• Kasam 17th January 2017 – Full Episode




    Kasam 17th January 2017 Written Episode 

    Bani shares with Neha that she has created a fake report of doctor that Tanuja was being physically harassed.
    Rishi comes home calling Tanuja. John comes to him saying she isn’t home. Rishi hurries outside.
    Tanuja tries to get out of bed, and looks around the room for her phone. She hears Bani and Neha laughing outside, and goes near the door. Vidhi comes eating from the bowl. Neha and Bani scolds Vidhi for not keeping an eye over Tanuja, she must not be let to speak to Rishi on call else their plan would ruin. Tanuja was shocked to hear about their game. Neha sends Vidhi inside, but Bani watches Tanuja’s dress falling from behind the wall. She goes to Tanuja, concerned and sends Vidhi to get something for her.

    Tanuja wonders why Bani doesn’t want her to speak to Rishi, there is something
    wrong for sure. Bani brings Tanuja to the bed. Tanuja demands to speak to Rishi. Neha abruptly replies she can’t. Bani explains that Rishi’s phone is off, it’s going on voice mail. Tanuja asks about her phone. Neha says it’s charging outside. Vidhi brings food for her by then. Tanuja wants to get freshen up. Bani leaves with Neha, leaving Vidhi to take care of Tanuja. Bani’s words still echo in Tanuja’s mind.
    Rishi speaks to his friend lawyer. The lawyer says it’s difficult to bring them out of jail, as this case is unbailable. He must contact his wife, and insists on her to withdraw her case. Rishi explains it has been difficult to contact her. The lawyer calls him to his office.

    Tanuja comes out of bath and watches Vidhi busy with her phone. She sits to eat, and mocks throat choking. She demands Vidhi a glass of water, and ask she leaves gets a chance to call Rishi. She gets into washroom, locks herself inside and calls Rishi. Tanuja speaks to Rishi that there is something wrong happening, and she is at Nani’s house. Rishi tells Tanuja their family is in jail on charges of domestic violence; it’s an unbailable case filed by Tanuja. Tanuja assures to be in jail within 20 minutes. She comes out of the washroom, Vidhi had been waiting. Tanuja turns to leave but Neha and Bani tries to stop her. Tanuja questions Bani why she did this, she got her family sent to case on charges of domestic violence. Bani agrees, as she did what she thought was right. Neha clutches Tanuja’s arm asking if she is being on the side of those who disgraced Bani. Tanuja agrees this is revenge of that insult. Tanuja says although Rano hates her, but she never hurt her. Bani smiles police doesn’t know about this, she has proven that her injuries and bruises are domestic violence marks. Tanuja was shocked to hear. Bani says Dr. Garewal is a well-known doctor, his report can never be false. Neha says Tanuja owe them her brought up, but Tanuja replies she won’t ever side a lie.

    Bani offers Tanuja two choices, either to select her family or Rishi’s. Tanuja was ready to break relation with Bani forever, as she won’t break her relation with Rishi. She will go to any extent to save Rishi and his family. She turns to leave, Vidhi locks the door but Tanuja was determined to leave saying today nothing can stop her not even her death. Neha slaps Tanuja hard on face, saying today Rishi has died for her. Tanuja slaps Neha in return, forbidding her to take Rishi’s name again; she would forget their relation and either kill her or would die herself. She walks out of Bani’s house, leaving the ladies in shock. Outside the house, Tanuja was sure no one is going to trust her, she must find some prove after meeting Dr. Garewal and wonders who is he. She thinks about going to Citi hospital, as this is the only way for her to save her family.
    In the jail, Rano walked restlessly. The female jailers come for inquiry from the family. They question when they hit their daughter in law for the first time. The jailer wasn’t ready to be polite and accept Rano’s replies. Bee ji fell off on the bench, Rano has a confrontation with the jailer. She shouts that Tanuja has written a verdict of domestic violence by Rano. Rano wasn’t ready to surrender, she boasts about being the owners of Bedi enterprises. The jailer gives Rano a last chance to accept her sin, and drags her into the other cell while Rano resists. In the cell, the lady jailer beats Rano with the wooden log; while the family keeps on pleading and crying.

    PRECAP: Tanuja tells Bani and Malaika she would get her family freed from jail. Bani smiles she would only prove this when she will reach their by her own feet.