• Kasam: Tanuja turns down Rishi’s attempts to take her back home

    The upcoming episodes of Colors TV show Kasam Tere Pyar Ki will show some cute and sweet moments between Rishi and Tanuja as Rishi will try patch up with Tanuja.
    Viewers will get to see a dramatic sequence where Tanuja will save Rishi’s life from goons by taking a trishul in her hand, Rishi will be unconscious and Tanuja will protect him.

    Later, Rishi will gain consciousness once again and this will be a major relief for Tanuja. Rishi realizes his mistake of wrongly accusing Tanuja and he will want her to come back home. Rishi will ask Tanuja to forgive him and return to the Bedi house. However, Tanuja will no longer want to return with Rishi as she is hurt and broken because of the allegations thrown at her.

    Tanuja’s pride and dignity is deeply hurt and she is not ready to face the Bedi family again. However, Rishi tries his best to coax Tanuja. Rishi also takes care of Tanuja’s wound on her arm which she got while fighting with goons. Tanuja is overwhelmed with the love Rishi is showering on her but at the same time, she is not read to forget the problems between them so soon. Finally, Rishi asks Tanuja to accompany him to a place which will change her heart and she will be ready to accept him back in her life.

    Let’s wait and see whether Rishi is able to win back Tanuja’s trust and get her back home. Stay tuned for more updates on Kasam Tere Pyar Ki.