the journey might be... but wen ur life partner (humsafar) is with u, everything becomes easy...she gives Anika's hand in Shivay's and says, I know...u both will become the biggest Ishqbaaazes Shivika look into  each others' eyes

    Episode starts with Pinky screaming over the family and Om that u people have crossed all ur limits...I kept saying the same thing again n again to everyone but no one paid heed to it/...she  asks Om where has Shivay gone?
    Om says, Choti Maa I don't know but he really had to go somewhere and Pinky screams at him that he wanted to go and u let him go?  Did u forget ur Bhai is injuredes and should not move at all? 

    U pretend to care for ur brother so much...then where has ur care gone today?  Do u show ur care and concern like this for ur brother?  U let him go in this condition?

    Om again says he had an important work and Pinky asks, tell me what important work?  What was it that only Shivay could do and  where has he gone?

    She tells Om that I feel, he has not gone on his own but  u have sent him somewhere as u people want to remove my son from ur way and Dadi screams at Pinky asking what nonsense is she talking?

    Dadi asks her to use her mind as much as she uses her tongue and Pinky cries infront of Dadi asking how can she stay quiet seeing what all happens with her son in this house?

    All these people are after her son and are jealous  of his success and Tej tells Shakti that ur wife's drama is never ending, am getting late for my work and he starts to leave but Pinky gets furious and says, all this is done by JethJi I feel...coz he himself can't do much so  he used his son  and sent him after my son and Tej says,   Afsos!   Tumhari zubaan jitni lambi hai, tumhari soch utni hi choti hai

    Tej asks Pinky to shut up and she says, I am not gonna shut ups today JethJi as my son thinks of every single person in this house, but wen he falls into trouble,  u all make plans of how to remove him from ur way?
    Tej gets annoyed  and asks her to  keep quiet as she thinks and speaks kuch bhi and she has lost her mind!

    Pinky screams, Haan haan dimag toh kharab hoga hi jab mere bete ki  zindagi mein sab dakhal denge!

    She goes to Om screaming at top of her voice that I had clearly asked them to not interfere in my son's life but these people just don't listen!

    Jhanvi asks Om,  where is Shivay if he knows and how many times she asked him not to interfere in Shivay's life?

    Om says, Shivay has gone where his happiness lies and in this house we all know, Shivay's Happiness is Anika!

    Pinky screams...Anika Anika Anika!Sleepy   Main baar baar uss ladki ko apne bete se alag karti hu aur tum log uss ladki ko wapas le aate ho!  Mera Shivay bohot bhola hai, usse kuch samajh nahi aata lekin tum log jo kar rahe ho, mujhe sab samajh aata hai!

    Aane do mere Shivay  ko, main khud tum sab ki  asliyat usko bataungi, aane do usko and Shivay's voice is heard asking, Kya batana hai Mom?

     Pinky and all get relieved and Pinky runs to Shivay but stops midway seeing Anika entering inside the house and gets shocked and confused seeing her while rest of the family smiles and tej has his usual  expression on his face 

    Anika comes inside, a little tensed and stands near Shivay!  Rudra comes too and  Pinky asks Shivay,  why is Anika here Shivay?

    Shivay:  Anika yahin rehti hai...aur yahin rahegi! 

    Pinky looks at Anika angrily while rest of the people smile!
    Pinky again asks Shivay, why has he brought this girl here?  And Shivay says,  I just told u Mom, this house belongs to Anika too, and she will stay here itself...u all don't need to get so confused and tensed...okay?

    All stand quiet and Shivay tells Anika...Chalo Anika!

    Anika and Pinky look towards each other and Anika recalls her promise to Pinky and keeps standing at the same place while Shivay starts to go inside and  stops wen he finds Anika standing still!

    he turns back and goes to her, holds her hand and Anika looks at him surprised...he doesn't say anything and starts taking Anika along with him inside while Pinky starts crying and blocks his way with her hand and says, This girl cannot stay in this house!

    Shivay pulls Pinky's hand down slowly and says, Anika yahin rahegi...chalo Anika and he again  starts taking her inside but Pinky holds his hand and  does emotional drama, crying and asking...tu iss ladki ke liye apni Maa ki baat taal raha hai?  iss ladki ke liye?

    Woh Maa  jisne 9 mahine  tujhe apni kokh mein rakha, paala posa bada kiya? 

    Kuch dino ka rishta barson ki Mamta se bada ho gaya Shivay?

    She says, Mera Shivay...Mera Shivay and starts laughing loudly and says, Mera Shivay kehte kehte meri zubaan kabhi thakti nahi thi,...Shivay...aur mujhe pata hi nahi chala ke mera Shivay kab paraya  ho gaya!

    She breaks down and  Shivay holds her...he consoles and comforts her  and she looks into his eyes holding him and says,...itna, ke ab mera raha hi nahi...haan?

    Shivay says, don't talk like this please, this is not the truth and Pinky says, main aur kuch bolne ke  laayak nahi rahi Shivay...tu mera guroor tha...aur tune  khud mera guroor tod diya...khud!

    She jerks Shivay's hand and Shivay says,  ye sach nahi hai Mom...aap jaanti hai main aapse pyaar karta hoon...bohot pyaar karta hoon...I love you

    Shivay tells Pinky that whatever I am today,  is all bcoz of u Maa!  He holds her  and says, aap hain toh main hoon and she keeps jerking his hand and crying says, Mat bol,...achcha nahi  lagta...aisa kuch bhi nahi hai...!Sleepy
    She says, in last few days u made me realize that what is my position in this house!

    Shivay says, Problem actually yahi hai... pichle dinon mein itna kuch hua hai ke hum sab physically, emotionally and mentally drain ho  chuke hain, exhaust ho chuke hain    

    Shivay:  Mom I know u r reacting like this coz u are stressed out and all that stress is coming out, otherwise even u know Mom...whatever happened with me has no fault of Anika and all look emotional!

    Shivay says, Mom!  All of us...all of us, we need to rest...especially you...I know, from the time I have been hit, u must not have slept even for a second! 

    He holds her face and asks her, nahi soyi na and Pinky starts crying badly holding Shivay and hugs him...he comforts her and says, Main sab thik kar doonga Maa and holds Anika's hand with his other hand 

    He looks at Anika and Pinky notices Shivay holding Anika's hand and he says, Chalo Anika!   Sab thik kar doonga main and leaves with Anika while Pinky again looks all hurt and angrily towards  Anika!

    Tej comes to Pinky and says, u were feeling like me and my sons are pushing Shivay towards Anika...but the truth is that Shivay cannot live without Anika!

    I know u r very possessive about Shivay, but Pinky try and Understand that Shivay is a grown up man now, he is married for God's sake and his  priorities have changed!

    Ab poori zindagi toh woh apni Maa ke pallu se bandhkar nahi reh sakta na and Pinky stares Tej in anger while Tej smiles and says, seriously, I am feeling very bad for u...but this is life!

    He moves around Pinky and says while Tej's music plays...sach kahoon toh mujhe tum par taras aa raha hai, kyonki tumhari zindagi mein Shivay ke alawa kuch bhi nahi hai...Nothing...Zero!

    And Shivay is now someone else's ...kya karein...Sad!  I feel sa for u and Tej leaves mocking Pinky while  Pinky fumes in anger and Om watches at all this, disgusted!

    Shivay in his room struggles hard to take off his Kurta!
    Anika comes and helps him and he screams in pain and asks her, what is she doing?

    She says, I am helping u!

    Shivay all annoyed says, Madad?  Anika maine madad maangi?  Nahi na?  I can manage this and Anika gets emotional and says Sorry crying ...she says, meri hi galati hai...bahuein to  woh hoti hai na jo toote ghar ko jod de?
    Lekin yahan toh meri wajah se rishte bhi toot rahe hain aur ye ghar bhi toot raha hai!

    Shivay asks her, will u just stop it?   Tum aurton ko har baat ka issue kyon banana hota hai and Anika starts sobbing and Shivay gets calm and asks her, Kya hua  Anika?

    He tries to move and his hand pains...Anika runs to hold him and asks, Shivay, bohot dard ho raha hai?

    Shivay looks away saying its okay and Anika crying says, Sorry again and Shivay again gets annoyed and asks her to stop saying sorry again and again and I am okay!

    Anika moves back and keeps crying and Shivay asks,  Ro kyon rahi ho Anika?

    Anika crying replies cutely:  Main kahan ro rahi hoon?

    Shivay: Khushi ke aansu hain ye?

    Anika:  Maine kaha na, main nahi ro rahi!

    Shivay: Oh problem meri aankhon mein hai, mujhe dikh nahi raha, ye aansu  hai na...ye bade bade aansu hain jo dikh rahe  hain and Anika without looking at him says, aapki kanji aankhein kharab ho gayi hongi

    Shivay asks her to stop crying!  Tum jaanti ho na jab tum roti ho toh mujhse nahi dekha jaata and he moves his hand in front of Anika and asks her to jusssttt...just...stop...crying yar!

    Problem kya hai tumhari Anika?  Mere paas rone ke liye na hazaar reasons hain...ro raha hoon main, main ro raha hoon?  Anika nods in a No and he says, nahi naa?

    Tum soch sakti ho mere liye kitni tough situation hai ye?    Meri  life ki 2 sabse important aurton mein se ek ko chunna  hai...aasaan hai ye?  Aasaan?  Tumhe aasaan lagta hai ye?

    Ek taraf meri Maa hai aur dusri taraf meri Biw,...he stops making a Billu face and nods and Anika asks...dusri taraf?

    Shivay tells Anika stammering,  tumse bataya na, tum meri responsibility ho!
    Anika keeps looking at him and asks, Kaha tha aapne!  Zimmedaari na?

    He fumbles and says, Haan!  Meri...zimmedaari ho Anika!   

    Anika asks, Ye batane ke liye aapne goli khali and  he makes a puppy face and keeps looking at her and says, haan!  Kyonki Shivay Singh Oberoi apni zimmedaari se kabhi peeche nahi hat-ta!

    Rudra, Om , Soumya and Dadi come and Rudra says, Soup time!  How are u Bhaiya?  Not having anymore pain?

    Shivay and Anika get awkward and  Shivay asys, I am okay!

    Dadi asks Anika if she is fine and Anika wipes her tears and asks, Dadi...main?

     Rudra asys, Dadi, Shivay Bhaiya was hit by a bullet and Dadi says, I know...chot chahe Billu ko lagi hai par dard Anika ko bhi ho raha hai and Shivika look towards each other !

    Dadi comes and lovingly says,  Pati Patni ka rishta hi aisa hai...ek ka dard dusre ki aankhon se behta hai and RumYa exchange awkward glances

    Dadi says, log sochte hain ke Ishq shaadi se pehle hota hai, Shadi hui  aur ishq khatam and Shiay keeps looking at Anika while she looks down!

    Dadi:  Arey Ishq toh shadi ke baad shuru hotahai,  Ishqbaazi!  Shadi se pehle toh banda adhoora hota hai and Rumya again look towards each other 

    Rudra says,, Aur shadi ke baad, finish!

    Dadi asks  Rudra to keep quiet and asks O what does he think about Ishqbaazi?

    Om smiles and says, Kisi se Dil lagane Ko ho Dil raazi Zaroori...Umra Bhar  Saath rehne ko Ishqbaazi Zaroori!
    Shivika look towards each other and Dadi says, Umra bharka saath matlab, kisi se milna, pyaar karna!  Dosti karni, Shadi karni bohot aasaan hai, mushqil hota hai us shadi ko nibhana and Sad O Jaana instrumental plays and RumYa and Shivika keep looking  at each other sadly!

    Dadi says, Rishte ki umra...bande jitni hoti hai, bande ke saath hi rishte khatm ho jaate hain, par shadi ke baad ki Ishqbaazi  Woh Rishta hai ke saansein toot jaati hain, par rishta nahi tootta and Shivika again look towards each other, enlightened with Ishqbaazi knowledge!
    Om slightly smiles and Dadi says, Shadi iss rishte ki manzil nahi, ye toh iss safar  ki sirf shuruat hai...shadi se pehle Ishq mein aadmi girta hai...He falls in love...par shadi ke baad, Ishq, gire hue aadmi ko bhi utha  deta hai 

    Rudra keeps looking towards Soumya, with guilt!

    Dadi smiles and asks Billu if he agrees and Om smiles and asks Shivay, where are u lost?

    Shivay responds slightly and Dadi says, looks like Billu  is getting affected by my talks!

    Shivay says,  Ye ishq Ishqbaazi sirf baatein hoti hain, I don't believe in it and he looks away and tries to leave but Dadi stops him and says,  Billu!  Ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna...jahan baatein hoti hai  na Puttar!  Wahan Ishqbaazi nahi hoti, aur jahan  Ishqbaazi hoti hai, wahan baaton ki zaroorat nahi padti!

    Ek baat yaad rakhna...Zindagi ke safar mein badi mushqilein aayengi...par safar kitna bhi mushqil ho, agar Humsafar saath ho,  toh aasaan ho jata hai and She gives Shivay and Anika's hand into each others' and  says, isliye ek dusre ka saath aur ek dusre ka haath  kabhi mat chodna and Shivika keep looking into each others' eyes while  RumYa get awkward and  Rudra comes towards Om!

    Om asks Rudra, what happened and Rudra says,  Dadi bohot senti baatein kar rahi hain,  handle nahi ho raha mujhse and Dadi tells him, u will also start liking these senti talk, wen u will fall in Ishq

    rumYa's sad tune plays and Dadi says,  the biggest exam after marriage is, who to choose...Love or Family!  Mother or Wife and  Shivika again look towards each other and O Jaana sad tune plays!

    Dadi says, Bete ko nahi bhulna chahiye ke woh Pati bhi hai aur Pati ko nahi bhulna chahiye ke woh Beta bhi hai and Shivay gets thinking at this!

    Dadi asks Shivay to remember, Ishqbaazi ek se hoti hai par rishta poore ghar se judta hai...Shivika stand facing each other and Dadi says, Mujhe pata hai tum dono sab sambhal loge aur sabse bade Ishqbaaz banoge

    Rudra says, Dadi, lets talk something else and Dadi asks him if he is scared of Ishqbaazi?

    Rudra looks towards Om and smiles naughtily and says, why should i be scared, Ishqbaazi will keep going ...Billu aur Billi  ki toh chalti rahegi and Shivay does a Hain??

    Anika looks away and Rudra says, Woh maine Hindi ki class mein padha tha...Mama Mami, Chacha Chachi...Billu Billi 

    He asks Shivay to leave all this and after so long this  moment has come, I won't let it go away like this and Om looks at him confused and Rudra says,   Obros Moment O!

    All smile and Dadi says, yes really,  it has been a long long time and while moving towards Shivika, Rudra tells Soumya, Sorry Soumya, u cannot be a part of this moment and  Om asks, why?

    Rudra says, Ye Oberoi nahi hai na and then he realizes what he said and feels guilty and RumYa recall their marriage rituals!

    Om goes to Soumya and tells Rudra, I have called her my sister so she is also an Almost Oberoi!    Om calls Soumya along and all do a Dil Bole Oberoi Moment!

    Precap: Rudra tells Chaddhas that my dad has promised u right that his son will marry ur daughter...so yes, his son wil only marry ur daughter and Soumya looks confused at this while Tej furiously stares Om!
    Rudra declares that I, Rudra Singh Oberoi, am ready to marry ur daughter Sonia and  whole family gets shocked while Soumya gets flashes of her marriage with Rudra and she breaks into tears !

    Whole family stands with their mouths wide open!

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