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    Soumya gets shagun for Surbhi. She tells Maninder hat she has got Harman’s shagun for Surbhi. Maninder gets shocked and refuses to accept shagun. Surbhi says I have grown up and marrying with my wish. Soumya asks for Surbhi’s hand for Harman.

    Surbhi stops Maninder from throwing shagun. Surbhi agrees to marry Harman only for Soumya’s sake. Surbhi is ready to give sacrifice by breaking her marriage with Abhishek. She has agreed to Preeto’s condition. Surbhi wants Soumya to stay with Harman. Harman is angry and calls out Preeto and Harak. He asks what’s happening in this house, someone tell me. Preeto and Harak argue with Harman.