• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th January 2017 Written Episode 

    Jaggi continues rounding arond temple on his knees. His knees start bleeding. Gopi sees that and prays god to get Uvashi well soon. Phone rings, and Gopi picks call. Kokila speaks and tells slowly that maasi ji/Urvashi is out of danger. Gopi happily says she and Jaggi will come there soon. She tells Jaggi that god heard his prayers, maasi ji is out of danger now. Jaggi excitedly says that means he can meet maa now. Gopi says yes. Jaggi thanks god. Gopi says let us go to hospital now.

    Urmila calls Vidya and informs that Urvasi is out of danger now. Meera also hears news and tells Vidya that Jaggi would be relieved now. In hospita, Parag asks if they can meet Urvashi. Doc says not yet, she needs to stablize, it is a miracle. Inspector asks doc to inform once
    Urvashi’s condition stabilizes. Mona sees Kokila’s concern for Urashi and comments Pari that she is seeing someone worried for her sautan for the first time.

    Gaura reaches outside hospital hiding her face in a shawl and thinks just like one has to die to go to heaven, she has to do her work herself and cannot trust her goons. Chanda searches Gaura in her room and thinks where she must hae gone and what she is up to now. Gaura sees inspector coming and hides behind tree. Kokila asks doc if they can meet Urvashi. Doc says not yet. Jaggi apologizes doc and kneels in front of him. Doc says it is okay, he can understand, anyone would do same in this situation. Jaggi hugs him and says he is a god for him who saved his mother. Kokila asks doc if Urvashi told who tried to kill her. Doc says she is unable to speak now and once she stabilizes, he will call police to take statement.

    Gaura sees a patient being brought in ambulance and patient’s family going in to finish formalities. She silently goes and switches on ambulance. Peons think ambulance was off, how did it restart. They go in front to check. Gauura silently walks into ambulance and sleeps on stretcher. Peons carry her in. Gopi sees Jaggi walking tensely and asks him to not worry, maasi is fine. Kokila says same.

    Chanda sees Vidya walking towards herand hides behind pillar. Vidya does not notice her at all. She sees Gaura’s room light on and walks in thinking if she s fine. Gaura has kept pillows under bed sheet and Vidya thinks she is sleeping.. She sees windowopen and closes it. Chanda thinks old woman’s brain is really fast. Vidya walks further and is about to pull bed sheet when Chanda throws medicine bottle on floor. Vidya comes out and asks what happened. Chanda says she is trying to prepare milk for babies and asks to help her. Vidya walks wiith her.

    Gaura is taken into morgue. She sees dead bodies and panics. She chants hanuman chalisa ad walks out silently hiding her face under shawl and thinks which room choti chatanki/Vidya told Urasi is in, remembers ICU 5. She sees nurse carrying medicine to ICU 5 and hides under carrier. Nurse walks in and sees injection bottle empty. She walks out to get another injection bottle. Gaura comes out and sees Urvashi sleeping. She says Urvashi is so stubborn. Urvashi opens eyes. Gaura says she shoud have died and lighten earth’s weight, now she has to kill Urvashi again. She extends hand towards Urvashi’s neck to strangulate her. Outside room, Kokila asks doc if they can meet Urvashi now. Doc says yes and asks inspector to take Urvashi’s statement. Modi family walks at a snail’s pace towards ICU 5. Doc asks other doc if she gave injection to Urvashi. Doc says yes. Modi family walks in and Gaura hides behind curtain. Jaggi sees Urvashi huffing and asks what happened. He calls doc. Doc checks and says her blood pressure is high. Jaggi says he told maa is fine, what happened then. Inspector asks Jaggi to calm down. Doc injects medicine in saline bottle. Urvashi relaxes and falls asleep.

    Precap: Inspector asks Urvashi to tell who tried to kill her. Kokila asks to tell, she will not spare culprit. Urvashi points towards curtain and everyone think she is pointing at Kokila.