• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th January 2017 Written Episode

    Gopi asks Jaggi if he thinks Kokila is doing all this. He says he is sure Kokila will not and there is some reason behind it. A woman is seen running with gons following her. She hides behind tree. Gooons search her around. Gopi tells Jaggi that she is worried and thinks Kokila is in big trouble. Jaggi asks her to pray god for Kokila’s safety and goes to bring water. Girll runs and clashes with Gopi. Gopi falls and scolds if she cannot walk properly. RGirl runs away. Jaggi returns and Gopi tells a girl was running in bridal dress and she seems to be in trouble. Girl hides under truck and truck moves. 

    Goons start following her again. Jaggi tells Gopi that girl must have been jogging, else she would have gone into police station. They both get into car. Girl
    hides in dickie. Jaggi drives car. Goons see her dupatta outside dickie and discuss to find out where the car left, else they will be ashamed.

    Jaggi and Gopi reach home. Jaggi says he heard some sound from dickie, something must have broken. He checks dickie and finds nothing. They both walk inside. Girl is seen hiding near car and entering Modi bhavan. Jaggi asks Gopi to go and pray and himself goes in. Gopi does aarti with Urmila standing behind. Sona hears sound and checks near door and does not find anyone. Gopi’s hand slips and Jaggi holds aarti thali on time. They both perform aarti. Girl watches hiding near door. Jaggi asks Sona to take her maaji/Gopi and feed her food as she is very weak. Sona takes Gopi in. Urmila says Gopi is very tensed and she will get more weak. Jaggi asks not to worry, god will protect his disciple Gopi. Girl continues watching hiding near door.

    Gaura asks Dharam why did he sign property papers in Chanda’s name, they will come on road. Vidya says papaji did right, property is not important than Meera, once they get back Meera, they can tackle Chanda. Gaura says she will pray god.

    Girl adds oil in temple lamp. Hey Mohan girdhari…song…plays in the background. Girl’s face is shown. She cleans temple steps with her dupatta and bomb is on the other side of stair.

    Gaura gets into her room on wheelchair, locks door and starts dancing and singing. She laughs that whole property will be in her name again she will rule everything again. She imagines Dharam feeding her grapes. Meera as maid sweeps floor and Vidya presses Gaura’s feet. Gaura scolds Meera to sweep floor properly and scolds Vidya to press legs properly. She throws grape on Shravan and orders to swing fan properly. She laughs that everyone is her servant now. She comes out of flashback and laughs that there is not much time left to become Rani saheba from Baaji. She calls jeweler and orders diamond set and to get precious diamond sets around the world every week, etc.. and continues laughing.

    Girl prays god and sleeps on temple steps.

    Precap: Girl wakes up and silently tries to leave. She opens door, gets tensed seeing goons outside gate, and returns back.

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