• Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 19th January – Full Episode

    Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January 2017 Written Episode

    Doc tells Modi family that he gave injection to Urvashi and she will be fine. Inspector asks if she remembers who tried to kill her. She tries to speak, but cannot. Inspector says she can signal. Gopi asks Urvashi what she wants to say. Urvashi points at Gaura behind curtain, but since Kokila is standing in front of curtain, everything think Urvashi is pointing at Kokila. Gopi says Urashi has misunderstood. Urvashi falls unconscious. Kokila asks what is happening t Uvashi. Jaggi shouts maa…what happened to maa. Doc checks and says I am sorry to say, patient went into coma. Jaggi shatters and sits dumbstuck, staring at Urvashi. Gaura thinks at last Urvashi is gone. Urmila tries to console Jaggi. 

    Doc asks nurse to shift Urvashi to another ward and asks family
    to console Jaggi, else it will be tough for him. Kokila says let us take Urvashi to another room. Inspector says he will arrest Kokila as Urmila pointed at her. Gaura smirks that nobody can be saved from her revenge. He orders constable to arrest Kokila. Constable handcuffs Kokila and takes her. Urmila asks Gopi to go behind Kokila.

    Chanda sleeps in Gaura’s room and thinks this old woman goes out only at night, she will protect her from family’s doubt, but will take money for that. Gaura enters room via window climbing pipe and yells she will die if she climbs pipe repeatedly like this. She sees someone on her bed and tries to hit with a road when Chanda wakes up and shouts she was trying to help her. Gaura yells. Chanda leaves yelling she tried to help her, but she is so arrogant.

    Gopi waits outside Kokila’s jail cell. Inspector says she cannot stay here. Gopi says she will not go anywhere leaving maaji alone. Inspector Dinesh comes. Gopi says he knows their family well and knows they cannot harm each other. Dinesh says her family is amazing to create problems for itself repeatedly. He says until Urvashi wakes up and gives statement, Kokila has to be in jail. Tolu comes and tells Gopi let us go home. Gopi says she will not until maaji is proved innocent.

    Jaggi waits outside Urvashi’s hospital room. Urmila consoles him. Nurse asks Jaggi to finish remaining formalities. Jaggi goes and takes Urmila’s clothes. Nurse gives taweeez which Urmila had worn, Urvashi is seen writing Gaura with her blood on taweez. Jaggi takes taweez. He shows them to Urmila and says his mom’s memories are in it. Urmila says she does not know why Urmila pointed at Kokila.

    Meera sees Vidya pampering Priyal and gets emotional. She goes to her babies and tries to carry them. Chandaniya chupjana re…song..plays in the background. Chanda comes and yells at her to never touch babies and get out. She yells Suryvanshi family is weird, they enter people’s rooms without permission. She goes to sleep. Meera walks out crying. Dharam watches silently. Once Chanda sleeps, he pulls Meera into room and says he does not like her being tortured by Chanda and says she can lift her babies. Meera smiles. Dharam says let us take selfie and asks her to smile. Meera smiles and Dharam takes selfie with baby.

    Gopi waits outside police station t even after morning. Dinesh asks her to go home. Gopi says not before meeting Kokila. Dinesh says she can meet Kokila for 10 minutes. Gopi thanks him and walks in to meet Kokila. Kokila says she knows about her loyalty, she will never try to harm anyone. They have to find out who is the real culprit.

    Precap: Gopi gives Kokilas bail papers to inspector and asks him to release Kokila. Dinesh says he cannot release her as she accepted her crime.

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