• Jamai Raja: Mahi shock as Satya gets trapped in Dhruv murder case

    Jamai Raja: Gangu tai kills Dhruv (Ravi Dubey) saving Mahi (Shiny Doshi) from molestation
    The upcoming episode of Jamai Raja will witness alot of twist and turns.
    Dhruv turns evil and he tries to molest Mahi but Gangu tai tries to stop him from doing so.
    Gangu tai gets shocked seeing his evil avatar and then she finally shoots Dhruv in order to save Mahi from molestation.
    Just the Satya comes there and gets shocked to see that Gangu tai has killed Dhruv.
    Police arrests Satya for killing Dhruv
    Satya takes the gun in his hand so that everyone thinks that he has killed Dhruv.
    Payal and Mahi gets shocked when they see that Dhruv is dead.
    Police comes and arrests Satya in Dhruv's murder case.
    It will be interesting to see that what will Mahi do now to save Satya.
    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.