• Kasam: Tanuja unlucky for Rishi and has to leave him forever

    Colors TV show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki is soon going to showcase the heartbreaking twist in the storyline as Rishi and Tanuja will get separated from each other. Rishi and Tanuja love each other deeply but unfortunately the two have only separation in their destiny.

    It has already been reported earlier that Tanuja will save Rishi form goons and Rishis will realizes that he did a big mistake of getting Tanuja out of his life. Rishi will want Tanuja to return with him to Bedi house but Tanuja will refuse. Rishi will try hard to convince Tanuja and finally Tanuja will also agree. However, a big twist will come about for Tanuja as she will come to know a heartbreaking truth about herself. The temple lady Katyani Bai will inform Tanuja that she is unlucky for Rishi and his life will always be in trouble is she is with him.

    Hearing this, Tanuja will be very hurt and will realize that her and Rishi’s love story will never be completed. Tanuja will decide to take a step back and will convince herself that she can never be with Rishi. Tanuja will tell rishi that she cannot come back to him and they will have to get separated forever. Rishi will be confused seeing Tanuja’s sudden refusal but Tanuja will not tell him the truth and instead will rudely walk out of Rishi’s life.

    Rishi will be hurt by Tanuja’s rejection and once again he will start having hatred for Tanuja. This will take the story ahead for an 8 years leap track where Tanuja will start off a new life away from Rishi. Stay tuned for more updates on Colors TV show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki