• Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th January – Full Episode



    Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11 January 2017 Written Update

    Sonakshi (Erica Fernandes) walks inside the house and Mamaji (Mushtaq Khan) meets her. He says so much happened and you never told me. She touches Ishwari’s (Supriya Pilgaonkar) feet but she says she cannot forgive Sonakshi. She says you have some responsibilities towards your in-laws home as well. Radha Mami says which bahu leaves her home and goes like this. Sona gives the cheque to Ishwari, who is stunned. She says you came here to return the money. She says I only want to give back my parents their self-respect. Ishwari is shocked. Asha prays to God to give Sona strength. Dev knocks at their door but Asha tells him that Bejoy is very angry with him. He comes there and tells Dev if he came to check that he is alive or not. Ishwari yells at Sona saying that returning money to them is like insulting them. She says that Sona you are my bahu, you must respect the culture of my home. Radha tells Sona that if her family and she thought so much about self-respect they should never have taken the money. Ishwari says that God knows that I do not want the money. Sona says please keep the money it is a matter of my family’s respect.

    Bejoy yells at Dev saying that he has no respect for him. He says he has no relationship with him. Bejoy throws Dev out of the house. He says that my daughter will return your money. Asha tells Bejoy that have you forgotten that he is your son-in-law. Ishwari says despite me saying that this cheque is like an insult for me, you are giving me the money. Sona says I did not know that Dada had taken money from Dev. She says I came to know the day when you left home. Ishwari says you hid all this from me. Dev comes there and asks what is happening. Ishwari says she insulted me. Radha Mami says Sona has hidden things from them. Mamaji tells her not to add fuel to the fire. He says there is nothing wrong if Sona returns the money.

    Dev takes Sona upstairs and asks her from where did she get the money? She says how does it matter? Dev says returning money to mom is like insulting her. Dev says I went to your home but your dad threw me out. He tells Sona to return the money. He says I have had enough of your stupidity. Sona says I am not stupid….do not give me orders. Elena comes there and asks what is happening? Neha says bhai is suffering because of bhabhi. She says Dev pampers her a lot. Mamaji tells her to be quiet. Radha tells Ishwari that Sona is unfit for Dev. She says our Dev only gives her love but she is always fighting. She says Dev made a mistake marrying her. Ishwari feels unwell and Mamaji tells Elena to get the doctor.

    Sona says I respectfully want to return the money. She says father always told us to be self-reliant. Dev says you have taken such a huge loan. She says you feel I will never be able to earn four crores. Sona says I know your ego has been hurt. Dev tells her to stop lecturing him. He says you could not bear the fact that I helped your brother. He says you wanted to satisfy your ego. Sona says she is right. Dev says it is useless to talk to you…