• This is what happening tonight on Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani

    Rani gets tearful eyed and asks Raja why did he not understand when she explained since many days. She says Kaal has killed her mother, and now she has hatred in her heart for him. Rani is made helpless by Nawab to shoot Raja. 
    Nawab aims gun at Rani, and forces her to shoot. 
    Rani shoots Raja and tells how much she hates Raja. Raja’s mother gets in between to save Raja. Raja asks his mother to leave, as this fight is between him and Rani. Raja’s mother asks Rani to shoot her also. Raja says if my mother gets hurt, I will kill you Rani. Rajmata makes an entry in a truck. She makes Raja run away. Rani called Rajmata there to save Raja.