• Shakti 20th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Shakti 20th January 2017 Written Episode 

    The Episode starts with Harman asking Soumya to have atleast morning tea with him, and says you stays far from me all day. He says I thought you as God and you have became stone. He asks her to drink tea and says it is not good. Soumya tastes it and says it is okay. Harman asks her to taste his cup and asks did you forget to add sugar in my cup. Soumya says I have added sugar, but if you think sugar is less, then I will bring it. Harman asks her to taste it again and says now it is okay. He takes back the cup. Sweet music plays……Harman tastes tea and says now it is good. Soumya says you said that it is not good. Harman says you have tasted it and made it good. I don’t like sweetness of sugar and your lips sweetness suits me. He says you made the tea sweet….

    He asks her to drink tea…..Tu Hi Mera
    Khuda plays…………He takes her cup and drinks from her cup. Soumya smiles and is touched by his gesture.

    Some punjabi’s pundits come there, and says we came to get charity for lori. Harak Singh says charity will be double this time. He asks Viren to bring his cheque book and asks Raavi to take prasad. Raavi is about to take prasad, but pandit refuses saying bahus take prasad and are of Lakshmi’s avatar. Raavi steps back. Other Pandit asks Soumya to take prasad from them. Harman signs Soumya to take prasad from them. Soumya is about to take prasad from them, but Old Pandit says we can’t give prasad from her, she is an incomplete bahu. Everyone is shocked. Harak Singh asks what do you mean by incomplete? Harman stands with Soumya and asks what you are saying? Pandit says she is incomplete bahu and wife without her mangalsutra. Preeto asks Surbhi to give her mangalsutra. Surbhi asks what? She takes off her mangalsutra and gives to Preeto. 

    Preeto goes to Soumya and tells that her mangalsutra was fallen in kitchen. Surbhi feels bad. Preeto makes Soumya have mangalsutra. She tells Pandit that Soumya is also busy with work and forgets to wear it. Pandit asks her to wear it always. He gives her prasad and asks her to eat it.

    Harak Singh gives cheque of 1 lakh rupees. He asks Harman to take them out where they will do Lori programme. Harman goes with them. Once they leave, Preeto takes prasad from Soumya and says it is of married women. She asks her to return Surbhi’s mangalsutra and asks her to remember that it is of Surbhi. She then goes to Surbhi and tells her that she felt bad to take mangalsutra from her bahu. She says you might be feeling bad and incomplete. Surbhi says no, you are thinking me wrong and says Soumya has more right on Harman. She says you are my bahu. She gives prasad to Surbhi and asks her to eat it. Surbhi says even Soumya has the right on this prasad. She says I will eat with Soumya. Preeto thinks I know how to make you alright.

    Soumya is sad and recalls Saya snatching her mangalsutra and calling her incomplete. Soumya thinks why I got feeling of married woman even though I am incomplete. She says all my relations are incomplete, and cries. Harman comes and says you didn’t care at all. He says you know well that I am most hurt in this world to see your tears. He wipes her tears and asks why you are crying, as Preeto gave mangalsutra to Surbhi. He says we will go to jeweller and get 7 mangalsutras for you to wear 7 days a week. Soumya says mangalsutra is only 1 and it is for 7 births. She says your name’s mangalsutra is for Choti only. Harman says I am talking to you and you are taking Choti’s name. He gets upset and goes. Surbhi comes to Soumya and asks what happened? If she fought with Harman, and says he was looking angry. Soumya says his anger will be gone soon. Surbhi gives her prasad and says even you have right on this prasad like me. Soumya recalls Preeto telling that it is for married woman only. Soumya eats it.

    Neighbors asks Harman to dance with Soumya during lohri celebration. Harman says I will dance with my Gulabo and looks at her. Preeto says Soumya can’t dance, and Harman will dance with Surbhi as she is saali and half gharwali. Everyone looks on.