• Ishqbaaaz: Anika’s drama of trusting Tia and Svetlana post memory loss

    The upcoming episode of popular Star Plus show Ishqbaaaz will bring in huge twists that will start solving the mysteries of the evil events taking place in Oberoi Mansion. Kapoor Sistesviz. Tia (Navina Bole), Svetlana and Romi along with their mother have secretly created havoc in  Oberoi family,  while Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna) are trying to find the culprits behind this whole mishap.

    As reported earlier, Shivaay and Anika will get suspicious about Tia and will also wonder about Tia’s association with Svetlana. The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaaz will feature Shivaay and Anika’s major argument where Anika will taunt Shivaay over his Khoon – Khaandan ideology while Shivaay will insult Anika over her upbringing. Shivaay will push Anika forcefully and as a result, Anika will fall off from the balcony. Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) will be the part of this plan and will make sure that Anika falls on the mattress.

    Rudra and Anika will quickly put u pa scene of Anika hitting the floor hard and getting injured on the head. Tia will get trapped and will believe in Anika’s accident. Anika will make the drama of memory loss which again Tia will believe in. Anika will claim to have forgotten Shivaay and will treat him as stranger. Anika will try to escape from Shivaay’s room while Shivaay will try to stop Anika. Tia will come there and Anika will ask for Tia’s help.

    Anika will tell Tia that she only has trust in Tia and to save her from Shivaay. Tia will be elated to see Anika’s condition. Will Anika’s plan of trapping and fooling Tia for knowing Tia’s truth get successful? Keep reading this space for more updates on Star Plus show Ishqbaaaz.