• Chandra Nandini: Chandra poisoned, Nandini sent to jail

    Star Plus show Chandra Nandini is soon going to showcase some heavy duty drama with Chandra getting poisoned and Nandini being blamed for it. Viewers will see that Chhaya is badly injured and everyone in the palace is worried for her.
    Chandra stays by Chhaya’s bedside taking care of her and suddenly, Nandini comes rushing there saying that she has got a special herbal medicine for Chhaya which will heal her wounds soon. Nandini is about to make Chhaya drink the medicine when Helena comes there and stops Nandini. Helena accuses Nandini of giving poison to Chhaya instead of medicine. Nandini denies the allegations and Chandra is also furious by Helena’s accusations towards Nandini. Helena claims that Nandini wants to seek revenge but Chandra defends Nandini saying that she would have seeked revenge long back if she wanted to.
    Everyone believes that Nandini is at fault but Chandra is the only one who stands by Nandini and he drinks the medicine just to prove Nandini’s innocence. However, to Nandini’s utter shock, Chandra starts throwing up blood from his mouth after drinking the medicine and he also falls on the ground being unconscious. Everyone surrounds Chandra and they also blame Nandini for poisoning Chandra. Nandini tries hard to prove her innocence but no one believes her. Chandra is carried away by the soldiers and gets treated by doctors.

    However, Nandini does not get spared and Chandra’s mother gives an order to get Nandini arrested and she is made a captive. How will Nandini prove her innocence? Will Nandini be able to find the real culprit behind the poisoning? Stay tuned for more updates on Chandra Nandini.