• Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Kumkum Bhagya 17th January 2017 Written Episode 

    The Episode starts with Sarla telling Tanu that Pragya was with Abhi and that he was her husband and love. Tanu says I am going to be Abhi’s wife soon. Sarla says you have illegitimate relation with Nikhil and is staying at Abhi’s house. She says may be your mum trapped your father when she was pregnant with you. Tanu asks her not to talk bad about her parents. Sarla says even Pragya felt the same when she tried to malign her reputation and respect and named her legitimate relation as illegitimate. She says you have tried to spoil Pragya and Purab’s sacred relation of sister and brother, and that’s why Purab accepted to have relation with her, and that it was his plan to unite Pragya and Abhi. Tanu is shocked. 

    Sarla tells that Abhi is inclined towards Pragya because of their love and once
    he gets back his memory, then he will throw you out of house. Tanu shows her finger. Sarla says she will break her finger if she raises on her, and tells Pragya that she has to kick this shameless girl. She kicks her out of house and asks her never to come back again. Tanu angrily leaves.

    Purab thinks Bulbul would have been happy if she was alive. He hopes Abhi and Pragya unite soon.

    Later Tanu comes to Abhi and calls him, saying she made coffee for him. Pragya comes and thinks to talk to Abhi about freeing Purab. Tanu says Abhi will drink her coffee first, and says she searched the recipe on net. Abhi comes out and says hello to them. He drinks coffee and spits. He asks her not to experiment with his coffee and says bad coffee has spoiled his day. Tanu says you said that you will not see Pragya’s face. Abhi says I saw your work and took this decision. He gives all responsibility to Pragya. Pragya smiles. Aaliya thinks if Purab’s plan is successful. Abhi reminds Pragya of their promises, and says from today you have to do all my work, and I will keep you happy. He says I am going to bail out Purab as I can’t see tears in your eyes. Pragya smiles. Tanu is irked and jealous. Aaliya comes. Pragya gives her winning smiles and goes.

    Abhi comes to Police station with lawyer. Purab thanks Abhi for freeing him. Abhi says I have done this for Pragya, I was your friend but now I have no relation with you. Purab asks him to forgive him for one mistake. Abhi says it is a big mistake and goes. Purab thinks I am not surprised to see your anger, I want you to get closer to Pragya. Pragya thinks to give bouquet to Abhi and thank him. Aaliya asks if she wants to ruin someone’s morning. Tanu says she might give this bouquet to abhi. Aaliya smells it and says cheap flowers. She asks do you think that you can impress him with this cheap bouquet oblivious to the fact that we know about their plan. Pragya says I don’t know about your plan. Aaliya says you both acted so well, Purab announced that you are having an affair with him, but he didn’t know that truth can’t be hidden for long. She says I had a doubt that day, and says now I understood why you both have done this. She throws bouquet on floor and smashes it with her foot. She says your plan/game is over now.

    Tanu says Purab haven’t only confessed, but also went to jail happily. Aaliya says planning was good, to get Abhi back to you being jealous. Mitali hears them. Aaliya says you have accomplished your plan for 2 days, and then we know about your plan. You can’t take your plan forward as I am here to remind you that my name is Aaliya Mehra. Pragya asks her to change her name, and says we didn’t know that you have planned against me. She says Purab gave a good reply to your cheap accusation. She says you have tried to insult a sister infront of her brother. She says it was not my plan, and tells that Abhi got flashes of his marriage with her and hopes that he gets back his memory. Aaliya is shocked.

    She says Tanu knows how much he came closer to me, and that’s why came to my house to take out her anger. Tanu tells Aaliya that she came to know from Nikhil that they are romancing on street and that’s why went to her house to taunt her, but got insulted instead. Pragya says my mum insulted her for accusing a sister and brother’s relation. Aaliya says I am standing infront of you, who knows your all plan. You will repent for the day when you made this plan. Mitali hears them and thinks suspense is over, today I can sleep peacefully. Pragya asks her not to threaten her and says you can’t stop his feelings for him, or make our memories fade away. She says you can’t do anything, and can see both of you ruined. Dadi comes and hears them. Aaliya says you will repent. I will not leave you and fumes in anger. Mitali thinks to decide, she will support whom.

    Pragya invites viewers for Shaurya and Mahek’s marriage.