• Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th January 2017 Written Episode

    Dev angrily walks out. Ishwari tries to speak. He says he does not want to talk now and leaves house. GKB starts brainwashing Ishwari again that Sona spoilt Dev and made him so groggy, Dev was not like this before marriage. Mamaji asks her to shut up and says even dayan/witch destroys others house and spares her house, but she is not sparing even her house. He asks her to leave from here. Ishwari asks everyone to leave and calls Sona. Mamaji asks not to speak to Sona now, situation will worsen. Ishwari says already situation has worsened and asks everyone to leave again. Everyone walk to their room.

    Sona comes down. Ishwari says she asked her some time ago if she came here as baba’s beti or bahu, she came to a conclusion that a woman is nothing herself,
    she is a wife, daughter, sister, and mother. She does not know if Sona can become mother or not, she is Dev’s mother though and wants her son’s happiness. Sona says they are married. Ishwari says she wanted to marry and did without elders’ consent. Like a child crying for toys, even they did and elders agreed. Sona says they are not kids. Ishwari says whatever it is, she wants them to separate forever. Sona says Dev will not be happy. Ishwari says even now Dev is not happy, each day some or the other fight happens. Dev sees car locked and walks back in. Sona shows 4.5 crores check and says if she needs more money, she will return even her 50 lakhs. Ishwari says she doe snoot need money and even can support her and her family. Sona says she cannot force her decisions on everyone, this is wrong. Dev enters and shouts she cannot misbehave with maa. Sona asks if he heard what mom told. Ishwari says she told whatever she told him. Sona says now she realized Dev is behind all this situation. She starts blasting Dev why he is so weak and insecure, he should be a man. Dev shouts loving her is his biggest mistake. Sona holds his collar and shouts to accept his mistake. Dev pushes her and she falls on Ishwari. Ishwari falls down. Sona tries to pick Ishwari, but Dev stops her and warns her to stay away from maa. Whole family gathers and mamaji asks what happened. GKB yells Sona pushes Ishwari. Dev asks Sona to get up. GKB yells if she did not here get out. Vicky says same. Mamaji asks what is happening. Neha says bhai’s decision is right, he should have sent Sona long ago. Mamaji asks Sona not to go, everyone are fools, he spent 2 hours and bought a shawl for her, everything will settle down soon. Sona says Dev she is going and walks reminisces her happier times spent with Dev. GKB comments what kind of bahu she is, she is walking out of house just with husband and MIL’s scolding. Sona stops and reminisces Dev’s whole dialouges, to get out. She walks out. GKB smirks. Ishwari thinks she did not think of Dev even once and left.

    Dev sits shattered and tells Vicky he wants to go somewhere. Vicky says he will take him out. Dev asks what about maa. Vicky says be a man and takes him smirking at GKB. GKB also smirks.

    Sona returns home. Dev says Sona if she remembers they were proud that they bought the house they had rented. Sona asks not to worry, she mortgaged this house and will buy it back and whatever she told, she will buy it back. Bejoy says he knows she can do anything.

    Dev starts drinking heavily reminiscing his fight with Sona. Vicky acts as drinking, but fills Dev’s glasses and thinks he spoilt Sona’s husband and now it is her turn, Vicky does not forget his revenge.

    Precap: Ishwari gives divorce papers to Dev and says he has to be choose between his family and Sona, has to get it signed by Sona. Dev imagines Sona at home.