• Kasam: Rishi’s step brother snatch Tanuja from Rishi for revenge

    Rishi’s (Ssharad Malhotra) step brother snatch Tanuja (Kratika Sengar) from Rishi taking revenge from Raj in Kasam tere Pyaar Ki
    After having lost of drama over Tanuja’s pregnancy and Malaika’s truth, story is going to make a new entry of Rishi’s step brother Aditya in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki.
    Rishi starts showering love on Tanuja recalling her sacrifices that she did for his family respect and promises to Tanuja that he will always support her.
    Tanuja is also on cloud nine getting Rishi’s love because she is rebirth of his wife Tanu and she decides not to leave Rishi for anyone.
    Some sweet-bitter moments start between Rishi and Tanuja’s relationship in which Rano also tries to convince herself as Tanuja is not bad as she thinks.
    Tanuja finds about Raj and Aditya's (Rohit Khurana) relationship
    Furthermore, Rishi’s step brother who is illegitimate child of Raj enters in Bedi house with an intension but soon Tanuja finds about he is Rishi’s step brother.
    Tanuja tries to get friendly with him just to change his mind against family but he decides to snatch Tanuja giving pain to Rishi taking revenge from Raj.
    Aditya finds as Rishi is everything for Raj so he decides to fill pain in Rishi’s heart as he loves Tanuja.
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