• Ishqbaaz 10th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Ishqbaaz 10th February 2017 Written update

    Title: Will Anika Remember Anything?

    Sneak Peek:  Anika asks Tia, T is u and who is D?  Tia crying tells Anika , D stands for Dushyant and Anika gets thinking!
    Shivay wakes up from sleep and finds Anika standing with a tray smiling and wakes up in horror  He asks fumbling...tum ...tum uthgayi?   She smiles and says, Chai!
    He asks, mere liye?
    She says, Aap mre pati hain...parmeshvar hain, Toh mera farz banta hai na main aapse pehle uthu aur aapke liye Chai banau?  Shivay gets shocked

    Episode starts with Shivay asking her about what is ur phone doing here, why is not with u and he turns to see Anika standing with MS and Sindoor in her hands and looking at him confused!
    He asks her, what is this?

    She looks nervous and very softly says, Sindoor...MS...Dadi ne kaha hai ke Pati Parmeshwar  hota hai

    Shivay asks, Haan toh?

    She says, Dadi ne aaj pooja ki thi ke aap  ye Sindoor meri Maang mein Bhare aur ye MS mujhe pehnaye and Shivay gets confused and asks,  aisa Dadi ne kaha?

    She looks at him a lil scared and he asks her to come here...she looks at him and and he picks up the knife again...she stands in shock and starts to shake!

    She slowly comes close and Shivay still has knife in his hand and says, hmm...tum meri baat maanne lag gayi ho and he drops the knife!

    She says, yes u only asked me to do whatever u ask for, so I am doing that!

    He says, good!  So I have to fill this Sindoor in ur Maang and make u wear the MS...okay!   

    They stand infront of the mirror and  O Jaana male romantic plays!

    He extends his hand infront of  her and she slowly places the MS in his hand!

    Dadi's words echo...Iska MS tere naam ka hai and  flashes  of Marriage rituals are shown!

    Shivay keeps looking at her through the mirror and full O Jaana plays today
    He makes her wear the MS and picks up Sindoor and Dadi's words again echo...Iski Maang ka Sindoor tere naam ka hai and Shivay applies the Sindoor!

    He keeps looking at her through the mirror and holding her by both her arms still standing infront of the mirror, asks her...Kuch yaad aya?

    She shakes with his touch and lifts up her face to look at him and they keep looking into each other's  eyes and she nods in a No!

    He asks her, sach mein kuch bhi yaad nahi aa raha hai and she again nods in a No and  he clutches her hands  tight and asks...Ab?

    She says No and he asks, Nahi?     He pulls her hair strands aside and asks, Abhi?

    She again nods No!

    He gets close and keeps his face on hers  Heart   and asks...Abhi?

    Her breathing goes faster and  she again says, Nahi!

    He leaves her and says, koi baat nahi,...dheere dheere sab yaad aa jayega!

    Anika breathing fast just runs away from there and Shivay keeps watching sadly!
    Tia sits with her T & D locket and looks at it sadly and crying says,  I miss u Robin...I really miss u!  I can't even tell u how lonely I am without u and  she sips wine and Anika comes there...saying Tia Kumari 

    She asks Tia if she can sit here and Tia nods...she asks Tia Kumari that the Kanji eyed man is telling me, my name is Anika and I have got married to him?

    Tia says, I already told u they will narrate 100 stories to u and Anika says, yeah they are doing exactly that!

    Woh Kanji Aankhon wala aadmi toh mujhe dara dhamka bhi raha hai...woh bhi  chaaku se and Tia just keeps looking at her pendant!

    Anika says, I am unable to understand,  what do I do except doing what he is asking me to do!   I don't understand  who I can share my problems in this house except u!
    Tia aapko pata hai,  jab aap hoti hain toh mujhe lagta hai ke mera koi apna mere saath hai 

    And Tia sits lost in her thoughts, crying remembering Robin!

    Anika looks at her and asks, are u alright?  Tia fakes a smile and says,  I am fine, was just missing someone!
    Anika asks, who?

    Tia says, bass...hai koi!   Apna sa!
    Anika notices the locket and asks, is that locket urs?

    Tia smiles and nods yes caressing the locket and says, U know Kalavati...u don't have memories...and I have only memories!  U don't remember anything and I  am just unable to forget anything!

    Anika asks, what do u mean and Tia wipes her tears and says, just leave it, u won't understand!

    Anika asks, T is for Tia...D is who?
    Tia cries and says, D stands for Dushyant and Anika gets thinking!

    Anika says, nice name and Tia lost in her memories just blurts out...woh khud bhi bohot achcha hai!

    Anika smiles and says, Now I understand, u were missing  Dushyant...right?

    Anika smiles in a weird way and repeats...T se Tia...D se Dushyant and smiles again!

    At night, Anika sits by the poolside lost in her thoughts and Shivay  pours himself a glass of water inside the room and looks at Anika  while he stands by the window sipping water!
    He gets angry and bangs the glass on the table and goes near her...asks her, what are u  doing here?  Don't u have to sleep?

    Come in the room!

    She just keeps looking at him with the corner of the eye and stands without saying a word and goes inside with him

    She sits on the couch while he makes the bed and again gets up, goes and stands near the window!

    Shivay watches her leave...while she stands looking out, he comes from behind and puts a knife at her neck and says...Sochna bhi mat

    She looks at him scared and asks, now wat did I do?

    He says, Khidki se bhaagne ke baare mein soch rahi ho na?  She looks  here n there and he raises his eyebrows asking if she was?  She looks amused and says, nahi toh and leaves and he stands confused 

    He puts the knife down and turns  and finds her walking by the bedside, again thinking something!  He clears his throat to get her attention and she looks at him questioningly!

    He says, sleep!
    She asks, where?
    He says, Bed pe!
    She asks looking confused...Bed Pe?
    He says smiling...Bilkul!

    She asks, main bed pe soti thi?

    Shivay:  Nahi...tum garden mein aam ke ped ke upar soti thi

    He looks annoyed and she asks, Sachchi?

    He just holds his head and asks her to sleep on the bed!

    She asks, on this bed?

    He gets hopeful and asks, Kuch yaad aaya tumhe?

    She says, No!  But I feel main aisi type ki ladki nahi hoon!

    Shivay annoyed shows her the knife and asks, what do u mean aisi type  ki ladki nahi hoon and she  just gets scared seeing the knife and says, Nahi! Main so jaati hoon!

    Shivay gestures with the knife...so jao.,...she just quietly lays down on the bed chanting, so jaati hoon!

    Shivay also sleeps on the bed and Anika who was facing in other direction just has a facepalm moment and jumps in shock and sits
    She asks, Ye aap kya kar rahe hain?

    Shivay confused...Raat ko log sote hain, main bhi...waho kar raha hoon  and he just relaxes some more

    She asks...Lekin ek minute,...aap bhi yahan...aise...ek hi bed pe?  Hum dono  saath mein kkk...?

    Shivay showing the knife asks...tum soti ho ya??

    Anika scared...haan haan...main so gayi...so gyi main so gyi and she again comes back in the same position like before

    Shivay says good and keeps the  knife aside and his hand under his head
    Anika blabbers...main ...inke saath...ek bed pe aise kaise and  Shivay is just on top of her staring at her, says...Ssshhh!!   Sab sun raha hoon main and  Anika looks at the corner of her eye, Shivay's hand that's pulling the blanket up...and she just keeps looking in horror and Shivay just lays aside after pulling up the blanket and says, ab so jao and Anika goes all speechless and keeps moving in her blanket in shock!

    He again  comes on top of her, very close to her and says, neend mein baatein mat karna, main jaanta hu tum baatein karti ho aur  bohot hi embarrassing baatein karti ho...Anika just keeps looking all scared, clutching her blanket tight!

    He says, u know what?   She blinks her eye  gesturing a yes and he says, Neend mein tum apne saare secrets khol deti ho!

    Main sab jaanta hoon, jo tum mere baare  mein sochti hoon, sab jaanta hoon...he taps his fingers on top of her and says nodding his head, kuch bura mat sochna and Anika  just keeps looking in shock!

    He says, So Jao...laying aside again!

    She asks, Main sach mein aisi type ki ladki hoon!
    He says sighing...tum aisi hi ho...ab so jao!

    Shivay switches off the light and Anika just lays with her eyes open!

    Late night...Anika is gayab from bed and Shivay wakes up!
    He notices her missing and says,  Ladki kahan chali gayi 

    He looks around and says,. ye ladki bhi na!  He notices her sleeping on the floor and Shivay's tune palys!

    He picks her up and Anika has a Dupatta stuffed in her mouth!

    He lays her on the bed and keeps watching her, she turns in sleep!

    He nods his head and says...hmmm!!

    Anika opens her eyes and finds him staring at her and gets up shocked again and sits! 

    He asks, ye neeche kyon so rahi thi?

    She speaks with dupatta in mouth, he unable to understand asks again and she repeats but he doesn't understand 

    Shivay pulls out the Dupatta and asks her to speak now, he was unable to understand and  she innocently says, main darr gayi thi!

    He asks, kisse?

    She says, mujhe laga agar main sapne mein bolungi toh aapki neend...he gets emotional and asks, Itni fikar hai meri?

    She says Yes!  He keeps looking into her eyes and she says, Aap mere pati parmeshvar hain na!  Aur agar Pati  Parmeshvar ki neend kharab ho gayi toh main Nark ki Bhogi banoongi and Shivay just stammers and asks,Kahan bhagogi?

    She says, woh chodiye!   Meri memory gayi hai lekin mujhe pata hai ke Pati Parmeshvar kya  hota hai aur Patni ka Dharm kya hota hai!  Dadi ne mujhe sab kuch bata doya hai, sab kuch...aur woh saari seekh na, maine apne Pallu  se baandh li hai and Shivay all amused starts searching her Dupatta  asking, Pallu se baandh li hai?

    He searches the Dupatta looking here n there and she says, Ek kaam kijiye na...so jaiye.!  Main aapko Pankha Jalti ho
    Shivay all confused looking at her asks stammering, kya...kya karogi tum and she moves her Dupatta infront of his eyes and says, Pankha!    She keeps moving and  he says, justtt  stop this nonsense!  Raat ko kaun...so jao,...sleep and he gets back to his place and  Anika too lays down at her place!

    Shivay closes his eyes and Anika gets up with her eyes wide open...just wen Shivay keeps his hand on hers, stopping her from leaving again and she turns to look and finds him showing her the knife and gets scared...gulps down and quietly sleeps back, this time facing towards him and not the other side and finally both sleep!

    Morning!   Shivay wakes up from sleep clearing his eyes and finds Anika standing with a tray smiling and wakes up in horror, jumps at his bed  He asks fumbling...tum ...tum uthgayi?  Itni jaldi?
    She smiles n nods  and says, Good Morning!
    Shivay says...yeah...its good morning!  Good Morning!
    She says, Chai!
    He asks, Ccchai?  mere liye?
    She says, Aap mre pati hain...Parmeshvar hain, Toh mera farz banta hai na main aapse pehle uthu aur aapke liye Chai banau?    Lijiye...Chai Peejiye!  Main aapke liye nahane ka paani garam kar deti hoon and Shivay keeps looking at her all confused 

    She asks smiling some more,...achcha!  aaj aap kya pehnenge? Woh bhi taiyaar kar deti hoon!  Shivay looks at himself and she asks, aap naashte mein kya pasand karenge...woh bhi and Shivay just screams...okay stop...stop!

    She asks, what happened?   Did I say anything wrong?


    She says, achcha aap chodiye...Chai pijiye, thandi ho jayegi and Shivay pushing aside the tray says stammering...main...chai nahi peeta!  tum...tum jaanti ho na...main coffee peeta hoon...yes...just...black coffee!

    Anika says, Jee nahi...aapko aisa nahi karna chahiye!  Subah subah khali pait coffee nahi peeni chahiye, subah toh Chai peete hain  Woh bhi zyada doodh waali, adrak daal ke!  Aur na maine tay kar liya hai...maine na roz subah Tabele Jakar aapke liye Taaza Doodh leke aaungi woh bhi gau maata ka...lijiye aap Chai Pijiye...Lijiye...and Shivay keeps looking at the tea and Anika all scared

    He just says...hmm...hmmm?

    She says...Lijiye and he takes the tray from her quietly

    Anika before leaving asks, aapne bataya nahi, aaj aap kya pehnenge?
    Shivay just dumbfound says,  nahi...main dekh loonga!

    Anika rolls her eyes thinking and says, Arey Haan!  Woh aap na jaldi se taiyaar  hokar aa jaiyega kyon ki mujhe na aapki Aarti bhi utarni hai!

    Shivay shocked...Aarti?

    Anika smiling,  Jee!

    Shivay just goes Billu mode  and she says, achcha aap  jaldi se taiyaar okar aa jaiye, main aapke liye Aarti ki Thaal taiyaar karti hoon aur Naashta bhi!

    Anika leaves and Shivay blabbers,...My God iss ladki ko kya ho gaya hai!  Iski yaaddasht jaldi nahi aayi na, toh meri yaaddasht chali jayegi and he unconsciously sips the tea!

    Rudra comes smiling and asks sitting near him, who are u talking to, all alone here?

    Shivay hands him over the tea and asks him to have it and says,  Mujhe samajh nahhi aa raha, jo hua woh zyada bura tha ya jo ab ho raha hai woh zyada bura hai and he asks Rudra to see...Rudra asks, matlab and Shivay says looking out...dekh na woh kya kar rahi hai

    Anika comes smiling...Chote Devar Ji!   Achcha hua aap  yahan par mil gaye!  Achcha, College jaane se pehle mujh se Tilak lagwa lena...Shubh hota hai and  Rudra and Shivay exchange glances and Rudra asks...Tilak kaun hai

    Anika says...Tilak koi nahi hai...Tilak...Teeka?

    Rudra giving his usual expressions says...Bhabhi main college ja raha hoon, Mandir nahi

    Anika says, Jahan pe Vidya ka Prasad mile woh bhi toh Mandir hi hota hai na!  Achcha toh mujhse Prasad le lena, aur Tilak lagwa lena  and Shivay already wiping Rudra's forehead says,...Nahi nahi!  Tilak ki zarurat nahi hai! Iska maatha kharab ho jayega

    Anika asks, Arey Ek minute!  Kyon zarurat nahi hai?  Arey Tilak lagane se Ekagrata (concentration) badhti hai

    Rudra all confused asks, Kya badhti hai?

    Anika smiling,  Ekagrata!

    ShivRu exchange glances and Anika says, Mujhe kuch yaad nahi hai par ab maine thaan liya hai, Main apne Sasuraal ko ghar nahi, Mandir bana ke rakhungi

    Anika leaves doing a Namaste and ShivRu just go speechless and Rudra stammering says,  I think...jo ab ho raha hai...woh zyada bura hai!

    Bhaiyya kuch karna padega, Bhabhi ko Ghajini zone se bahar lana padega!  Mujebapni woh purani, Tadibaaz Anika Bhabhi wapas chahiye  Bhaiyya...ye daily soap wali Mera Ghar Ek Mandir type ki nahi
    Ye zyada ho raha hai and Shivay nods and says, zyada nahi, bohot zyada ho raha hai!

    Isse achcha toh meri yaaddasht chali jaati

    He blabbers...bohot zyada ho raha hai...tu chai pee...!

    Rudra in shock mode makes Shivay drink the tea with his hands
    Shivay says...Coffee chahiye!!  Ruddra leaves

    Svetlana is shown with Om and tells him ...Uss din toh bada uchal rahe the!  Bade attitude se kaha tha, ke tumhe tumhare  100 Cr. mil jayenge!  

    I don't think u r gonna fulfil ur promise!  Omkara!  100 Crs.  is not a small amt...and if u r thinking u r going to earn and give it to me, then forget it!  That is impossible!

    Om angry at her says, I told u!  U will get ur money means u will get it!

    Svetlana asks, When Omkara?  I need to know when!  Don't try my patience!  Kyonki 5000 Cr. ka maal...tumhara Baap...tej Singh Oberoi...mere ek ishare pe abhi bhi bhaag ke aayega mere paas,...she snapping her fingers infront of Om's eyes says, Bass!  Ek chutki bajane ki der hai, so don't underestimate my power!

    Om says, I can never underestimate u...bcoz I know very well how Giri Hui Ghtiya woman u are and u can do anything for money and power!

    And abt ur 100 Crs. !  U will get it and very soon!

    Svetlana says, I just hope u know the meaning of very soon, Omkara!  Coz Svetlana doesn't like delays and Shivay is shown hearing everything outside Om's room and gets shocked and Om tensed inside!

    Precap: Shivay proceeds towards the cupboard and Anika blocks his way asking, what are u doing?  He says, I need something from the cupboard  and proceeds to open but asks  Anika, wy is the cupboard locked?  Did u do it and she says, yes!

    He asks for the key  but she fakes of not remembering it and  Shivay annoyed asks her if she has lost current memory too?  He asks her to find it asap and tries searching himself, finds  it and opens the cupboard and gets shocked...Anika looks away scared!

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