• Dil Bole Oberoi 15th February 2017 – Full Episode

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    Dil Bole Oberoi 15th February 2017 Written update

    Om tells his elder brother's name and Gauri is stunned hearing it. She mumbles that the brother seemed so friendly and he is 'Takhaniya'(don't know what it means). Om calls her a theif in return. She gasps and says instead of thanking her that she is returning him phone he is accusing her. She was about to hand over the phone to him bit starts talking, tells to call at home because Badey Bhaiya, Anika Bhowjai & Rudra got worried for him. Om says "Tumne mere gher walon say bhi baat ker li?" She happily says Yes because the phone kept ringing (tun tuna raha tha). Om is watching her with his jaw dropped. She says if he had called home from the PCO they wouldn't have been so worried. Om says "Kitna nolti ho tum?" Gauri replies Haan tou?

    It's my tongue and I have full right to use it how she pleases and she also advices him to speak more sometimes and also try smiling more often just like chulbul panday. Om asks who is this chul bul panday?

    She wears her glares and is stunned that Om doesn't know who chulbul is. She says in a shocking manner Dabang nahin dekhi? She says just like SK was Dabang's chulbul , she is bareli 's. om gets irritated and says he doesn't care who she is and what she is . He just wants her to return him his phone back so that he can go.

    She again starts saying to pay her regards to everyone

    She hands over the phone and says to tell everyone to meet her some day . Flipping her hair she leaves.

    Elsewhere the chachi & her husband are happy getting money from Thakur. Gauri and her mom arrive. Gauri asks chachi where did she get that much money from? She asks if she has sold the house as she isn't capable of earning the money. chachi says she hasn't sold the house but Gauri Kumari Sharma. Gauri gets shocked hearing that. Chachi tells her that she has fixed her marriage with Kali Thakur and laughs . Gauri says: Aik jhaap mein dewar pay sat jai bay. Chachi gets startled and says she is ashamed of them. She says she will die instead of marrying him. Chacha gets up and slaps her. She falls down and her mother cries. Chacha Chachi mock them and threatens Gauri with her mother's life if she didn't marry thakur. 

    Gauri agrees to marry thakur and begs chacha to leave her mother. Chacha tells Gauri to get ready by the evening and try not to be clever. Gauri hugs her mother and cries.

    Om is sitting outside somewhere around fire and recalls his dad giving jhanvi divorce. 
    Kali Thakur is shown coming in the jeep, he passes by and Om sees him and wondera what is it.

    Gauri's mom cries and pleads her to not go on with this wedding. She assures her that she will not marry thakur no matter what happens. Kali arrives at their house.

    Gauri and her mother run out but are welcomed by Thakur. Thakur looks at Gauri with creepy eyes and drools over her and smiles at her. Gauri and her mom are frightened. Kali asks her why was she running away? He doesn't want a runaway wedding instead it is an arranged marriage for them. He asks her has she not recognised him. He tells her that he is her husband to be. Gauri tries to runaway. Kali puts the shagun chunri over her head. He bounds her feet by chains and throws her over his shoulder. Carries her and forces her into the jeep. Gauri feels disgusted and she protests

    Gauri cries so much and is shivering. Thakur tells her to keep her mouth shut or else her mother will mother will never speak again. Gauri and her mom cry. 

    Thakur leaves from there. He again passes by Om. Om is alarmed hearing Gauri protest. Thakur stops the car. Thakur tells Gauri that he doesn't like the wife who talks alot. Om stands up and slowly moves towards the car. 

    Thakur says some really disguating things to Gauri. Om gets angry seeing this. Thakur's men rejoice over Gauri agreeing to marry. Thakur says why would she object when she was given a heavy price. Om says how disgusting, cheap & characterless girl she is.

    Kali and company reach haveli and he drags gauri along. Throws her on his bed. Thakuraen is crying too as she wants to help Gauri but can't. She looks at Gauri from the window and recalls how she begged thakur to marry. She leaves in fury. She takes a kerosine bottle and goes out. Om gets up on recognising the woman as Jhanvi thakuraen. He wonders what is she doing here at this hour. Jhanvi starts pouring kerosine on her. Om is shocked and starts running towards her. She tells her to stop as nothing is unsolvable in this life. Jhanvi warns him to stop coming any closer or else she will light the matchstick. She ignites the fire and Om tries to save her. Om is at loss recalling his own mother. 

    Om saves her and tells her to stop. Jhanvi says to let her die as she has nothing left. Her husband is marrying for the second time. She holds Gauri responsible for ruining everything she had. Om recalls her parents and svetlana. Cry 

    Om carries her to the hospital. Doctor tells him to inform her family as it is a suicide case. Om listens some ladies talking about thakuraein and the second wife. 

    Om calls Jhanvi and asks if she is fine and is crying.
    Jhanvi tells him that she is fine. She asks him what is it? He tells Jhanvi that he just felt like talking to her. Om gives Jhanvi some strength by his words. He tells her that she is the moat important for him. For Rudra and for priyanka aswell. He says they all need her and she needs be strong inorder to face difficulties. He tells her to not ruin her life just for an outsider. He promises that he will fix everything. Jhanvi asks why is talking like that? He says because he is missing her. Jhanvi says she is missing him too and tells him to come back soon. He assures her that he will be back soon. They say bye bye to eachother. Om says that he hates the second woman who ruins one couple's life


    Sveltana is standing with gauri(bride) in a mandir and Om is shocked seeing that. Something(thread) falls of from gauri's hand and Om picks it up. Om says to gauri that a second woman doesn't break one's family in majboori but khudgharzi. Gauri is shocked

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