• Ishqbaaz 16th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 16th February 2017 Written update 

    Title: Anika's Decision Stuns Shivay!

    Sneak Peek: Anika asks Shivay to marry Tia!  Shivay gets shocked and Tia smirks!  Anika says, Tia aapke bachche ki Maa banne wali hai!  Tia is the perfect life partner for u, I don't know from where I came in between!  Shivay stands all hurt !

    Pinky stands with a crying face !

    Episode starts with Shivay asking Mrs. Kapoor in anger infront of the whole family, now what is this?
    Mrs. Kapoor says, this is an application that says that ur wife Anika's mental condition, I mean she is unwell mentally!  So that is why you cannot wait for Divorce longer and on this basis, ur Divorce proceedings would fasten so just sign it!

    Shivay says, Ye galat hai!  Anika ki sirf Yaaddasht gayi hai,  jo kabhi bhi wapas aa sakti hai!

    Mrs. Kapoor asks him if he really feels so?  If Anika's memory had to come back,  it would have been back by now and now she has even started sleep walking so its weird!

    Tej is shown standing behind too

    Pinky speaks up...Mrs. Kapoor is absolutely Corrects...arey uss pagal ka kya bharosa...kal ko neend mein chal kar usko chaaku maar kar uski OMM kar de!

    Shivay says, Anika Pagal nahi hai!

    Pinky says, u would say this even if she murders 2-3 people...woh pagal nahi hai Mom!

    Mrs. Kapoor says, I have spoken to my lawyer and he said that if u sign these papers, Divorce would happen soon!   Shivay looks in shock and anger towards Mrs. Kapoor just wen Anika walks in and Mrs. Kapoor takes the opportunity seeing Anika and says, I anyway want that u and Anika get Divorced before Tia's delivery!

    Shivay looks furious while Anika shocked and Tia smirks!

    Mrs. Kapoor says, and u should marry Tia!   U would not get a better opportunity than this to get rid of Anika, Shivay!

    Anika keeps looking confused and shocked while Shivay fumes in anger!

    Pinky says,  Shivay wat are u thinking, just sign and get rid of this Pagal Anika

    Shivay says ...mom main bol chuka hoon Anika pagal nahi hai, uski yaaddasht gayi hai aur woh kabhi bhi wapas aa sakti hai!

    Pinky asks, aur nahi aayi toh kya woh tab tak iss ghar mein padi rahegi?

    Pinky says mera Grandchilds aane wala hai, iss ladki ka kya bharosa mere grandchilds ko hi gira de!
    Shivay just closes his eyes and screams, Bass bohot ho gaya!  You people are making such a big issue out of a small thing. 

    Tej says, Issue is not memory loss but Anika herself, we all know how many problems have come in our family coz of her so even if u marry Tia or not after Divorce, makes no difference, just get rid of Anika!

    Shivay staring Tej:   Bol dioya?  Ab meri suno!   Jab bhi aapki koi problem hoti hai, toh aap nahi chahte ke beech mein koi aur bole, waise hi behtar hoga ke aaj, iss maamle mein bhi aap na bole...he says pointing a finger towards Tej!

    Shivay says, aur rahi baat Anika ki,  toh woh meri responsibility hai and I wil handle it!

    He turns back to see a confused Anika, and he makes a puppy face and looks sad and says, mujhe kya karna hai aur kya nahi karna hai ye koi bahar wala mujhe na bataye, he says looking towards Mrs. Kapoor!

    Mrs. Kapoor fumes in anger and smiles mocking him and says, Shivay, I think  u are forgetting our last conversation?

    Shivay just realizes and recalls her words of revealing the truth about Om to the world and Mrs. Kapoor says, now I don't think u would have a problem signing these papers and Anika gets confused and thinking while Shivay looks away all sad!

    Shakti says, now even I think this matter is stretching beyond and even I want that you sign the papers and end this tension once and for all!
    Shivay stands looking down not speaking a word and Dadi crying asks,Billu...what are u doing?    7 Janam ke bandhan ka faisla ye kaagaz ke tukde karenge?

    Puttar u both took some vows  during marriage out of which one was that u both, in every condition, in happiness as well as in bad times, will always be together with each other and will maintain this relation and this togetherness for life!

    Shivay looks away and Dadi asks, today bcoz of a small medical condition of Anika, u would leave her ?

    Pinky speaks up saying, Mummy Ji please!  These both  have already been Divorced right?   Anika gets shocked hearing this and Pinky says, Shivay has already signed the Divorce papers and Shivay looks towards Anika while Anika gets shocked and gets thinking, Mrs. Kapoor smirks!

    Dadi cries and Anika leaves!

    Shivay leaves throwing the papers on the floor and staring Mrs. Kapoor in anger while she smiles wickedly!

    Shivay goes to Anika who sits by the poolside and holds her hand tight...O Jaana instrumental plays and Anika crying asks, u want to Divorce me?  Even the papers have been signed?

    Shivay's monologue:  Kaash main tumhe bata sakta ke maine papers sign nahi kiye the!  

    Shivay says, its not like that Anika...that time the situations were something like that...I had to!

    Anika asks, Hamare beech kya hai?  Kyon hum saath mein hain?  Kyon hum ek dusre se bandhe hue hain?

    One hand you are divorcing me means u don't want to stay with me and on the other hand you don't want me to leave this house and go away?

    Wen my memory was gone, the first thing u reminded me of was, I am ur Wife...Main aapki Patni Hoon!

    Shivay looks towards her all guilty and she asks, jab rishta todna tha toh kyon yaad dilaya?  Bhool jaane diya hota!

    She says, U can remind me forgotten memories, but if u give me new ones,  how will I forget them?

    Shivay looks down and she says, Rishta todne ke liye rishta yaad dila rahe hain?

    Shivay looks up immediately and says, Nahi...!!!  Aiiissaaa nahi hai Anika!

    She asks, toh phir kyon mujhe uljhan mein daal rahe hain?  I can't give u a child and Tia is pregnant with ur child...Shivay looks away and she says crying, aapko mere saath nahi Tia ke saath rehna chahiye!

    Anika cries and says, Main aap dono ke beech mein aa gayi!  Shivay looks all sad and keeps looking at  Anika and she says, now Tia's mom wants that u divorce me, then its fine, Divorce me!  Let me go!
    Shivay says, Nahi jaane de sakta!  She asks why and he speaks up.;...Main tumse...!!

    He stops midway and looks at her all helpless and she cries...he looks away saying, its all very much complicated!  I can't give u an explanation for all this, I can't make u understand...but all I can say is that you are very important for me Anika!

    She looks at him with a tear-filled face and  he holds her hand and says,  Zindagi mein kuch bhi ho jaaye!  I'll make sure, tumhe koi takleef nahi ho...mujhe bharosa rakhna...main jo bhi karunga na, usme tumhara hi bhala hoga and he leans towards her in assurance while saying all this!

    She smiles and nods and he wipes her tears and cupping her face says, Maine tumse kaha hai na, tumhare aansu...mujhe tumhari aankhon mein aansu ...nahi...nahi dekh sakta main ...just...and he wipes her tears lovingly!

    Anika asks, but our Divorce?

    Shivay says all sad, sab thik ho jayega! Bharosa hai na tumhe mujh par and  O Jaana plays and she extends her finger saying, Pinky Promise 

    He does a Pinky Promise and male Tu Hai mere jeene ki wajah plays and Anika smiles and both do a Pinky Promise! 

    Mrs. Kapoor with Romi and TiLana on other side have a call and Mrs. Kapoor says, so finally all our caught in the trap we laid!

    Svet says, Tej Jhanvi Omkara and now even Shivay!

    Romi asks, what about Anika?
    Svet smiles saying, her being there or not is equivalent, she is playing the game from our end now!

    Mrs. Kapoor says, that means, those who are left are Shakti, Pinky, Priyanka Rudra and Dadi!

    Svet says, Shakti Pinky and Priyanka...they are those batsmen who get out at zero, and Dadi, she is already retired!  Now only Rudra is left...Romi says, woh toh ek no. ka duffer hai!

    Svet says, so basically,  no one is left in the whole Oberoi Family to fight against us and Mrs. Kapoor smiles saying, yeah no one is left!

    All 4 smile and TiLana join hands and smirk!

    Shivay starts to pack bags and Anika asks, Do u think we are doing the right thing?
    Shivay says, right now we do not have any other option!

    Anika asks, what about the family members?

    Shivay says, whatever I am doing is after a lot of thought, lets not argue on this!

    He looks at her and says, Mujh par bharosa rakho!

    He takes the bag and asks,Bharosa hai tumhe and she nods, but looks unconvinced!

    Shivay takes the bag and asks her to come!

    She asks, but how can we leave the family like this and go away and Shivay says, we are not going for forever!   Just few days Anika...hmm?

    Anika asks, but how many days?

    Shivay says, I will let them know, lets go, he says picking the bags!

    Anika argues, Shivay lekin...Shivay just looks at her holding bags in one hand and holds her hand tightly in the other and starts to take her out along with him !  Both leave from the room !

    Anika asks downstairs in the dark, hum aise chori chori kyon ja rahe hain?

    Shivay says, bcoz I don't want anyone to come to know about this, come!

    Anika stops and asks, is it necessary to go?

    Shivay says, please don't start arguing again Anika!
    Its very important  for ur memory to come back and for that a better atmosphere is needed which is not there in this house!  He starts taking her along and lights go on, whole family is stands in the hall watching them and Shivay gets shocked!

    TiLana smirk and Pinky asks, toh tu sach mein ghar chodkar ja raha hai?
    Shivay gets shocked and Pinky asks, without asking us, without informing us?

    Shivika exchange glances and Shivay asks, tumne bataya?

    Anika nods and looks down and Shivay gets angry and leaves Anika's hand!

    She says, Mujhe maaf kar dijiye, mujhe aap par poora bharosa hai lekin main ek bete ko uski Maa se aur ek bachche ko uske Baap se door nahi kar sakti!

    Shivay looks away in anger and she says, I understand that I don't remember anything but I know one thing, you are that foundation on which this house stands...Pinky looks towards Shivay, crying!

    Svetlana keeps grinning

    Anika says, Shivay, mujhe lagta hai ke aapko Tia se Shadi kar leni chahiye and Shivay gets shocked hearing this and stares Anika and Anika says, Tia aapke bachche ki Maa banne wali hai, aapki Maa bhi wahi chahti hai, Tia is the perfect life partner for u and Shivay looks towards Anika all hurt !

    Tia looks confused at whatever Anika says!

    Anika says, Main na jaane kahan se beech mein aa gayi...already you and Tia had to suffer a lot bcoz of me but no more!

    Shivay looks away and Anika says,  isse behtar yahi hoga ke iss ghar ko chodkar hum nahi, sirf main jau and Shivay looks towards her again in shock and  hurt and gulps down

    He says, Mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha hai ke ye sab tumne kiya and Pinky screams back saying, Yakeen toh mujhe bhi nahi ho raha!

    Shivika look towards Pinky and she comes close to Shivay, holds his hand and crying looks towards him and asks, Mera Shivay toh aisa nahi tha na!

    Mera Shivay toh hamesha  apni family ki fikr karta tha...dhaal banke khada rehta tha sabke liye...aaj wahi Shivay ek do kaudi ki ladki ke liye raat ke andhere mein chupkar ghar se bahar  ja raha tha?  Apne ghar Parivaar ko chodkar?

    Shivay says, Aisa nahi hai Mom...Main ye sab kar raha hoon kyonki Anika...aap nahi samjhengi Anika  pe kya beet rahi hai and Pinky  screams back holding her head and asking, aur teri Maa pe kya beet rahi hai ye tujhe andaaza nahi hai?
    Pinky keeps shouting, Anika pe kya beet rahi hai  Anika pe kya beet rahi hai...yahi sunti jaa rahi hoon main and she cries!

    Anika says, Aunty Ji, there is no mistake of him in all this, its all my mistake!

    Pinky looks towards Anika crying but angry!

    Anika says, whatever he was doing was for me so please do not misunderstand him!

    Pinky asks, aur kuch?  Aur kuch bolna baaki hai toh woh bhi bol de!   Kyonki chup rehna toh  tune seekha hi nahi hai!  She asks Anika what do u want to prove?   What do u want to show?   That u understand my son better than me?

    Apni Kokh mein paala hai maine use, iski ragon mein mera khoon daudta hai samjhi?  She cries and says, jo aaj shayad teri wajah se safed hota ja raha hai!

    Shivay keeps standing with tears in his eyes but doesn't loook towards anyone and Svetlana again smirks 

    Anika says, this is the reason I want to go away from here...all are troubled bcoz of me...all are sad...if I stay in this house, no one would be able to stay happy, you and Tia won't ever be able to reunite and Shivay looks at her stunned hearing this!

    Tia smiles and Anika says, I don't want that bcoz of me, there be tears in Aunty Ji's eyes...Tia craves for u or u be caught  in an unwanted relationship!

    Anyway we are getting Divorced right? So I have no rights to stay in this house!

    Shivay looks down not saying anything and Pinky asks, why are u standing quiet?  She wants to go right, so let her go!

    Shivay looks at Anika in anger and holds her and says, Chalo!  He drags her along and pins her to the tree and screams...Pagal ho gayi ho?  Meri family ko  bata diya ke hum bahar ja rahe the!  Poora plan barbaad kar diya!

    Baat agar itni si hoti na toh main bardaasht kar leta...lekin tumne mujhse kaha ke main Tia se shadi kar loon?

    Anika asks, toh kya  galat kaha maine?  Rishta do logon ke beech mein hota hai!  Teesre ki iss mein koi jagah nahi hoti...teesre ko jana hi padta hai!
    Mujhe nahi yaad ke  hamara rishta kaise shuru hua tha par mujhe hamesha yaad rahega,  ke hamara rishta kaise khatm  ho raha hai and Shivay looks at her shocked and hurt!

    Anika says, aap talaq de chuke hain mujhe, aapki mummy mujhe pasand nahi karti, Tia aapke bachche  ki Maa banne wali hai toh main kya karu?

    Shivay screams saying Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up!   Kuch samajh nahi aata hai, kuch nahi aata hai!

    Hamare beech kya tha woh tumhe yaad nahi hai, bhool gayi ho tum,  ye main jaanta hoon!

    He keeps his finger on her head and says, Ismein jo likha hota hai woh mit jaata hai,  lekin yahan jo hota hai na, kabhi nahi mitta...he says keeping a hand on his chest...heart!

    He says, Anika tumne aur maine  ek dusre ke liye kya nahi kiya? Ek  dusre ko bachane ke liye khoon bahaya hai, dard saha hai, ...uss saath ka, uss dard ka...un sabki yaadein na phir bhi mit sakti hai, lekin Ehsaas nahi mit sakta !

    Mujhe sirf itna jaanna hai ke tumhe woh Ehsaas yaad hai ke nahi?  

    Anika says with a straight face, jab yaadein hi nahi rahi, toh Ehsaas kaise honge and Shivay gets speechless and hurt hearing this!

    Anika says, u keep urself in my place and  think, I feel like  u are just getting caught bcoz of me, I am just a burden on you and I don't want to be  a burden on anyone, especially on you, not at all!

    She says, I don't know what is there between u and me,  I don't know what is our relation...Ehsaas agar rishta jodta hai, toh naam uss rishte ko pehchaan deta hai aur mujhe nahi pata ke main iss rishte ko kya naam doon!

    Shadi hai, to talaq hone wala hai, agar pyaar hai toh aapne mujhe kabhi kuch kaha hi nahi...aap bas hamesha ek hi cheez bolte hain, ke main aapke liye important hoon important hoon...par main kyon hoon?  Kya hoon main aapki zindagi mein?

    Shivay bataiye na  ke main aapki zindagi mein kya hoon?  Mujhe kuch  bhi yaad  nahi hai, kyon hoon main aapki zindagi mein and Shivay moves away saying, Tum meri Zindagi mein ho kyonki Main Tumse...he stops!  

    Anika stands looking at him and he looks in other direction, both hurt and sad!  

    Precap: Shivay announces to the family that he has decided, he would marry Tia! Mrs. Kapoor and Tia get happy and smiling and Anika is shown going out ...Shivay stops her saying, Anika!  Meri Shadi  tumhari wajah se ho rahi hai toh shadi mein tumhara shaamil hona bohot zaruri  hai, meri Shadi ke saare  arrangements tum karogi and Anika watches him stunned!

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