• This is what happening tonight on Thapki Pyaar Ki

    Thapki Pyaar Ki:

    Thapki and Bihaan’s teams have cricket competition going on. Thapki asks her team mate Kabir to play sincerely and does not cheat, else their team will lose. Thapki gets hurt by the ball hitting on her head. Bihaan and everyone run to see Thapki.
    Sasural Simar Ka:

    Roshni’s heart has broken, after she knows Piyush planned all this for Vaidehi, not her. Piyush was practicing his love confession with Roshni, which gave her hopes and happiness. On knowing Piyush’s love for Vaidehi, Roshni shatters. Piyush felt Roshni got over him, and she will not take it serious. But, Roshni sheds tears after Piyush leaves.
    Piyush surprises Vaidehi with a beautiful romantic setup. Vaidehi gets speechless seeing everything.He confesses love to Vaidehi. He tells his feelings. He asks her does she feel the same for him. Vaidehi gives her nod to his proposal and also confesses love. Piyush gets much glad and hugs her.