• Chandra Nandini: Chandra bravely saves Nandini from mud pit

    Star Plus’s show Chandra Nandini is soon going to showcase some high intensity drama where a life threatening moment for Nandini will turn into an extremely romantic one. Viewers will get to see that Nandini and Chandra are stuck in the jungle but they have a fight between each other and get separated. Chandra and Nandini move on separate paths but Nandini does not realize the danger ahead of her.
    Nandini mistakenly falls into a pit of mud which turns out to be quick sand. As soon as Nandini falls into the mud pit, she starts sinking and she is unable to come out of the pit. Nandini starts panicking and shouts out Chandra’s name to rescue her. Nandini scrams for Chandra to come and finally, Chandra hears Nandini’s scrams. Chandra reaches there and is shocked to see Nandini stuck in the mud pit and tries to save her. Chandra swings into the mud pit with the help of a branch of a tree and tries to pull out Nandini.
    Nandini puts her arms around Chandra’s back as he tries to come out of the mud pit along with her. After much difficulty, Chandra is able to pull himself and Nandini out of the pit. Chandra reaches the edge of the mud pit and Nandini falls over him and the two of them have a romantic eye lock. The sizzling chemistry between Chandra and Nandini is quite evident and their love for each other is clearly  seen. Finally, Nandini gets shy and moves away from Chandra but the passion between the two is still there.

    Let’s wait and see when Chandra and Nandini will realize their love for each other and confess it. Stay tuned for more updates on Chandra Nandini.