• Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 16th January 2017 Written Episode 

    The Episode starts with Romi asking Pihu to come with him. Raman asks Ishita does Romi know. Ishita says yes, Romi and everyone know, I told them, it was imp to tell them, I asked them to behave normally with her. Pihu asks them to come and see the good surprise. Mrs. Bhalla says we are celebrating lohri. Pihu says I like Lohri a lot, we will wear new clothes. She asks Ishita to get matching bangles. Ishita says why just bangles, we will get new suit for you, Ananya and Ruhi. Raman says yes, we will get new clothes. Pihu asks Ananya which color she wants. They talk. Simmi says thank God its Lohri, now I have reason to not send Ananya to Parmeet. She tells Ananya that they have to cancel tomorrow’s plan. Ananya says I have an idea, invite Papa here, I can meet Papa. Please call him. Simmi
    says no. Ananya asks her to call and goes.

    Ananya says Pihu, Papa is going to come tomorrow to celebrate Lohri with us. Everyone hear it. Raman asks Neelu to take Pihu and Ananya to room. He asks Simmi what is Ananya saying, I told she can meet her dad outside this house, not here, I send her to Karnaal to meet them, what’s this drama. Ishita asks Simmi to answer Raman. Simmi says Parmeet came Delhi and wanted to meet Ananya, I told her to cancel the plan as its Lohri, she is a kid, she heard Papa saying we will invite family and friends, she insisted we invite Parmeet. Ishita says dad is hero for every girl. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Raman says I don’t care, let Parmeet come and meet Ananya, if he does anything, I will burn him in Lohri fire.

    Amma makes laddoos for Ishita. Ruhi helps her. Romi and Adi check arrangements. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pihu and Ananya to ask Amma is laddoos are ready. Ishita says I m glad seeing Pihu happy, I hope she recalls what she has seen. Mr. Bhalla says Pammi’s phone is not connecting, did her number change. Mrs. Bhalla gives number. Ruhi asks Mr. Bhalla did you invite Suhail. Mr. Bhalla says sorry, I forgot, I will call him. Ruhi says its fine, I will invite him. Ishita asks Raman to be on Ruhi and Suhail’s side, and watch them.

    Suhail smiles seeing Ruhi’s call and answers the call. He flirts with her and says I love you a lot, I can see you in front of me, Ruhi its strange, we met some months back and our hearts met. She says you will get chance to meet me tonight, we are celebrating Lohri, I m inviting you. He says your mom, will she not have problem. She says she knows, this invitation is from family, please come. He says ofcourse I will come. She asks him to wear punjabi dress. He asks her to wear indian dress. She says sure, I will match with you. He ends call and says now it will be fun. He sees the guard outside and says they think they will keep an eye on me and I will not know it. I know to fool them, I will make sure they can’t find anything, what will Raman and Ishita do now, Ruhi invited me home.

    Aaliya talks to Ruhi and says so Suhail is also coming. Ruhi says yes, don’t tell this to Ishita. Aaliya says fine, but tell her if you are serious. Ruhi says no, its not right time, I will tell everyone when I m comfortable, I want to enjoy this moment, its my first love. Aaliya says you are excited. Ruhi says you are also getting ready for Adi. Aaliya says Ishita asked me to get ready well and come as punjabi bahu. Ruhi says Adi will be glad seeing you, don’t shock him. Aaliya says I m excited to see you, I m almost ready, I will see you. Aaliya ends call and says don’t know Adi will wish me or not, I just hope no one knows about our breakup. Mani calls her. Aaliya says I m ready. Mani smiles seeing her and compliments her for looking a punjaban. Shagun comes and says I m ready, lets leave. Mani says you both go, I won’t come. Shagun asks why are you behaving like this, just let go. Aaliya asks Mani to come. Mani asks them to go. Shagun asks what’s your problem, you said we will behave like husband and wife till Adi and Aaliya’s marriage, what will Bhallas think. Mani says I don’t care what they think, I don’t want to go with you. Aaliya says please let Shagun come for my sake. He agrees.

    Mrs. Bhalla compliments Ananya and Pihu. Parmeet comes there. Ananya runs to him. Everyone look on. Simmi comes asking which earring shall I wear. She sees Parmeet. Raman asks Ananya and Pihu to go and see dhol people. Parmeet asks Ananya to go and gives her gift. Ananya thanks him and goes. Parmeet returns Simmi’s jewelry. He says I know you are not happy seeing me here, I just came for Ananya, I have no wrong intention. Ishita says Raman, Parmeet changed for Ananya.

    Amma comes and asks Mrs. Bhalla to come fast. Raman and everyone go. Everyone smile. Kids play. Aaliya waits for Adi. Adi sees Aaliya and thinks she looks so lovely, its better I stay away, if I compliment her, if she misunderstands, I will ignore her. She hopes he compliments her and they can talk. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to give snacks to guests. Mrs. Bhalla, Amma and Ishita compliment Aaliya. Amma asks are you finding Adi. Aaliya says no. They laugh. Mrs. Bhalla makes Aaliya wear bangle. Aaliya asks what’s this. Mrs. Bhalla says its shagun, you and Adi will do puja together today, this is your gift, you will become Bhalla bahu soon. Aaliya says thanks, but I can’t take this, take it back. Adi looks on. They get shocked.

    Pihu screams and cries. Mihika hugs her. Raman rushes to Pihu and holds her.