• Ishqbaaz 14th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 14th February 2016 Written update

    Title: Will Anika's Plan Work?

    Sneak Peek: Anika sneaks into Tia's room and Tia's clutch falls!   From there some pictures  fall that have Robin, Tia, Mrs. Kapoor and one more guy in them and in other pics, Tia is feeding something to the other guy in the pic so she assumes  the other guy as Dushyant and not Robin (this is what I understood from sneak peek, might be different in episode)
    Anika goes to a  room/house and  tries to hear the noises and says, Aawaz aa rahi hai upar se iska matlab andar koi hai!

    Episode starts with Shivay questioning Tia, what is she hiding  from him and Tia gets nervous but pretends to smile and says, nothing Shivay!  When there is nothing to hide, why would I do that?
    Shivay suspiciously asks, so wen Anika was making the call, why were u so nervous?

    Tia sayss that's bcoz I didn't know what is going on in her mind and who is she going to call!  I just wanted my phone back!

    Shivay gets thinking, just wen Anika comes there and apologizes to  Tia for taking her phone without permission!
    Tia pretends to be upset and Anika says, I just wanted to make u happy bcoz that day u were talking about Dushyant...Tia cuts her off in between faking a smile and saying,  that's fine, its okay!

    Shivay asks Anika and Tia, who is this Dushyant?

    Tia gets a little tensed and says, he is just a friend Shivay!

    Shivay says, Tia I know all ur friends...I have never heard this name?

    Tia starts fumbling and says, bcoz he is a very old friend...from college times...we were not in touch!  The other day I was just talking about him randomly and she misunderstood me!

    U know Shivay her mental condition is not stable

    Shivay gets annoyed but doesn't say anything!

    Pinky in straightened hair  comes doing OMM Tia what has happened to u/  U fainted?   I told u right to take care of urself in this condition?
    U must have been careless...are u alright?   U didn't get hurt right?  And  is the babies fine?

    Tia smiles and  tells her Pinky Mom she is fine!

    Pinky says she went to do some Pooja for the whole family and Jethani Ji to TirupatiErmm
    And wen she came back she heard about Tia fainting!  She asks Tia to care care of herself!

    She then looks towards Anika and shouts...tu yahan kya kar rahi hai?  Har jagah ghuss aate hain kya?  She asks for the coffee Anika brought of Tia to hand over to her and asks Anika to go away and let her Tia rest!

    Anika leaves looking towards Shivay once!

    Mrs. Kapoor shouts on a guy scolding him for receiving the call...she tells him that she has told him so many times not to take this call!

    The guy says, Madam Ji...wo Tia ma'am ka naam...Mrs. Kapoor asks him to shut up and says, just do what u are kept here for and leaves!

    A guy in another room is shown tied on a chair with ropes and he looks unconscious...face not visible...only back is!

    Anika asks Shivay...bachcha?  Matlab Tia pregnant hai?

    Shivay looks annoyed and turns away!

    Anika comes facing him and asks,  this is the reason she was so upset that day and was crying remembering Dushyant coz maybe lot of differences are created between Tia and Dushyant?

    Anika says, somewhere  I feel Tia still loves Dushyant a lot and I think Tia should be with Dushyant in this condition, afterall he is the father of the baby !
    She says, kyon itna dimag laga rahi ho jab tumhe kuch pata hi nahi hai?

    Anika says, I just know that Tia is missing him a lot and is pregnant with his child!

    Shivay keeps looking away and Anika says, Iss waqt Tia ko uske bachche ke baap ka sahara chahiye...saath chahiye...lekin woh bechari akeli hai aur Dushyant...wo na jaane kahan hai...usse na jaane iss bachche ke baare mein pata hai bhi ya nahi?  Aur bachche ka baap hone ke naate uski bhi toh bohot saari zimmedaariyan banti hain!  Aur Tia ka bechara  bachcha paida hone se pehle hi Baap se door ho gaya!

    Shivay gets annoyed hearing all this and says, stop it...u have lost ur memory, remember nothing, but Tia ki janam kundli khol ke baithi ho?   Aur tumhe kaise pata ke ye jo bachcha hai woh Dushyant ka hai?

    Anika says, bcoz I feel so...that day the way Tia was feeling and talking about Dushyant...it feels  like Dushyant hi uske bachche ka baap...Shivay cuts her off in between and says, okay enough...ye bachche ka baap...bachche ka baap  bolna band karo...justt...!!

    Anika asks, aap itna bhadak kyon rahe hain and Shivay sasy, kyonki main...he goes quiet looking into Anika's eyes and pointing towards himself and Anika looks at him shocked...he says, Kyonki Main keh raha hoon...okay...just stop it!

    Anika again asks,...Lekin Tia...Shivay gets agitated and turns back saying, abhi bhi lekin?  Samajh nahi aaya kya?   Chaaku lau kya and he does a pointing knife gesture and Anika gets shocked and steps back 
    She smiles wide and says, samajh aa gaya...sab kuch samajh aa gaya

    Shivay says okay and she runs away screaming, Samajh aa gaya!

    Shivay sasy, Ye pagal hai ladki...mujhe abhi pagal kar degi

    Anika comes down the  stairs talking to herself, the man who cannot even talk with love, how will he even understand someone's love?   She does a Hawww and says,. Mujhe Pati Parmeshvar ke baare mein aisa nahi bolna chahiye and she looks up  folding her hands and says, Bhagwan Ji...Ab aap hi bataiye ke main kya karu?
    Pati Parmeshvar ne  mujhe bol diya hai ke main beech mein na padu, lekin Tia ki aisi haalat mujhse nahi dekhi  jaati!
    Kanji Aankhon wala jo bhi kahe, lekin main Tia aur Dushyant ka milan kara kar hi rahoongi and she gets down...opens Tia's room's door and Tia is shown sleeping!

    Anika thinks that first I should take Dushyant's no. from Tia's phone and says, you don't worry Tia, soon Dushyant would be infront of u!

    Shivay goes to Rudra who is sitting near Jhanvi and Jhanvi's face is shown

    Shivay asks, how is Badi Maa and Rudra says, she is better than before!

    Shivay says, I have got this for u and its some gifts and greetings!

    Rudra says, I had got Nandini's call and Shivay asks, so wen are u going?

    Rudra says, Bhaiya how can I go?

    Shivay says, what do u mean?  She is ur childhood friend and getting married...that too mid air...on a Chartered Flight

    I don't think u should miss it, u should go for it!

    Rudra says, u r seeing the condition in this house Bhaiya, Mom is in this condition and O has gone to Barailey...and ...Shivay says...Soumya...hmm?    I know whatever is happening in this house has affected u the most, this is why I want u to go and attend this marriage Rudra!  So even for sometime, but u will feel lighter and refreshed and  Rudra says, he doesn't feel like going but Shivay insists saying  I am not gonna hear a word and u will attend this marriage!

    Rudra again says about Ghar ki haalat but Shivay says,  u r worried about this house?  I am there  no...I will handle everything Rudra...I will take care of Badi Maa, keep in touch with Om and Soumya...I will bring Soumya back okay!

    He hugs Rudra and asks him to just go,...Rudra looks sad and hugs back ! Shivay lovingly holds Rudra!

    Anika sneaks into Tia's room crawling and drops her clutch...some photographs fall out of the clutch while Anika was keeping it back and Anika gets shocked!

    She sees the pictures and it has 4 ppl...Robin, Tia, Mrs. Kapoor and some other guy!
    Anika assumes  one of the 2 guys as Dushyant !

    Shivay looks for Anika everywhere and says...ladki kahan gayi

    Anika is shown keeping the pictures back in Tia's clutch!

    Anika takes Tia's phone and finds out Dushyant's no. and smiles!

    Shivay asks a servant about Anika who informs him that Anika went towards Tia's room and Shivay says, Ye ladki nahi sudhregi,...kaha tha Tia se door rehna but...kya karoon and he goes to check into Tia's room, calling her name!

    She  is not found and he again leaves saying, Kahan gayi ye ladki!

    Anika comes out from behind Tia's bed where she was hiding and checks Tia's call list and gets shocked seeing that even Tia had made a call to Dushyant!  This means Tia really loves Dushyant a a lot but not accepting it!

    She tells herself that she has to inform Dushyant anyhow that Tia loves him a lot and  is missing him a lot!

    She leaves taking Dushyant's no. and thinks of  calling Dushyant and asking him to come and meet her somewhere as she would be able to talk to him better by meeting him!

    She starts making a call and its the same guy Mrs. Kapoor scolded, who hands over the call to her  and its shown that Anika has made the call with Tia's phone only

    Mrs. Kapoor without hearing Tia's voice says, have u gone mad?  why are u calling on this no. again and again?  I had told u to not call on this no. and then Mrs. Kapoor gets shocked by not hearing Tia's voice back and confirms...Tia?

    Anika speaks up...No...I am...

    Mrs.Kapoor asks, who is there on the call and Anika was about to answer but some man comes asking the address, Ma'am is this Gulmohar Road and Anika hears the voice!   Mrs. Kapoor  disconnects the call and asks the man to lock the house and gets a little tensed!

    Anika says, who was this weird woman, she started scolding me even before hearing my voice!
    She wonders why she was asking Tia to not call on Dushyant's no. and says, I think just like in this house no one wants Tia  to meet Dushyant, even the other side some people are against Tia and Dushyant's love...now I really have to do something and she she recalls the man asking the address,   65 GulMohar Road!

    She immediately goes inside Tia's room crawling back and keeps her phone at its place!

    She was about to leave but before that, she notes down the address on a notepad and tears off the paper and goes out!

    But Anika used the pen so hard on the notepad that the address comes writing on the 2nd page as well which is still on the notepad near Tia

    Shivay keeps looking for Anika everywhere inside the house while Anika goes out!

    She takes an auto for the same address and Shivay keeps asking about her from Dadi ...Dadi says, she must be here somewhere but Shivay says, even her phone is not reachable and she is not anywhere around!

    Prinku comes asking what happened and Shivay asks her about Anika...she also says no and even the servants say a No!

    Anika keeps travelling in the auto while Shivay scolds all the Security and servants of the house for being careless, and Anika went out of the house!

    He worries, where and how will he find her now as she has already lost her memory!

    Dadi suggests him to call Anika once again and Shivay does...the phone rings inside the house and Dadi and Shivay get shocked!

    A servant comes and hands over Anika's phone to Shivay that was found in kitchen and Shivay says, she didn't even take her phone along, how do I find her!

    Anika reaches the location and looks for Cottage No. 65...!

    Prinku comes and  hands over the address she found in Tia's room and says, this is Anika Bhabhi's handwriting!

    Shivay thinks,Anika must have gone here !

    Anika reaches the Cottage No. 65 and looks around and wonders, how do I find out of Dushyant lives here or not!

    She looks around the whole building and finds a window!  She tries to open but its locked from inside and she hears some noise from inside and thinks, there is  surely someone inside...she then looks at the lock outside the door and wonders, how, wen its locked from outside, there is noise inside!

    She keeps banging but it doesn't open...she wonders if Dushyant is inside and needs help, looks around and picks up a brick and just wen she was about to break the window glass...Shivay comes and holds her hand and jerks aside the brick!

    Anika:  Aap? Aap yahan kya kar rahe hain?
    Shivay:  Ye sawaal mujhe tumse karna chahiye, tumyahan  kya kar rahi ho?
    Anika:  Main...she rolls her eyes and says,  main yahan ghumte ghumte aa gayi thi

    She says, main ghar se nahi  bhaagi thi

    Shivay shows her the paper on which address is written and says, ghumte ghumte?   Ghar se nikalne se pehle bhi tumne ye soch liya hoga ke tumhe  yahan Gulmohar Road par aana hai, aur ghumte ghumte  kisi ke  ghar mein ghusna hai woh bhi choron ke tarah...right?

    Anika says slowly, there is someone inside...maybe Dushyant...Shivay shouts...Tumhara ye Dushyant ka obsession khatam nahi hua kya?  I had told u not to get into  all this...don't u understand?  Do u...or u don't?

    Anika again asks him to listen to  her as she heard some noises  from inside and Shivay says,  ofcourse, this is a house,people must be living inside...obviously u would hear noises!

    Anika says, but this house is locked and I am telling the truth, I did hear noises!

    Shivay asks, whose?

     Anika says, woh mujhe nahi pata ...kuch aise Sarrr karke aawaz aayi 

    Shivay says, tum na pagal ho Anika aur mujhe bhi pagal kar dogi!  He starts to leave but Anika stops him  saying, trust me there is someone inside and I heard noises, maybe Bechara Dushyant...Shivay shouts back saying ...Aur bechari Anika nahi banna hai toh   20 Seconds ke andar andar Gaadi mein baitho...Chalo mere saath!

    Anika refuses to come and he asks again...nahi aa rahi...?   Nahi aa rahi?

    She says No and he lifts her up and Shivay's angry dramatic tune plays

    He makes her sit inside  the car and drives her home!

    Pinky at house created drama saying, Natak na hua roz roz ka Natak Mandli ho gayi!   Roz naya drama,  dailys uska naya kaand shuru ho jaata hai!

    Shivay apna business chodkar uski pehredaari mein lag jaata hai!

    Dadi asks Pinky to not speak like this knowing Anika's current condition and Pinky says,  haalat thik nahi hai toh ghar mein rehna chahiye na...luchchiyon ke tarah  gali gali kyon ghumti rehto haiDead

    Aur Shivay, uske peeche ja khada hota hai...she makes a crying face saying, pata nahi kahan kahan bhatak raha hoga mera beta!

    Just wen Shivay enters inside with Anika,  both doing as usual argument  Anika says, trust me there was someone inside and Shivay says, it can even be an animal right?

    Tia looks at them confused,  Dadi and Prinku smile seeing them!

    Anika says, it was sure someone, what if we had checked once, it would have been better and Shivay says, u just heard one sound and u don't even know if it was an animal or a human...and u wanted to check, how amazing is that?

    Anika says, what's wrong about it and Shivay says, how can u enter any random house like that and Anika says, it was not random, it was 65 Gulmohar  Street

    Tia hears this and gets shocked...!

    Anika says, I had full address and wen I called Dushyant...Shivay  gets shocked and asks, u called Dushyant?  Why did u call him, tell me?

    Anika says, I just wanted to make Tia and her bachche ka baap meet

    Shivay holds his head saying, Bachche ka Baap...he fumbles and Pinky comes asking, what is she talking about?

    Anika says, yes Aunty!  Tia and Dushyant love each other a lot!  And Tia is pregnant with his child so Ijust wanted to unite them and all get shocked hearing this and Pinky stares Anika!

    Anika looks  towards Shivay!

    Precap: Anika is sleepwalking and is about to fall off the railing...she lifts her foot in the air just wen a vase falls down and breaks...lights go on and Shivay is seen holding Anika, he saved her from falling and Anika looks shocked at the incident!

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