• Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th January 2017 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with counselor telling Raman and Ishita that Pihu needs rest, she is in trauma. Raman asks what trauma. Ishita says yes, she was saying some man killed a person, she was crying a lot, can I meet her. Counselor says no, she needs rest, she is sleeping, sit I will explain, this is our human brain which stores memories, some times by trauma, selective memory loss happens, Pihu blocked that incident memory, kids normally do this when they get scared, when you asked her, she thought and fainted by thinking much. Raman says it will be problem, if Pihu does not remember, how will we solve this.

    Counselor says I know you are concerned, Pihu’s mind should be relaxed, only then we can get her memories back, we can’t push her much, it can be dangerous for her. Ishita says

    how did this reaction trigger. Counselor asks what happened that Pihu reacted this way. Ishita says she had breakfast, she played and slept, her cousin was with her in room, she came to us and said Pihu is crying, she was saying some story to Pihu. Counselor says it means that story had something that triggered this, if you could call her cousin and ask which story she said, it will help us. Ishita calls Simmi and says Pihu is fine. Simmi says Ananya is crying, she feels Pihu got unwell because of her. Ishita talks to Ananya and says its not your mistake, which story did you tell her. Ananya says detective thriller, where a killer shoots some man, Pihu started crying and shouted. Ishita thanks her and asks her not to cry. Counselor says so this story is the trigger, I think Pihu has seen some murder, so she reacted violently on this story. Raman and Ishita get shocked.

    Aaliya and Ruhi come to meet Suhail. Aaliya gets surprised seeing him. Ruhi nods and smiles. Suhail asks is there any problem. Ruhi says no, I got Aaliya. He asks them to sit. Ruhi says Aaliya you wanted to know who is the man I love, he is the one, I love Suhail. Aaliya says that’s really great. Suhail says I m glad Ruhi is saying someone about our love, I m lucky to get Ruhi, I love Ruhi a lot. Aaliya thinks Ruhi loves Suhail a lot, does Suhail love her equally, I feel there is something wrong.

    Counselor says once Pihu gets relaxed, we will try to get info. Pihu gets blurred visuals of Suhail shooting someone, and wakes up. She hugs Ishita. Ishita asks what bad did you see. Pihu says nothing, I don’t have to say anything. Counselor says fine, come and do drawing. Pihu says no, leave me alone.

    Simmi asks Ananya to come and play game. Ananya cries. Simmi wipes her tears and says Pihu is fine now, I will call Parmeet and cancel plan. Ananya says no, I have to meet him. Simmi asks will you meet him with sad face, think what you will do. Ananya makes plan and asks Simmi to come along. Simmi says I have imp meeting, we will make a plan if it gets cancelled. She thinks how to explain Ananya that I don’t want to meet Parmeet. She sends Ananya to have milk.

    She gets Gaurav’s call. He apologizes to her and says I did mistake to propose you, I want us to be just friends always. She says I m glad things got cleared out, I wish other things also get sort out, I don’t want to trouble you saying my problems. He says what are friends for, come on. She says Parmeet has come back. He asks who is he. She says he is my ex husband, he wants to spend time with Ananya. He says you can refuse him if you have problem. She says its not simple, I don’t want Ananya to miss out her dad’s love, her happiness matters to me a lot. He says its okay, relax, I will call later. He ends call and says Ananya….

    Raman and Ishita see Pihu playing with counselor. Counselor asks her about enjoying at camp. Pihu says camp was much fun, it ended soon. Counselor asks how did you come early and surprise everyone. Pihu says no, Ishita came to me to camp, she was with me, then… Counselor says you came alone to surprise everyone. Pihu says when you came alone, what did you do. Pihu says I don’t remember, my head is aching. Counselor says I have Karaoke, we will sing and enjoy, come. Raman and Ishita recall Pihu’s happy smile. They worry seeing her worried. Tere dil ka …..plays…………

    Suhail takes disguise. He sees a pic and says I m coming to meet you today, its happening as we thought, Ruhi fell in love with me and declared her love in front of her family member, then I will make their family hollow, I will make Raman and Ishita away from Ruhi, Raman broke our family, I promise I will shatter his family, Ruhi will leave her family for me, Raman and Ishita will long for Ruhi’s love.

    Abhishek asks staff member about any info about Suhail. The man says no, everything is normal about Suhail. Abhishek says he is not so simple, keep an eye on him. He says Suhail is clever, how to check on him, I have to do this discretely, I want just one clue. Raman and Ishita worry for Pihu’s memory loss. Abhishek calls Raman and says tattoo artist did not say anything, I have made constable monitor Suhail. Ishita says both our daughters are in trouble, what shall we do. Raman consoles her and hugs.

    Ananya says Papa is coming to celebrate Lohri with us, it will be fun. Everyone look on. Raman asks Neelu to take Ananya and Pihu inside. He asks Simmi what is Ananya saying, Ananya can meet her Papa outside home, not here, I send her to Karnaal, what’s this drama then.