• SNS: Jaggi accuses Kokila for killing Urvashi, Gopi shocked

    Saaaath Nibhana Sathiya: Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim) accuses Kokila (Rupal Patel) for killing Urvashi
    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of twists and turns in Modi house.
    Kokila is arrested in Urvashi’s kidnapping case and Gaura is happy that again she is safe and can do anything now as she is close to getting successful.
    Gopi and Jaggi go to police station but inspector inform them about Kokila accepted her crime so she can't get bailout.
    Gopi and Jaggi get shocked and Jaggi accuses Kokiila for harming his mother, he will kill her.
    Gaura enjoy celebrating her victory
    Gopi tells that Kokila can never in her wildest dreams kill anyone so how can she kill someone in real, this is wrong but Jaggi doesn’t believe her.
    Gaura on the other hand is enjoying that no one got notice of her and she is very close of getting successful.
    Stay tuned for further details.