• Kasam 24th January 2017 – Full Episode

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    Kasam 24th January 2017 Written Episode

    Manpreet asks Rishi if he is upset because of Tanuja, does he hold her dearer than their mom.
    At home, Tanuja was taking her luggage away. Her stroller was stuck with Rishi’s photo, she stops by crying.
    Rishi says both Tanuja and Mom, Tannu means a lot for him. 

    When Tanuja entered his life he was really unhappy, but today when she has left he is still unhappy. Manpreet comes to hug Rishi, Ahana calls it the pain of love which is greater than every happiness. She requests Rishi to stop Tanuja, if he is so hurt he loves her; he must go and stop Tanuja. Manpreet also seconds Ahana.
    Tanuja was stepping outside the house, recalling the times she had nervously entered. She cries recalling Rishi’s words, as he swear her to leave him. She says she must leave. She turns around to look at the
    house. Rishi comes from behind her and places his hand over her shoulder; he asks where she is going.

     She replies she doesn’t know; he told her to leave. Rishi asks what is she stealing from his house, Tanuja was taken aback and denies taking anything. She shows his her hands to him. He takes her inside, and calls her a thief of his heart, his emotions, his happiness, smile, peace of mind and love; and is fleeing. Tanuja says he told her to leave. He asks if she was ready to leave so easily, when he asked her to leave for once; what about those times when he took her promise not to leave him. He explains whatever he said was out of anger. He confirms if she loves him, she looks towards him and nods. 

    He asks what he wants to hear, that he won’t let her leave and won’t let her go; so that’s true. He requests her not to leave him and be with him always. He kneels in front of her, she kneels with him and assures she is in this world only for him. Where would she go leaving him, only he would be anywhere around her. She loves him since the moment she saw him first, under the light of bulb in store. It feels as if she knows him since ages, as if since she breathed for first time. He has always saved him, she is no more afraid to fell off as she knows he would save her. Both cry hand in hand with each other, then smile. Something gets into Rishi’s eyes, Tanuja blows it out. Rishi says no matter how much he blames her but she is his life, he won’t be able to live without him. After she arrived, he realized he wanted to live again only because of her, and with her always. Tanuja hugged Rishi closely, he smiled. Rishi takes her up towards the stairs. Tanuja breaks from her daydreaming when she slips a stair and hold the gallery. She looks around calling Rishi, then cries saying she saw what she wanted; but Rishi didn’t come to stop her. She should leave from here, then he will forget her. He has never loved her, as she isn’t Tannu.

    PRECAP: Tanuja undergoes an accident. Her memory of Tannu returns, she comes to temple and screams she is the real Tannu, she now remember.