• Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2017 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Ishita saying we have another enemy, Niddhi, she tried to ruin our life and snatched Ruhi, Niddhi’s career got ruined and she has big motive to get revenge from us. Abhishek says I don’t think so, she is in jail, we have to find out what Suhail wants. Simmi comes home. Mrs. Bhalla likes the bedsheets and asks Simmi to see the bedsheets. Simmi says I m tired. Mrs. Bhalla asks how was your presentation. Simmi says it was good. Mrs. Bhalla says you forgot file at home. Simmi says I did not need file, my presentation was in laptop, you think I m lying. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla says I was just asking, listen. Mihika looks on.

    Ruhi calls Suhail. She asks shall we meet for coffee. He says I don’t want to hurt you, I don’t think we should meet. She asks why, are
    you angry, I m sorry. He says I felt its odd, you and Raman apologized to me, its not needed, Ishita still finds me wrong, you are imp for her, she has doubt on me, till I see trust in her eyes for me, I won’t find it right. She says I will make Ishita say sorry. He says no, I want to win her trust myself, I have to get AC fixed, bye. He ends call.

    Its morning, counselor asks Pihu why did you fill red color everywhere, there are many colors, is this your fav color, do you recall anything, any pretty butterfly flower or fav red dress, or blood…. Pihu worries and runs to hug Ishita. Ishita says I m with you, listen, why are you scared, nothing will happen to you, answer Mam. Pihu says I don’t want to say anything, take me home. Ishita says relax and hugs her. She thinks why is Pihu is disturbed.

    Mihika asks Simmi why are you behaving like this. Simmi asks what. Mihika says you were defensive when you came home. Simmi says I met Parmeet, he was suggesting we should get together for Ananya’s sake. Mihika asks what did you say. Simmi says someone proposed me for marriage. Mihika asks really, who. Simmi says Gaurav. Mihika says he is a nice person, think about his proposal. Simmi says I m happy in my space, Ananya is imp to me, I don’t think Ananya will accept him. Mihika says if she accepts Gaurav, will you consider his proposal. Simmi says I can’t say anything.

    Mrs. Bhalla and Amma make party plans. Mrs. Bhalla asks Adi to call Aaliya and tell her to come along, I will introduce her in kitty party, tell her to make dieting salad. Adi thinks they have no idea what’s happening between us. Raman looks on. They ask why did Aaliya not come. Adi says she maybe busy in her life, leave it. Mrs. Bhalla says Aaliya has to come tomorrow. Adi says fine, I will tell her, I m getting late for office. Ruhi says I m going out for some work. Raman stops Ruhi and asks where are you going. Ruhi says I m going to meet Suhail. Raman says I will drop you. Ruhi says no, I will manage. Raman worries and goes after her.

    Ishita tells Raman that counselor said Pihu has seen someone’s blood, murder or accident, I was with her in camp, she was happy there, when did this happen. Raman says what’s happening, our both daughters… She asks what happened. He says I followed her when she went to meet Suhail, he is very clever and has good image, he asked Ruhi not to meet him till you approve him. Ishita asks did you do anything in anger. He says no, I m helpless to support him till Ruhi sees his real face. He gets a call and gets shocked. He says we are coming.

    They rush to Abhishek and asks why did you call us here. Abhishek says we got tattoo artist. Raman says we can arrest Suhail. Abhishek signs no. Ishita asks did he give statement. Abhishek says no, its not so easy. They see the tattoo artist. Abhishek says someone gave him drug overdose, he does not remember anything now, we got him dumped in some lane. Raman says where did the register go. Abhishek says maybe blackmailer has it.

    Suhail checks the tattoo register and pics. He burns the pic. He says you can’t reach me soon, tattoo artist will not say anything to police, now its your turn. He smiles seeing Vikram held captive. He says don’t be scared. He reveals the tattoo on his hand and says I applied foundation and makeup to hide this tattoo, I used to do this every time I met Ruhi or when I went to Bhalla house, you were ruining my hard work, what was the need to say truth to Ishita, you said I m your nephew, and my dad is dead, why uncle, you ruined my image. He gets an injection and tells his lies. He says truth is I m your nephew, your brother committed suicide, why did you tell Ishita, so much confusion is created, she will feel I m lying to her, now you will get punished for this, I made all plans with hardwork, I made Ruhi’s MMS.

    FB shows Suhail recording Ruhi’s MMS. Suhail says you know my Papa committed suicide because of Raman. Raman ruined our family, I will not leave him. He injects Vikram. He says whoever comes between my plan, I will do the same. He pours water on Vikram and tells about his friend, whose number he used for blackmailing, he double crossed me for money, he was going to tell truth to Ruhi, I had to kill my friend, I will make everyone side, I m sorry uncle, I can’t leave you, I can’t look back. Vikram says let me go, I will leave from the city.

    Suhail asks how, everyone knows about you, police will reach you, I would have let you go if you did not tell Ishita about me, you ruined my plan, you did one thing good, you called me and said one lady was asking about me, when you said she is Ishita Bhalla, I understood why Raman called me for dinner, I covered my tattoo and it happened what I wanted, Ishita could not see my tattoo, sorry I can’t forgive you, I love you a lot, but I hate Raman more. He thinks to meet his partner, the real mastermind of this game.
    Suhail meets Niddhi in jail and says Ruhi fell in love with me, she will go against her parents for me. Raman and Ishita think what to do.