• Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th January 2017 Written Episode 

    The Episode starts with the court hearing. Raman gets angry seeing Suhail. The court proceedings start. Laywer accuses Suhail for making Ruhi’s MMS and blackmailing her, he acted to be her friend and took her to blackmailer, he killed that man saying he is the blackmailer, but Suhail himself is blackmailer, he gave drug overdose to Vikram and tattoo artist to stop them from giving statement, Pihu is Ruhi’s younger sister, she is the witness, she has seen Suhail doing the murder, she is 8 years old and is brought here. Judge asks them to get Pihu.

    Raman asks Pihu not to get scared. Lawyer asks Pihu to tell judge whom did she see that night. Pihu sees Suhail and recalls. She points to Suhail and says I m sure I have seen him. Pihu is sent out. Lawyer says by Pihu’s testimony, its
    clear that Suhail killed that man, but just Suhail knows the truth, he can tell who was that man, Suhail has shot that man. Ruhi comes and says no…..Suhail did not murder him. They all get shocked seeing Ruhi in court.

    Ruhi says I have to give statement, Suhail did not murder anyone, I have done it, I m the murderer. Everyone get shocked. Suhail smiles. Ishita and Raman ask Ruhi what is she saying, is she mad, she knows Suhail is playing games. Ruhi says I came here to accept my crime, I have killed that man. Raman and Ishita stop her. Ruhi shouts she has done the murder.

    Romi holds Raman. Judge stops all of them and asks them to sit quiet, let Ruhi say, she is free to say. Ruhi goes in witness box and swears to just say truth. She says that man died by getting shot, he was the blackmailer who made my video, Papa and Ishimaa were worried, there was just one guy whom I could trust, Suhail… Raman says she got mad. Ruhi says Suhail and I went to give money to that blackmailer, but blackmailer threatened us, we fought and I shot him, Suhail did not do anything, I m the culprit. Ishita says she is lying. Raman says don’t know why she is lying. Judge asks Raman to sit quiet, else he will be send out. Suhail’s lawyer says its open and shut case, my client is innocent. Raman’s lawyer says we have eye witness Pihu. Ishita says Ruhi is in love with Suhail, he was cheating all of us, you have all proof. Ruhi says Pihu gave that statement as she is asked to say this, Pihu is unwell, she is undergoing counselling, she imagines things. Raman and Ishita ask Ruhi what is she saying. Judge says let her speak, I will dismiss this case.

    Ruhi says if you don’t find my words true, talk to Pihu’s counselor. Judge asks them to call Dr. Bohra. Dr. Bohra talks to judge. He asks is Pihu Bhalla your patient, I m judge and this is a legal procedure. She says yes, she is my patient. He asks how is Pihu, she is prime witness in this crime case. She says no, how can she become prime witness, her state is fragile, its better to keep her away. Suhail’s lawyer asks did Pihu block that incident if she has seen someone dear doing the crime. She says it may happen, Pihu is a little girl, she is going through trauma, keep her away from this, else she can get unwell. Judge thanks her. Ishita says we could not take Pihu for counselling again, after she recalled everything. Suhail’s lawyer says she has taught this to witness.

    Judge asks Ruhi what happened that night. Ruhi says I got blackmailer’s call that night, he asked for 20 lakhs, I did not wish to hurt my parents, Suhail told me that he will help me in arranging money, he accompanied me, but I did murder. Raman says she has gone mad, Suhail has brainwashed her. Lawyer says Ruhi is 17 year old, I want permission to talk to her. Judge says fine, we will resume case after 30mins, till then you can interact with Ruhi.

    Ananya waits for Simmi. Lady asks did your mumma not come, shall I drop you. Ananya says no, mumma will come. Gaurav comes and says Simmi had work, she asked me to pick you, come. He says we will have icecream or something on the way. She says no, you are not my dad. He says I don’t want to become like your dad, he is a bad man. She says you are lying. He says I m not lying, your mumma did not tell you truth, its high time, you should know it, sit in the car. She refuses. He asks her to sit.

    Raman asks Ruhi what is she doing, if she makes confession, they will send her to jail. Ishita says you know Suhail is Niddhi’s brother, I took you to him to end ties, then…..Raman gets shocked and asks Ishita do you realize what…. Lawyer says wait, let me talk to Ruhi. He says Ruhi, all proof is against Suhail. Ruhi says no, I know my parents told you Suhail is guilty, truth is I truly love Suhail and trust him, he did a lot for me, its my turn, when Ishi Maa told me everything, I felt Suhail did this to take revenge, I went to ask him an answer, I slapped him ad asked him why did he cheat me, but he gave me a letter when I left. FB shows Suhail giving a letter to Ruhi, and asking her to read it once if she loved him, maybe you will understand I m innocent, don’t tell anyone about this. FB ends.

    Ruhi says when I reached home, I was scared and read that letter, Suhail wrote he truly loves me, and they are punishing him to love me. Raman looks at Ishita angrily. Ruhi asks why does Ishita hate Suhail, what if he is Niddhi’s brother, is Niddhi is criminal, will he be criminal too. Raman says how to explain you. Ruhi says he truly loves me. Ishita says he does not. Ruhi says I love him and will do anything to save him. Raman says listen to me Ruhi. Ruhi cries and goes. Raman and Ishita run after her. Suhail smiles seeing this and thinks to ruin Ruhi’s life, as Raman ruined his family.

    Judge says Ruhi did murder, but she is 17 years old, she will be sent to juvenile remand home, she will be shifted to central jail when she turns 18. Judge announces 10 years of imprisonment. Everyone cry. Suhail acts like defending Ruhi.