• Kumkum Bhagya 6th January – Full Episode




    Kumkum Bhagya 6th January 2017 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Tanu that Pragya can’t do anything wrong or burn her finger. She is not like khadoos saas. Tanu says sautan. Aaliya says you can do cat walk and cat fight best, and asks her to do in which she is best at, asks her to dress up well, do well and woo guys. Tanu says why? I am getting married to Abhi. Aaliya says Pragya can woo Abhi well than you, and says she made him addict of her coffee as she knows that a way to a human’s heart is through his stomach. Tanu says you are underestimating me and says she can make coffee, help him in work and in making music too. Aaliya asks her not to lie infront of her. Tanu challenges her that she will be proved better than Pragya. They bet for 10000 Rs. Pragya comes there and gives files to Tanu, 

    asking her to handle Abhi’s
    office burden. She explains to Tanu about Abhi’s contracts and asks her to make lists, and call the persons. Tanu feels like fainting hearing all the duties. Pragya says this is just 1 day work, and says I will explain you tomorrow about day 2 work. Tanu makes crying face. Aaliya smiles.

    Purab asks Abhi if he has any feelings for Nikita. Abhi says yes, I feel for her, but as a friend. Purab says as a friend with whom you wants to be with, day and night. Abhi says she is my secretary and she stays with me day and night. Purab says you held her hand and asks her to be with him. He says I thought you will cancel your sangeet if she doesn’t come. Abhi asks him to sit and says my feelings are genuine. Our relation is more than a friendship, but there is no love. I can’t give name to this relation, it is not necessary that we can give name to all relations. He says we can’t make wife or girlfriend to a person if we wants to be with her. He says if I do naam karan of our relation, then our relations purity or peace will go. He gives examples and says our relation is like phool and bohra.

    Purab thinks he is expressing his love, but not agreeing to love her. He thinks may be because Tanu brainwashed his mind. Abhi says our feelings and relations are pure. Purab says I will understand as I am your friend, but Pragya….she can think you wrong and misunderstands your feelings. Abhi says I will clear my point and she will understand soon. He tells Purab that he is lucky to get world’s best girl and says your luck is good. Purab asks what do you mean? Am I not good? Abhi says I was worried about her, but now she got you, you will take care of her and praises her. Purab says I know well how she is. Abhi asks him not to get upset. Purab hugs him. Abhi says I am not upset with you and hurt you and Pragya. He says I have planned a double date with Tanu- him, and Purab –Pragya. Purab agrees. Aaliya thinks what is going on in his mind that he agreed.

    Abhi calls Niku…Pragya is surprised and the papers fall from her hand. Abhi says I should have understand that you was afraid of my reaction. He apologizes for not trusting her again. Pragya says infact I am sorry. Abhi says you did one more mistake for which you haven’t apologize. He says you haven’t told me about your name…which your family gave you and call you by that name. Pragya asks what? Abhi says Pragya…Pragya is surprised to hear this. Abhi says name is good and asks what is the meaning? Prakash or Prabhat. Pragya says genius, understanding person. Abhi says your name is good and asks why did you hide this name from me. He says you will be punished and asks her to arrange the papers back. He throws papers in air, while she asks him not to do that. She tries to stop him and falls in his embrace. Allah Wariyan plays………..

    Rest comming soon.