• Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th January 2017 Written Episode

    Goon informs Gaura that Gopi escaped with their car. She scolds them that police will find them. Goon asks what he should do. She asks to steal car before police reaches them via car.

    Gopi sees Jaggi sitting in garden and asks how is he now. He says he is fine. She apologizes her and says she had to to control him. He says what he could do else. Police comes and asks Gopi to show goon’s car she brought. Gopi says yes and takes inspector to parking lot and does not find car. She sees goons escaping with car.

    Gaura yells that she should have killed Urvashi right there and should not have let her go. She continues her drama. Chanda enters and starts praising her. Gaura gets tensed. Chadna tells she is talking about other drama.

    Inspector tells
    Gopi not to worry, he will catch goons soon. People see Jaggi climbing pipe to meet Urvashi and shout. Gopi and inspector see him and ask to come down. Jaggi says no and continues to climb, but falls down. Gopi requests inspector to forgive Jaggi and sends him. She asks why did he do this. He says what he could do, he wants to meet maa at any cost.

    Vidya gets a call about Urvashi’s accident. Gaura asks Vidya how is Urvashi. Viday says docs are operating her and her condition is critical. Gaura prays god to not give so much trouble and take away, then says not her Urvashi.

    Gopi and Jaggi go to a temple and pray for Urvashi’s recovery soon. Docs are seen operating Urvashi. Jaggi revolves around idol praying for Urvashi. Outside operation theatre, Mona tells Pari that if Urvashi dies, Kokila will be most benefitted, her problem will be solved. Pari asks to talk slowly. Urmila and Parag hear thier conversation.

    Jaggi continues rounding temple and falls down due to weakness. Gopi helps him and asks to stop now. He says he will not until maa gets well. Nurse sees Gaura’s condition worsening and calls doc. Doc puts her on ventilator support.

    Urvashi gets well. Whole family gathers. Police asks Urvashi who tried to kill her. She mumurs Gaura. Kokila says she will not spare Gaura. Inspector asks to prepare Gaura’s arrest warrant. Gaura gets out of sleep and realized it was her dream. She thinks she has to kill Urvashi before she opens her mouth.

    Precap: Gaura enters Urvashi’s hospital room and ties to strangulate her