• Jamai Raja: Mahi shattered to see Satya marrying with Kareena

    Kareena (Shagun Ajmani) excited getting married with Satya (Ravi Dubey) in Jamai Raja
    ZEE TV’s Jamai Raja wil have high voltage drama in Satya and Mahi’s married life.
    Satya has finally got his real identity being Siddharth Khurana’s son Karanvir and starts staying at Khurana house along with his wife Mahi.
    Satya and Mahi just start enjoying their married life but Kareena’s entry destroys their happiness.
    Kareena is mental patient because she gets shocked after her marriage gets cancelled so doctor suggests family members to get Kareena married again.
    Doctor thinks that if Kareena become bride and perform wedding ritual the she might get fine.
    Mahi (Shiney Doshi) stops Satya marrying with Kareena
    Kareena is happily dressed up in wedding outfit getting married with Satya but Mahi is completely against this marriage.
    Satya is also does not want this but he consoles Mahi that he is ding this just for Kareena’s recovery.
    Will Satya and Mahi’s sacrifice turn fruitful for Kareena?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.