• Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 18th January 2017 Written Episode

    Sona and Suhana get ready to leave for Delhi. Bejoy delivers his emotional dialogues and tells Suhana that he saw her growing in these 7 years and Sona growing more than her. He asks not to forget her going to Delhi. Asha says go soon before flight takes off. Sona and Suhana leaves, board flight, and then travel in a taxi in Delhi. Suhana gets surprised seeing Delhi’s autos and traffic and says Delhi is very big. Sona says yes..Their taxi stops at a traffic signal. Dev also stops his bike next to their car. Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam…song..plays in the background. Dev looks, but Sona has turned her face towards Suhana. Dev does not notice much and traffic moves.

    Sona reaches her house and tells Suhana this house was bought by dida and daadu.
    She tells how Bejoy used to crib. Suhana mimics. Sona says exactly. She then tells how Sourav used to eat, etc.. Suhana says she speaks like a rabbit. Sona reminisces Dev calling her same and his dialogues. Door bell rings and Sona goes to check.

    Dev reaches home. Ishwari senses him coming home. Golu gets very happy seeing him. Dev says he wanted to meet him, so came. GKB starts her drama and says she will prepare food from her hands for him. He says he had food already. Golu says let us go and have ice cream. Dev says they will play cricket. Golu says Yaay.. Dev checks Elena’s photographs and says they are brilliant. She says recent ones are more good. Dev asks her to take Vicky’s help for her photography. He then walks towards Ishwari’s room.

    Sona’s employee comes and tells this house needs renovation. She says she does not want to waste time in all this. He says some fittings need to be changed. She asks to send details she will check.

    Dev enters Ishwari’s room. Ishwari prays god and says if he came. Dev says wherever he goes, he will return to her. She says she wants him to come by will and not by force. Their emotional discussion continues. Dev says he will leave as Golu is waiting for him.

    Sona travels in car again with Suhana. They see take diversion board. Suhana reads it with difficulty. Sona tells meaning. Suhana asks if she knows where the other route goes. Sona says yes and asks driver to take left…

    Dev gets down to play cricket with Golu. Elena asks Golu to study. Dev says like him play if he wants to. Elena says she lost her family and does not want to lose Golu. Dev asks her to not get emotional and changes topic to his sisters. GKB says Dev is right. Dev says Elena she can meet Sona if she wants as Sona is in Delhi. Elena gets excited. Vicky hears that and asks how does he know. GKB asks if he met Sona. Dev says he is invited for an award show and even Sona has been invited. Vicky says why did not he get invitation. Dev says he has some work and will leave. Vicky says he should not close trading company. Dev says he has taken decision already and company is closed. GKB asks Vicky why company is closed. Vicky says Dev has gone mad.

    At award function, reports surround Sona and asks how is she feeling after changing her start up company to a 400 crore company. She says her customer’s satisfaction mail is more important than award for her. She gets happy seeing her customer’s positive comments. Dev enters sipping liquor. Reports run toward him. Sona and Dev look at each other.

    Precap: Sona is awarded super woman of the year. Sona gives credit to her ex-husband Dev. Dev looks at her.