• Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Kumkum Bhagya 20th January 2017 Written Episode

    The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Purab that Abhi gave him a shock in reply to his announcement. Abhi asks them to share good news with their friends. He asks Pandit ji to come with them. Tanu smirks. Mitali says why only engagements are happening in the house, don’t know if marriage will happen or not. Aaliya tells Pragya that you are lucky to get your love. Tanu says you are really lucky and I hope you get married to Purab before I marry Abhi. Aaliya asks Pragya to spread the good news to her mum. Pragya and Purab are shocked. In the room, Tanu congratulates Aaliya. 
    Aaliya says we showed the place to our enemies. Mitali comes and says she really enjoyed the suspense and asks how do you manage to do this. Aaliya says we are tired and asks her to bring juice for them. Mitali insists to know.
    Aaliya shares her plan with her, and tells that Purab went to jail to make Abhi and Pragya closer. She says we got Abhi fixed Pragya and Purab’s engagement as he can’t see her getting hurt. She says we got their plan backfired on them. Mitali says your brain run faster. Aaliya asks her to bring juice. Mitali says she will send and goes.

    In the room, Purab, Pragya and Dadi are shocked. Purab tells them that he will do something and take out some solution. Pragya says he said that he wants us to get engaged. Pragya says we have just one way, and says we will end the drama. She says we will tell him that we were doing drama. Dadi says you will not go anywhere. Pragya says I can bear his anger. Dadi says your one truth can ruin everything, and says what we will say…that you can’t marry Purab as you are Abhi’s wife. She says why don’t you understand that Abhi’s memory haven’t come. Pragya says can you see this happening. Aaliya and Tanu laugh. Aaliya says Dadi said that this can’t happen and her reaction was like…Tanu says she was seeing Pragya’s reaction, and says I wish Pragya’s mum was here. Aaliya says you would have got slapped by her. Tanu says call her and give this news to her. Aaliya asks her not to be mean? Tanu says I want her to kick Pragya out and asks Aaliya to call Sarla.
    Purab asks Pragya not to cry and says you are standing at this stage because of me and promises to take her out of mess. He asks her to trust him. Pragya says I trust him, but I am afraid of Sarla and Beeji’s reaction. Dadi says yes. Purab says we will not tell them. Pragya says Aaliya might tell her, and gets worried. Dadi says yes, don’t know what will happen. Purab says I won’t let anything happen. Dadi asks Pragya to hear Purab as they don’t have any more options. Pragya says if Aaliya tell everything to Maa. Aaliya calls Sarla. Sarla asks why did you call me and asks if you want slap. Aaliya says I want to hug you and give this good news. Sarla asks if she wants to get kicked like Tanu. Aaliya asks her to laugh now itself and says may be you can’t laugh hearing this news, as your neighbors will kick you out now. Sarla asks what nonsense?

    Aaliya says your daughter Pragya and Purab have fallen in the pit of boyfriend and girl friend. Sarla asks her to tell clearly. Aaliya says they will be engaged soon and asks if she liked the good news. Sarla is shocked. Aaliya says I have a question for you, and asks your ex damad have fixed your elder daughter’s alliance with your younger damad, and asks who will be her damad now. She asks what you will tell to your neighbors and society. Tanu is happy and smiles. Aaliya asks Sarla to eat sweets and ends the call. Beeji asks what happened? Sarla tells that I know that Purab’s plan will not work. Beeji asks what has happened? Sarla says Abhi has fixed Pragya and Purab’s engagement. Beeji is shocked too.
    Abhi and Pragya are in the car. Pragya thinks how to stop this trouble. Abhi asks why she is tensed? Pragya says you don’t know what you have done. She says you gave a big shock of my life and asks why did you fix my engagement. Tanu says it will be fun as Pragya will not go to her house. Aaliya says she shall die. If she gets engaged to Purab then her face is to be seen. Tanu says Sarla will hold stick and wait for Pragya. Abhi stops the car and says I gave you biggest happiness of your life and you are saying it was shock. Pragya says it was shock for me. He says you should have asked me if I am ready or not. Abhi says I am concerned about you. I was unsure if Purab is serious about you or not and that’s why have taken this step. I want Purab to be committed to you lifelong. Pragya says you would have explained to him. Abhi says he is not a kid, if he troubles you then I will beat him. He says I really care for you and can’t see tears in your eyes. Pragya looks on. She thinks he loves me so much and did this for me.

    Tanu says Abhi left to drop Pragya home, and says we should make the scene memorable. She says Sarla’s new damad went to give good news to her. She calls Abhi and asks him to inform Sarla and convince her. Abhi says okay. Aaliya asks him to congratulates her on their behalf. Abhi says okay. Aaliya disconnects the call and says they shall wait for bomb to explode. Purab hears them.
    Sarla tells Pragya that she will tell truth to Abhi, and says you both can’t do anything. Pragya is shocked.