• Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Kumkum Bhagya 24th January 2017 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with a salegirl telling Tanu that she saw her before also, when she came with someone to buy a dress. Tanu says you are mistaken and tells that she came here for first time. Salesgirl tells that she is sure that she saw her only and have her pic also. Pragya asks if she is sure? Salesgirl tells that the man with whom you had come, used to visit here often. Tanu gets angry on the salesgirl. Salesgirl tells that she is not lying and asks them to confirm with the person who came with Tanu last time. Pragya says lets see. Purab comes home. Mitali informs him that Abhi, Pragya, Tanu and Aaliya went out for shopping. Purab says okay, I will wait. Mitali thinks why he is so tensed and what is he thinking? She asks him to tell if there is something urgent. 

    Purab says nothing. She asks
    if he needs tea or coffee. Purab says no. Dadi comes. Purab asks where did they go? Dadi says for shopping. Mitali asks how you will stop the happening? Purab is about to tell her, but changes topic seeing Mitali spying on them. He asks if you have taken tablets.

    Tanu wonders what will happen now. Pragya tells Tanu that they will see if her ex boyfriend makes her life or ruins it. Salesgirl takes Abhi and Pragya to Nikhil. He greets her and asks how she is doing? Salesgirl says I want you to meet your friend. Nikhil is shocked to see Tanu there. Pragya thinks who will save you now. Nikhil introduces himself as Nikhil Sood. Abhi asks do you know him? Aaliya says he is Nikhil and Tanu knows him. Tanu is shocked and says yes…I forgot. I met him through Aaliya. Aaliya tells Abhi that Nikhil is a really nice guy and tells that she called him for his sangeet with Tanu. Pragya looks on. Aaliya says he got us advertisement, and says he is good at his job. Abhi says he should have meet me. Aaliya thanks Salesgirl and asks her to do her work. She asks Nikhil what is he doing here? He says I came to shop here. Aaliya asks Abhi if she can invite Nikhil for Purab and Pragya’s engagement. Abhi says yes. Nikhil is surprised and says that is a news. Aaliya says Abhi is doing all arrangements. Nikhil congratulates Pragya. Tanu smiles. Nikhil goes.

    Aaliya says I am so glad that you met him. She asks Pragya why she didn’t select any dress till now. Pragya says no. Aaliya asks Abhi to take her and make her select a dress. Abhi asks her to come. Tanu thanks Aaliya for saving her. She tells her that she made Pragya jealous and selected lehenga which Abhi has chosen for Pragya. She says she asked Abhi to come outside Trial room and tells that she will spend time with him in the trial room and make Pragya jealous. Aaliya asks Abhi to go as Tanu called him near Trial room. Pragya selects suits for Abhi and checks price tag. Aaliya scares her and tells that she will help her, and asks her not to worry about payment. She tells her that Abhi is calling her.

    Pragya looks on and goes. Aaliya thinks Pragya will get jealous seeing Abhi and Tanu closer. Abhi goes to Trial room. Tanu asks him to come inside and drags him inside. Pragya and Aaliya come there. Aaliya tries to make her feel jealous and says once he marries Tanu, then you will be waiting like this outside, and Tanu will be with him very closely in room. Tanu asks Abhi to help her and zips her blouse. She talks loudly and asks him to be gentle. Aaliya says may be they are romancing in the room. Pragya tries to go. Aaliya asks what shall I tell to Abhi.

    Abhi gets blurred flashes of Pragya. He tells Tanu to wear some other dress and let Pragya wear this, and goes. He comes out of trial room and sees Pragya holding a jacket. He asks if she selected this for Purab. Pragya says no, for you. Abhi gets happy and says I will try it, and asks her to try her dresses. Aaliya scolds Tanu for not been able to make Pragya jealous. Tanu tells her that she tried to get closer to Abhi, but he got tensed and goes. Aaliya asks her to change clothes and come out.

    The Episode starts with Raavi’s sasur calling Police and tells that someone has kidnapped his grand son and asks him to search his grand son. Preeto asks Raavi to come and celebrate Lohri with them. Raavi says I don’t want to celebrate and says you wants your grand children, but doesn’t care about my son. Preeto says we can’t celebrate without you. Raavi refuses to come. Maninder calls Preeto and Harak Singh. Preeto asks Raavi to get ready and come. Raavi cries. Maninder greets Preeto. Preeto wishes her happy lohri. Maninder asks where is surbhi? Preeto says she is getting ready and asks them to meet her in Jashn. Harak Singh comes and greets Maninder with a hug. He invites him for a champagne. Maninder sits. Varun asks Harak Singh, what he would like to have. Harak Singh says Patiala Peg. Varun serves drink to Harak Singh and Maninder. Maninder looks at him angrily and takes drink. Harak Singh says cheers. Varun gets Raavi’s sasur call and wonders why he is calling me. Raavi’s sasur tells Varun that someone has kidnapped his grand son and he is sure that Harman is behind the kidnapping. Varun says Harman is not at home and says he will check.

    Maninder sees Surbhi and Soumya talking. He sees Surbhi without mangalsutra and sindoor and gets worried. Neighbors asks who is this girl? Varun says she is Harman’s saali. Neighbors say that Harman’s saali is also pretty and asks where is he? Harak Singh says he must be with his friends and says he will come. Harman is in car and asks Raavi’s son to sit quietly. He says I will make you meet your mum. He stops his car and asks him to come.

    Soumya tells Harman that she can’t dance. Harman says you have to dance. Surbhi says I will pin your dupatta and asks her to dance. Preeto thinks she will show Maninder what is the value of his daughter in her house, and tells that Soumya can’t dance, but Harman can dance with his saali as saali is half gharwali also. She thinks Surbhi have to get closer to Harman and make him realize what is woman? Harman refuses to dance. Guests asks Harman to dance with his saali. Surbhi thinks you have played trick, but I will not let you succeed mummy ji. She slips intentionally and tells that she can’t dance. Neighbor tells Harak Singh that bahu should keep Harman’s heart and would have danced with him. Harman asks them to have lohri and says he is going. Soumya holds his hand and stops him, says I will dance with you. She says I will support you. Harman asks her to just support him and says I will win. Tu Hi Mera Khuda plays…………Surbhi smiles. Everyone claps for them. Harman and Soumya looks at each other.

    Preeto asks Surbhi if she is really injured or acting…Preeto says she replied to her and acted. Harman and Soumya dances on a romantic song Mahi..