• Dil Bole Oberoi 16th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Dil Bole Oberoi 16th February 2017 – Written update

    Title: gauri cals for help

    Starts with Om entering the haveli and looking at Gauri in bridal dress. He imagines her and Svetlana and makes an opinion that she is exactly same as Svetlana.

    Gauri thinks of asking him for help and throws a dhaaga down so that he'll bend and see the chains. But he doesn't see; instead blames Gauri for breaking the house etc. Gauri replies back saying that he has no right to say anything as he doesnt know anything about her.

    Later gauri goes to Kali to talk 

    Gauri tells Kali that she is mrrying him only for her mother and he has to promise that he'll take care of her. He says 'Kali se shart?'. She threatens him to kill herself to which he says that if she dies, it'll spoil his first night, hence, she can ask for whatever. She tells him that she wants to talk to her mother. He asks her to tell it with a a smile on her face.

    He makes her smile forcefully. Chacha and Chachi are tryng to kill the mother by putting her in water,
    Kali calls and asks them where is she and tells them to not ham her. Then he gives the phone to Gauri.
    Gauri tells her mom to take care and not worry as she'll be with her soon. Kali tells her his rule 'ek hath de, ek hath le' He tells her to entertain his special guests fr which she readily agrees. She says my rule is: kisi ka ehsaan nahi lete
    He hugs her and she steals his phone. She runs away saying she has to prepare for evening. He tells her to stop and she drops the phone. He is about to say something when she bends down to pick up th phone and makes it look like she is touching his feet and says the pati parmeshwar dialogue. 
    He tells her you shouldn't touch feet; you should hug me. Om who was coming with the brother sees this and feels disgusted. Kali introduces Gauri to him. Om gives him the rest of the amount and asks fr the land papers. Kali forces him to stay till the wedding and asks Gauri to persuade him too. He tells him he wont sign the papers before marriage.

    Gauri comes to her room and tries to call the chotu guy whom we thought as her brother (I don't think he is though) but he doesn't pick up. Om and Kali walk to the room where Gauri is. kali keeps cheque in drawer.
    The chotu guy sees the missed calls on his phone ( I didn't have a hone when I was ths smalll and this guy has it. Lucky chap!) Kali gives Om the papers and asks him to attend his marriage. The chotu guy calls gauri when Om and Kali are still in the room. 

    Om says someone's phone is ringing. Kali checks for his phone when one of his men tells him that Gauri is nowhere to be found. 
    Om is about to move the curtain behind which Gauri is hiding, when one of Thakur's men tells him that the lawyer has come.Gauri finally talks to chotu guy and tells him that her mom's life is in danger. But then the chotu guy's phone gets switched off.

    Everyone's searching for Gauri. She sneaks out of the room when Kali catches her. He scolds his men saying how come they did not see her. she acts all innocent and asks what happened. He tells her to get ready. Om sees her smiling to it and going feeling further disgusted by her.

    Gauri comes for the jashn where Om and the thakur bros are waiting.
    Om gives her a dirty look as he introduces her to everyone. Kali calles her a chingari. He asks her to dance in front of everyone. 

    Precap: Kali puts her in  the balance thing and puts as much gold as her weight. She is dancing on hothon mein aisi baat. The chotu guy is calling on Kali's phone which Gauri sees.

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