• Ishqbaaz 13th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 13th February 2017 Written update

    Title: Shivay's Futile Efforts!

    Sneak Peek: Anika takes Tia's phone and Tia keeps asking back for it from Anika!  Shivay asks Anika what are u trying to do?  She smiles and says, I am calling Dushyant! Shivay asks, who is Dushyant and Tia  says, no one and again tries to snatch her phone from Anika!   Svetlana comes and whispers to Tia to relax and not behave as if Robin will take the call if Anika calls him and Tia gets nervous...Svetlana says, Tia let her call...Robin is anyway dead!    Anika calls and a male voice says hello and TiLana get shocked!

    Episode starts with Anika and whole family running to see why is Shivay screaming and all get shocked to see Shivay standing with a Bhains
    Anika looks at Shivay and O Jaana instrumental plays...Shakti smiles widely 

    All smile and Shivay stands in a pose near the buffalo!...Rudra does a face plam and says...Chote Papa...Shivay Bhaiya itni kaali  KOW Cow kahan se laaye

    Shakti who is suddenly getting dialogues says putting his arms around Rudra's shoulder...Beta Rudy!  Sabse pehle toh...KOW nahi hota hai...COW hota hai
    Aur ye gai nahi bhains hai...Buffalo!

    Dadi asks Billu...Ye Ho kya raha hai and Shivay says...Dadi this is for Anika and all get confused and Anika asks,...mere liye?  Aap mere liye Bhains lekar aaye hain?

    Shivay sasy...well...as u can see!

    Anika asks... Kyon?  maine kaha tha na main taaza taaza doodh aapke liye Tabele se le aaungi!  Aur maine ye bhi kaha tha, Gai ka doodh zyada achcha hota hai and Shivay gets shocked and says,  ye uske liye nahi hai...nahi ...nahi...!

    Anika says...par bhains ka doodh zyada achcha hota hai

    Shivay starts fumbling and says, Anika keep quiet and let me speak plz...   Alright...main sirf Bhains nahi laya hoon...main kuch aur bhi laaya hoon and Anika asks what?

    Shivay orders Khanna...Lao!

    Khanna asks, Sir what?

    Shivay extends his hand and says..Taj Mahal

    All look confused and Shivay says, Just get that Khanna!

    Khanna again asks,Sir but what?

    Shivay annoyed,...Khanna tum jaante ho main nahi  bol sakta...just...just get that... lao!

    Khanna nods and says, okay Sir laya in a minute and he brings in Gobar presented in a very sophisticated manner and all  hold their noses and Rudy does an  Ewww!!

    Rudra asks...Gobar?
    Shivay stammering says...eehhh...wahhiii,...wahi...that!

    Dadi grins and Anika asks very innocently...aap mere liye Gobar lekar aaye hain?

    Shivay who looks very hopeful asks, ...tumhe kuch yaad aaya?

    Anika makes a face  and asks, Gobar dekhkar?

    Shivay...Isi se toh hamari yaadein judi hain

    Anika:  Gobar se?

    Shivay:  Haan yaad hai...jab...landslide ke waqt mile the?  Aur maine tumse kaha tha ke...flashback dialogues...ye naam sunte hi poori duniyajhuk jaati hai and Anika says, Duniya chodiye!   Bhainse tak nahi ruki  aapka naam sunke!

    Shivay says, u said...ye duniya kya bhainse tak nahi ruki...bhainse!

    Anika rolls her eyes and smiles in a weird manner again as if trying to hide something and again tries to act normal...not remembering anything!

    Again FB is shown...Shivay says,I am telling u the facts... tumhe tumhari aukaat dikha raha hoon!  U know  if the whole world was a building, main top floor par hota aur tum...ground pe...neeche zamee  par...yahan...right there!   (pointing towards Gobar)

    And Shivay again repeats the same line...I am telling u the facts okay!... tumhe tumhari aukaat dikha raha hoon!  U know  if the whole world was a building, main top floor par hota aur tum...ground pe...neeche zamee  par!!!!  Tum  wahan...zameen par...there...he says pointing towards the basket of Gobar!

    Anika looks at him as if this man has lost it and looks towards the Gobar and asks...aise kyon bol rahe hain?

    Shivay says...main aisa isliye bol raha hoon taaki tumhe gussa aaye aur tum mujh par Gobar pheko and he keeps jumping in exciting while saying all this and Dadi and Prinku look very amused at his behavior    Gobar Pheko  flash back is shown!

    Shivay gives amusing expressions and Anika asks Shocked...aap chahte hain main aap par Gobar phekun?
    Shivay:  Haan!

    Anika:  Kyon?

    Shivay:  Arey yehi toh hamara rishta hai!

    Anika:  Gobar hamara rishta hai?

    Shivay jumps...Nahi!    Main cheezein rodta hoon aur tum cheezein phekti ho
    Flashes of Mobile throwing and Gobar throwing are shown and Shivay says, yeh hamara rishta hai...we are like that!

    Dadi keeps smiling watching all this 

    Anika asks, Maine aap par Gobar pheka tha?  Sach mein?

    Shivay behaves as if he achieved wat he wanted and in all excitement says...arey Gobar kya...tumne toh meri  gaadi ka sheesha toda aur  paani toh itni baar pheka...aur ek baar toh tumne  Phaaattt!!   and flashes of Anika slapping him on wedding day are shown 

    Shivay does a slapping himself action and then realizes wat he was doing and all family gets shocked seeing this 

    Shivaygets embarrassed and acts to set his hair instead and says...Woh!   cheezein pheki thi!

    Khanna speaks up...jee maine toh shoot bhi kiya tha

    Shivay looks at him and says...yeah!

    Anika asks...ye sab hone ke baad bhi aapne mujhse shadi ki?

    Shivay:  Anika woh sab chodo tum!   Gobar hai,...Phekoo...c'mon...c'mon...we're doing it!

    Anika:    Nahi!  Nahi!  Main Pati Parmeshvar par aise Gobar nahi phek sakti...main aisa nahi kar sakti!

    Shivay:  Anika aisa nahi hai...u can do it and the Bhains makes a sound and Shivay asks her to not speak in between and again  starts cheering for Anika...U can do it...C'Mon!  Yes!

    Anika:  Aisa kaise kar saktii hoon? Apne Pati Parmeshvar par aise kaise gobar phek sakti hoon ?  Nahi!

    Shivay:  Arey Tumhara Pati parmeshvar saamne khada hai aur bol raha hai ke pheko  toh phekko C'Mon ...just just and he does a Pheko gesture

    Whole family in Chorus says...keh rahe hain toh phek do!

    Whole family starts saying C'mon  C'mon...C'mon Bhabhi...Gobar Gobar...pheko pheko!
    Anika slowly picks up the Gobar and Shivay watches in an Attention position all hopeful...Anika all scared starts to throw it at him and Shivay  flips and does a saving himself gesture in a unique pose and all family goes into Statue Mode 

    Gobar keeps flying in the air for few seconds and  it slowly flies out and Shivay gets successful in saving himself from the Gibar attack and Rudra gets disheartened that Shivay got saved 

    Shivay runs towards Anika and holds her all smiling in hope and asks, Kuch yaad aaya?

    Anika gets emotional for a second and then makes a childlike  face and says, No!

    Shivay gets shocked that she didn't recall a thing...he again asks her and she she stands quiet!

    Rudra says, Bhaiya!  Aap continuity bhool rahe hain!  Aapko wahi wali Bhains laani padegi tabhi Bhabhi ko sab kuch yaad aayega and Shivay just keeps fumbling and Anika  all upset goes to Bhains and folding her hands says, Sorry Bhains Ji!  Aapko meri wajah se  itni door aana pada!

    She leaves and Shivay stands holding his head and orders to take away the Bhains!

    Anika comes up and Tia comes smiling towards her...Anika tells her that I was downstairs and he told me that I threw Gobar at him!  Really?  I really did this?

    Tia asks, Kalavati, do u really think u can do such a Harkat and Anika says, No!  I really don't think  I can do something like this!

    Tia says,  Exactly!  Its a plan of him to convince u that u both know each other from a very long time!  Do u get it?  She smirks and Anika gets confused and asks, leave all this and tell me how  u are now?

    Tia asks, what has happened to me and Anika says, last night u were very upset and missing ur friend!

    Tia gets tensed and looks away and Anika starts recalling the name and Tia tires to distract her saying, it was nothing!

    Anika keeps recalling and says, Dushyant  and Tia gets shocked and fakes a smile and says, No Kalavati!  There is nothing  like this and don't worry about me!  I am fine and u just take care of ueself and she  leaves!

    Anika gets thinking and says, lagta hai inka Dushyant se jhadga hua hai !

    Prinku passes from there all tensed on a call and Anika asks if everything is okay?
    Prinku stammers and tells her that  Soumya is  nowhere!  I don't know where she has gone and her phone is also not reachable and Anika  gets tensed hearing that!

    Shivay asks Rudra infront of the family in the hall and Rudra says, he really doesn't know where has Soumya gone!

    Shivay asks, where can she go?  Did u tell her something?

    Rudra says, No and Shivay asks, u must have said  something as no one leaves without informing like this and Rudra asks him why is he doubting him?  He really doesn't know where has she gone!

    Shivay says, Rudra Soumya is our responsibility Rudra!   Its  our duty to take care of her and to top it, u both are in same college so u must atleast know this much, where she has gone!

    Dadi gets tensed and Anika comes with a letter she found in Soumya's room!  Shivay gets shocked and looks towards Rudra angrily!

    He reads the letter that says, Rudra!  I never expected this from u that u accept me or our marriage!  But  whatever u told me the other day, I don't think after that humiliation  I should  stay in this house anymore!
    If u feel that I am responsible for all ur family problems,   then  I got no rights to stay in this house and Dadi gets shocked hearing this and Rudra looks tensed and upset!

    Shivay reads further, That is why I am leaving!  Bcoz I don't want that u or ur family face any kinda problems bcoz of me!   You are very lucky Rudra that u have got such a family, be happy!  God bless U and ur Lovely family!  Take Care!

    Shivay gets angry and asks Rudra, what is this?   U said u don't  know anything but what is this? She has left the house bcoz of u!

    He  hands the letter to Rudra and again asks, what is this?

    TiLana are shown overhearing and watching from behind a pillar and smirk!   Tia says, kitna maza aa raha hai na Di, inhe aise dekhkar!
    Svet says, this is just the starta dn Tia says, really...m just  wondering, abbhi se inka ye haal hai toh aage chalkar kya hoga!
    Anika has lost her memory and Jhanvi is injured!   Tej considers his own family as his enemy and Om...he is arranging money to give u!  And now Rudra and Soumya's problem!  Poor Oberois!  So many problems and not a single solution and both smirk some  more!

    Shivay leaves in anger and Rudra calls Reyhaan to  enquire about Soumya but Reyhaan says, he has not spoken to Soumya from a long time, infact she doesn't even receive his calls!

    Rudra asks him to inform Shivay Bhaiya urgently if Soumya gets in touch with him!

    Anika comes to Rudra and asks, bohot fikr hai na, tumhe Soumya ki?
    Rudra makes a crying face and Anika says, its clearly visible from ur eyes!   If u care about her so much, then why did u let her go?  Why did u hurt her?

    Rudra says, I wish I could explain u Bhabhi!  Situations and relationship both are very complicated Bhabhi!  Yes we both had an argument, but I didn't think that she  would leave the house and go away!

    Bhabhi u only tell me, arguments happen...but does anyone leave the house like this?

    Sumo is a duffer and he stands all upset and Anika keeps  watching him sadly!

    Shivay comes and asks Rudra if he came to know anything about Soumya and Rudra says, he called all her friends but no one knows anything and Shivay worries about how to find her and where!

    Prinku comes and informs Shivay that Jhanvi's condition is critical and a Dr. should be called, she has high fever and Shivay rushes to call a Dr.!

    Shakti comes and asks Dadi is Tej called?  Dadi says No!   Shakti says, even I am trying to reach Bhaisahab from long but  he is not receiving my calls, from the time Omkara has got engaged to Svetlana, Bhaisahab is nowhere to be seen !

    Svetlana and Tia exchange glances and smirk and Shakti says, he is not even coming to office for any meetings!

    Anika looks tensed at all this and Dadi says,  Pata nahi kya ho gayahai mere Ghar ko...na jaane kiski nazar lag gayi hai iss ghar ki khushiyon ko!  Museebaton ka toh jaise Pahaad  toot pada hai and TiLana smirk some more!

    Anika says, problems be big or small...we have to face them!   And start should be with small problems only!

    Shivay says, Anika u don't know anything, don't get into this!

    Anika says, yes I don't know what has happened!  But  I can see whatever is happening!
    And being the DIl of this house, I will do all that I can!   All are so tensed in this house,  and everyone's problems are so big that can't be resolved all at once...be it Chote Devar Ji's marriage...Bade Devar Ji's business, Jhanvi Aunty's health or  Tej Uncle's anger!

    But if we don't find the solution to bigger problems,  we should forget them for the time being and concentrate on smaller problems instead!

    All look hopeful and Anika says, this gives u strength to face problems, if not their solutions!

    TiLana make faces and smirk!

    Shivay asks, choti pareshani?   Isme se  kaun se pareshani choti thi Anika?

    Anika says, Tia ki!

    All get shocked hearing this and look towards Tia and Tia screams a what?

    Anika comes running to Tia and says, No one thinks about her!   Ye bechari itni akeli pad gayi, kitna tadap rahi hain apne pyaar se milne ke liye and Tia gets embarrassed and asks, what nonsense, what are u talking about?

    Anika says, I am saying what I have seen, what I have felt and Shivay looks at Anika and Tia questioningly!

    All look confused and Shivay asks, Tia what is this talk all about?

    Tia says, I don't know!  She asks Anika to stop it!

    Anika says, No!  U have helped me so much!  Now its my duty too to help you and all look towards them confused!

    Anika says, I know u r missing ur love!  And wen u miss someone, you should call them!
    She snatches Tia's phone from her hand and asks, this is the same phone right that has his no.?
    I'll just call him and inform him how much you are missing him!  Ur problem will be solved right away, in just one phone call!
    Tia gets nervous and  starts snatching her phone back and Anika asks, why do u worry? I will call him and talk to him, tell him everything!
    Shivay asks Tia, who is Anika talking about and Tia looks confused and says, I really don't know and again tries to snatch her phone saying, gimme my phone back!

    Anika doesn't give it back and asks, why are u scared?  Pyaar kiya hai kuch galat nahi kiya hai, toh aap dariye mat, jisse pyaar karte hain usse naraaz nahi hote aur agar woh roothe ho toh unhe mana lena chahiye and Tia gets tensed at all this while  Svetlana keeps staring all confused!

    Tia says, ye kya badtameezi hai, mera phone wapas do and Anika says, fir darr rahi hain aap?  Meine soch liya hai, aaj main aap dono ki baat kara ke rahoongi!

    Shivay annoyed asks, what are u both doing? Who are u talking about and Anika says, Dushyant ki!

    All get shocked and confused and Rudra smiles at his Bhabhi

    Shakti asks Tia, who is this Dushyant and Tia says, she doesn't know and again asks for her phone back from Shakti!  Anika keeps removing Tia's hand from the phone

    Shivay asks Anika what are u trying to do?  She smiles and says, I am calling Dushyant! Shivay asks, who is Dushyant and Tia  says, no one and again tries to snatch her phone from Anika!   
    Svetlana comes and whispers to Tia to relax and asks, why are u getting so nervous...let her call!  Tia all nervous says, Di she is calling Dushyant...Dushyant!
    Svetlana asks, So?  U are behaving as if she will call Robin and he would receive her call!
    She says,  Robin is anyway dead Tia, who will receive that call?  Let her call...just relax!  Nothing will happen!
    Anika calls and says, the ring the going and TiLana get more nervous...a male voice says hello and TiLana get shocked while Rudra smiles!

    Anika asks, Hello Dushyant?  All look at the phone all confused and Tia who is super nervous recalls how Robin died and gets shocked hearing  the voice and thinks, how can this be Robin?
    Svetlana gets shocked too!

    Tia fakes to faint and falls down and all run towards her!

    Shivay talks to the Dr. and says, nothing happened,  I don't know how she fainted and asks the Dr. to come and check her up!

    Dadi and Anika stand near Tia and  Dadi says, u must have fainted due to hunger and goes to get her food and Anika leaves with Dadi!

    Tia  again gets thinking, who was that person who received Robin's phone call, can't be Robin!   Who is he and she starts to call on the same no. and its Mrs. Kapoor who receives the call ...Tia gets shocked and Mrs. Kapoor says, she has this no.!

    Tia tells her how Anika called on this no. and some man received the call...Mrs. Kapoor says, u are mad!  The call was received by my Assistant bcoz I was busy on another call and Tia says, Thank God!  Mujhe laga...Shivay comes there and asks, Kya laga?

    Tia gets shocked seeing Shivay standing there  and Shivay looks at her questioningly!

    Precap: Anika in bedroom tells Shivay, poor Tia...her unborn child is already devoid of a father...Shivay asks her to stop it and asks, how are u so sure its Dushyant's child?
    Anika says,  the other day, the way Tia was crying for Dushyant, I feel he is  the father of her child and Shivay gets annoyed and asks her to stop repeating, Bachche ka Baap!

    Anika asks, why are u getting so angry and Shivay says...Kyonki Main...and he goes quiet and Anika looks at him questioningly!

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