• Ishqbaaaz Revealed: Anika’s memory loss is plan of Anika & Rudra

    The upcoming episodes of popular Star Plus show Ishqbaaaz are going to see some major events which will revolve around Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna). Currently, in Ishqbaaaz, the entire Oberoi family is seen falling prey to trap of Kapoor Sisters viz.
    Tia (Navina Bole), Svetlana and Romi. Tia keeps instigating Pinky against Anika, Svetlana has created a major rift in the relations of Tej, Jhanvi and Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Romi has leaked the secret wedding MMS of Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) and Soumya (Nehalaxmi Iyer). After Jhanvi’s attempt of committing suicide, Omkara will be seen taking a major step in the upcoming episode of Ishqbaaaz. Omkara will make Svetlana ditch Tej and Omkara himself will get engaged to Svetlana. Later, as per the latest Ishqbaaaz promo, Shivaay and Anika will get in a huge fight where Anika will taunt Shivaay on his wealthy family blood line ideology while Shivaay will insult Anika over her poor upbringing.
    Anika will push Shivaay in anger while Shivaay will push Anika harder, resulting in Anika falling off from the balcony. Anika will hit the floor and blood will ooze out. Shivaay will be shocked to see Anika’s condition and later Anika will be seen suffering from memory loss. Now as per the sources, Anika’s memory loss and fall are all a drama which Anika and Rudra have made up. Rudra will make sure to keep a mattress where Anika falls and also keeps a bag of fake blood under Anika’s head for deception.

    It is not yet clear if Shivaay too is a part of this plan or this plan is to trap Kapoor sisters. We shall keep our readers updated with the same. Keep reading this space for more inputs on Ishqbaaaz.